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Settlers Run

Material cost

Choose a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay, installation or freight. For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

Settlers Run Engineered Australian Timber Flooring, 135 x14/3mm. Australian Eucalyptus timber is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, variation in character and durability providing a real sense of warmth and charm for interior flooring.  Available in the traditional 135mm plank format and finished with a matte coating for natural visual appeal. 

Type Timber
Length 1820mm
Width 135mm
Thickness 14mm

Warranty Information

Settlers Run engineered Australian Timber flooring is provided with a 25 Year Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty to cover the performance and appearance of the plank from delamination, splitting and geometry that would affect the planks assembly and in-service performance. The planks must inspected prior to use and any planks deemed not fit for service should not be installed and will not be covered by warranty provisions.

For more detailed warranty information, please download the warranty guide here.

Care Instructions

It is important to note that your Engineered Oak Flooring will require regular care and maintenance. These responsibilities are required to better preserve your floor. If you follow these general cleaning and required maintenance guidelines your new floor will perform as intended for many years to come.

For further details on caring for your Habitat flooring, please read the care instructions carefully.