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Bamboo Flooring

Make a dramatic impact in your home without impacting the environment. Technically speaking, bamboo is in fact a grass, not a timber, and it's quick growth and natural rejuvination makes it for a sustainable option. If your interior decorating ethos leans towards environmentally friendly and a style that is a little different, you’ll love high quality bamboo flooring. Browse Carpet Court's range below. 


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How is bamboo flooring made?

What makes bamboo flooring unique?

Not to get too scientific on you, but biologically speaking bamboo is technically a grass, not a timber, so that makes it a little unique when it comes to flooring types. And while it is a grass, it is actually denser than many species of hardwood, which is one reason why it makes a great floor.

Bamboo also grows significantly quicker than trees so the harvesting time is a fraction of any other timber floor, making it a little kinder on the environment. After harvesting, bamboo continues to grow which is also a unique characteristic in comparison to timber flooring. So, a bamboo ‘forest’ isn’t completely cleared, it is cut back and then the same plants regrow and produce another crop within five or six years.

If your home design and interior decorating ethos leans towards environmentally friendly and a style that is a little different, you’ll love high quality bamboo flooring products.

How is bamboo flooring made?

A bamboo floating floor is constructed differently to other forms of floating flooring. Generally, there are two different manufacturing processes used to construct a bamboo floating floor, laminated or strand woven. Strand woven bamboo floors are popular because of the different looks and colours that can be achieved during the staining, coating and curing processes. In simple terms, the bamboo is cut into fine strands, then glued back together and pressed into layers to form a sheet from which planks are cut.

It is important to have your bamboo floating floor installed correctly to avoid issues which might void the warranty. At Carpet Court you will find your locally-owned and operated store can arrange expert flooring installations by experienced in-house or contracted professionals, so you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your exquisite new floor for many years to come.

What bamboo flooring options are available at Carpet Court?

Why should I choose bamboo flooring for my home?

Bamboo is a popular flooring choice for many reasons, not just because of its great look which suits a diverse set of interior styles. It is a little different in look, feel and its origins, so it works well in homes where unique features are embraced.

In recent years bamboo has come down in price, so it competes well with various hardwood, laminate or hybrid flooring options and is affordable in comparison to many.

Bamboo is strong and durable, easily installed and highly suitable for most rooms in the house, except wet areas. Despite growing in many moist climates, bamboo flooring is not suitable for bathrooms or laundries and isn’t the best option in extremely humid climates or homes which experience extreme temperature swings.

What bamboo flooring options are available at Carpet Court?

Due to the nature of bamboo products not all Carpet Court stores are involved in the supply and installation of bamboo as a flooring option, particularly those stores in locations where the climatic conditions render it unsuitable.

The stores which do supply and install bamboo flooring provide the Arc Bamboo flooring product which is installed using the patented Uniclic system. This installation method allows for bamboo floating floors to be installed in the easiest and quickest manner while ensuring the integrity of the floor remains.

Arc Bamboo has guaranteed durability with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a limited 25 Year Residential Wear Warranty.

Arc Bamboo comes in hardwearing planks that are 1850mm long and 137mm wide with a robust 14mm thickness. There are five rich colours ranging from Natural which has a warm, golden glow, Champagne with its classic, broad appeal, Coffee which has subtle red tints, Brushed Antique which is rich and versatile, through to Australiana which blends several forest shades in natural harmony.

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