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Floating Laminate

Floating laminate flooring is an affordable alternative to real timber flooring, replicating the stunning natural look of woodgrain - but without the price tag. Being low maintenance, easy to clean and scratch resistant makes floating laminate flooring a fantastic option for busy households. Browse Carpet Court's selection of floating laminate flooring and select the perfect colour and style for your home. 

  1. Classic
    Laminate Classic
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  2. Colonial Plus
    Laminate Colonial Plus
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  3. Eligna
    Laminate Eligna
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  4. Eligna Wide
    Laminate Eligna Wide
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  5. Impressive Ultra
    Laminate Impressive Ultra
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  6. Largo
    Laminate Largo
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  7. Oak Laminate
  8. Impressive
    Laminate Impressive
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  9. Big Country
    Laminate Big Country
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  10. Masterpieces
    Laminate Masterpieces
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  11. Exquisit
    Laminate Exquisit
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  12. Dynamic
    Laminate Dynamic
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  13. Exquisit Plus
    Laminate Exquisit Plus
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  14. Amazone
    Laminate Amazone
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  15. Superior
    Laminate Superior
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  16. Extravagant XXL
    Laminate Extravagant XXL
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What is floating laminate flooring?

What is floating laminate flooring?

Floating laminate flooring is designed using core layers of high-density, durable fibreboard beneath a photographic woodgrain layer topped with multiple coats of clear, protective lacquers. It is made to ‘float’ above the subfloor, meaning each plank is anchored to the next using a click-and-lock-together system instead of being fixed to the subfloor like timber floorboards, tiles or carpet.

A floating laminate floor is an affordable alternative to real timber flooring, replicating the stunning, natural appeal of beautiful woodgrain but not the price tag. It is a hardwearing, low maintenance, easy-care alternative to many types of flooring.

Floating laminate flooring is so easy to install that it often becomes a DIY project for the competent home handyperson, making it an even more affordable flooring option.

What do I need to consider when I buy floating laminate flooring?

The experienced and knowledgeable team at your local Carpet Court store will help you to determine if laminate flooring is the right flooring option to suit your home. Simply, it is ideal for active family homes who want the visual appeal of authentic timber floorboards but need a more robust solution with a family-friendly price tag.

Within your home, floating laminate flooring is ideal for the high traffic areas but not the wet areas such as bathroom and laundry. Any issues such as noise or temperature insulation can be overcome by the astute placement of luxurious rugs and the use of insulative window coverings – both of which are also on display in the majority of Carpet Court’s delightful showrooms.

As floating laminate flooring is relatively easy to install, you may need to consider whether your new floor is going to be a DIY project or not. Carpet Court’s expert installers can lay your floor for you for a professional, no fuss, quality result. If you intend to install it yourself, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, care and maintenance so as not to void your warranty and to ensure many years of long-lasting performance from your floating floor.

Is it difficult to care for floating laminate flooring?

Why should I use floating laminate flooring in my home?

Laminate flooring is the perfect option to suit busy family homes. It is scratch resistant so it is well suited to homes with pets and young children while also being hygienic and hypoallergenic. For those that love the naturally beautiful appearance of wood floors, it is an affordable, durable, low maintenance alternative.

Is it difficult to care for floating laminate flooring?

Not at all! With such a high degree of scratch, dent, stain and fade resistance floating laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to care for. Family floors are often under fire from the chaos that pets, kids and family members bring to the home but floating laminate flooring can stand up under fire. Toys, claws and high heels won’t scratch or dent your look-alike timber flooring and spills are no problem if they are promptly cleaned up.

Just sweep the inevitable dust and dirt regularly with a microfibre mop or soft indoor broom to avoid build-up, and use a damp mop occasionally to tackle more stubborn marks or stains.

Is floating laminate flooring durable?

The internal structure of floating laminate flooring and the hardwearing protective coatings make this one of the most durable types of flooring around. It can withstand climatic changes quite well and has excellent fade resistance to cope with our harsh Australian sun. While it is more forgiving and warmer under foot than concrete or tiled floors, laminate flooring is a tough customer ready to stand up to anything that family life dishes up.