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With a year round hot climate, Darwin is a city of extremes and when it comes to shopping - choices for the home are often distinct. When choosing a rug for their home, Darwin residents opt for breathable options that are made from natural fibres. Synthetics are also popular in the humid season as they are high in moisture resistance. 

Learn more about the perfect rug for your home below and purchase a rug from Carpet Courts' online collection.

Darwin Rugs
  1. Abode Diamond
    Rugs Abode Diamond
    Special Price $149.40 Regular Price $249.00
  2. rugs_eco_sisal
    Rugs Eco Sisal
  3. Skandi
    Rugs Skandi
  4. rugs_ishka
    Rugs Ishka
  5. rugs_colombo
    Rugs Colombo
  6. rugs_dasha
    Rugs Dasha
  7. rugs_dolly
    Rugs Dolly
  8. Urban
    Rugs Urban
  9. rugs_suva
    Rugs Suva
  10. rugs_contempo
    Rugs Contempo
  11. Botanical
    Rugs Botanical
  12. Rustic Charm
    Rugs Rustic Charm
  13. Terrace
    Rugs Terrace
  14. rugs_zanzibar
    Rugs Zanzibar
  15. rugs_brazil
    Rugs Brazil
  16. Chevron Flatweave
    Rugs Chevron Flatweave

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What rug styles are popular in Darwin?

What rug styles are popular in Darwin?

Rugs woven from natural, breathable fabrics are a popular choice in Darwin, along with synthetics with high moisture resistance.

The striking graphic pattern and lively colours of the Carnac rug collection is ideal for living spaces which need a statement piece or a pop of colour. Carnac’s palette of three colours - black, blue and yellow - is reminiscent of dark storms, cerulean oceans and golden sands, quite apt given the Top End’s climate and geography. Hand woven in a smooth flat-weave style from 100% strong, durable cotton, Carnac rugs are perfectly suited to the fresh, open living spaces of Darwin homes.

With ten casually chic styles and blended colours to choose from, the Urban Flatweaves collection is also in demand in Darwin. Blending cotton, wool and natural jute, these rugs successfully create an air of casual sophistication and their light, flat-weave construction means they can easily be rolled up and safely stored when not required.

Our extensive range of indoor, outdoor and kids’ rugs made from resilient synthetic fibres are also popular choices in Darwin homes. Their high level of stain resistance and moisture repellent properties make them ideal in the tropical climate. Check out the large choice of earthy rug colours and styles within the trendy Suva collection. The resilient polypropylene fibres are ideal as an indoor/outdoor rug made even more moisture repellent by the addition of gel backing.

Where can I see rugs in-store in Darwin?

Carpet Court is Australia’s largest carpet, blinds and flooring retailer with a growing network of over 200 stores all around Australia. Being able to shop for flooring and window furnishings in a one-stop location like ours is highly convenient and makes the decision-making process easier, but with such a vast selection of products it means that some stores don’t have the space to display our huge rug selection as well.

The easiest way to buy rugs in Darwin is online. Our comprehensive rug page provides detailed pictures and information about each and every rug, along with all the info you need to make a simple, online rug purchase with free delivery to many locations.

Where is the closest Carpet Court store to me in Darwin?

Our network of stores is constantly growing, so it is best to enter your suburb or postcode into our handy online store locator tool to find the most up to date information about the closest store to you in Darwin.

Can you get rugs delivered in Darwin?

Can you get rugs delivered in Darwin?

At Carpet Court our local store owners and friendly staff are all about making your flooring and window dressing shopping experience as easy as possible. While your closest local store may not display our rugs, the team are still happy to answer any queries you may have. That said, our online rug page outlines everything you need to know about rug delivery, rug returns, and buying online.

Across Australia there are some postcodes excluded from delivery, which includes some Darwin locations. Please check the list of postcodes within the NT excluded from delivery by clicking here.