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Rugs have a range of benefits. They are an interior design element, they add softness, colour and texture to your home décor and are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update a room with the latest on-trend looks. 

Synthetic rugs perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas. Stain resistant, moisture repellent and easy to maintain, they’re a good choice for busy homes.

Synthetic Rugs
  1. Evoke
    Rugs Evoke
  2. City Modern
    Rugs City Modern
  3. Gemini
    Rugs Gemini
  4. Alfresco
    Rugs Alfresco
  5. Calypso
    Rugs Calypso
  6. Kids
    Rugs Kids
    Special Price $119.40 Regular Price $199.00
  7. Empire
    Rugs Empire
    Special Price $269.40 Regular Price $449.00
  8. rugs_twilight
    Rugs Twilight
  9. Pandora
    Rugs Pandora
    Special Price $209.30 Regular Price $299.00
  10. rugs_oslo
    Rugs Oslo
  11. Icon
    Rugs Icon
    Special Price $119.40 Regular Price $199.00
  12. Urban
    Rugs Urban
  13. rugs_suva
    Rugs Suva
  14. rugs_contempo
    Rugs Contempo
  15. Botanical
    Rugs Botanical
  16. Terrace
    Rugs Terrace

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What are the benefits of synthetic rugs?

What are the benefits of synthetic fibre rugs?

Significant technological advancements in manufacturing have resulted in synthetic fibre rugs which can compete with pure wool on both performance and sensory appeal.

Rugs made from synthetic fibres are renowned for their durability and resilience. They are designed with excellent stain and crush resistant properties, making them ideal for high traffic areas within active family homes. They have the ability to repel moisture and soiling, and resist fading in direct sunlight while being super easy to clean and maintain.

Carpet Court’s synthetic rug designs are supremely soft, with pile heights ranging from sleek 6mm to a gutsy 45mm shag pile. They are an affordable, hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing alternative to pure wool and natural fibre rugs.

What areas of the home would benefit from a synthetic rug?

Being so easy to clean and highly resistant to fading and staining, synthetic rugs will enhance any area of the home but perform particularly well in your high traffic areas and in households with kids and pets.

Choose a synthetic rug for your children’s playrooms and bedrooms, rumpus rooms, hallways and family rooms and you will be rewarded with a rug that maintains its good looks while standing up to heavy duty activity.

Kids will love the selection of colourful designs available in easy-care, super thick 15mm, hand-tufted, 100% acrylic pile. Made in China, they are soft on your little ones’ hands and knees yet incredibly strong and durable. Not only will they soften the noise and help to insulate the room, these delightful kids’ rugs will brighten the space and protect the floor from inevitable knocks and spills.

In contemporary homes with outdoor dining, Carpet Court’s alfresco rugs made from 100% polypropylene make a great addition to your indoor/outdoor living zone. They define the dining space and create a little comfort underfoot while being UV stable and quick to clean with the garden hose.

Are synthetic rugs an affordable option?

What colours and textures do synthetic rugs come in?

Carpet Court’s extensive range of synthetic rugs come in a huge variety of colours and textures. Enjoy the sleek, contemporary appeal of City Modern in 6mm pile, hand-tufted, 100% acrylic or the soft, shaggy appearance of Oslo, a cotton-backed, non-shed, anti-static 45mm polyester pile. Between those two rugs alone, you have a selection of 45 different colours and styles.

For the classic oriental style rug without the hefty price tag, consider the Empire collection in super-tough, power-loomed, heat-set, 100% polypropylene fibre. For such as reasonable price determined by your size requirement, these soft yet durable rugs are crafted in Turkey and create a luxurious ambience in your contemporary or traditional space.

Are synthetic rugs an affordable option?

Synthetic rugs provide a very affordable option when you consider not just their budget-friendly price point, but their durability and resilience. You will be surprised how little a generously-sized 2.3m x 1.6m rug from the popular Evoke collection made in Turkey will set you back.

With proper care and maintenance, power-loomed synthetic rugs such as those in the Evoke series and the Calypso collection are incredibly long-wearing and can last up to ten year, making them a highly cost-effective purchase.

Are synthetic fibre rugs easy to clean and maintain?

Synthetic fibre carpets are often chosen for commercial and rental properties because they are renowned for their hardwearing qualities while being easily cleaned and maintained. Synthetic fibre rugs have the same appeal of course.  

As your new synthetic rug could be made from polypropylene, acrylic or polyester, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for cleaning and maintenance. A regular vacuum will keep dirt and dust from accumulating and as they are non-shedding and anti-static, other fibres such as pet hair won’t stick to them.

Consider Carpet Court’s beautiful selection of high-performing, easy-care synthetic rugs available online and instore for your next rug purchase.