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Silver Birch

Material cost

Choose a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation. For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

Crafted in exclusive STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet, the elegant Silver Birch range is a study in sophisticated family living. The intricately textured pile is stain and crush-resistant, designed to keep its good looks year after year. Spoil your floors with this luxurious Silver Birch carpet range and complete a look you'll love.

Type Carpet
Carpet Type Textured, Loop
Fibre Synthetic
Budget $$$

Warranty Information

Victoria Carpets provides outstanding warranties on its synthetic carpets which are subject to the following conditions.
Carpets must be properly installed over new underlay according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS-2455 and maintained adequately as recommended in the brochure.

The full warranty brochure can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Frequent vacuuming removes soil particles from the surface before they work their way below the pile surface. It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and more for a heavy traffic area. It is recommended to use either upright vacuums or quality barrel vacuums. Extra care must be taken in heavy traffic areas, including entrance areas.

To assist your warranty please read both of the care instructions carefully.

Will Silver Birch carpet be a good fit in a contemporary home?

Yes, in fact the Silver Birch carpet range is a great example of simplicity and sophistication at its most striking. The intricately textured pile gives your flooring a sense of depth and definition and will deliver the all-important ‘wow’ factor.

What sort of colour palette is Silver Birch available in?

The Silver Birch palette is regarded as neutral, which is right on-trend in today’s modern interiors. Contemporary chic is the style, and it is defined by a look of uniformity and repetition. This look is also very versatile, as it will blend beautifully with any décor and can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of accessories. When it comes to active family homes, you obviously need flooring that is going to live up your lifestyle, and the Silver Birch carpet range is more than up to the task. If you have young children or pets running around the house, you should consider avoiding bright whites and other light colours, as they tend to be more unforgiving when it comes to dirt and stains. Instead, look for a slightly deeper colour palette which is great at helping to conceal a multitude of stains. If you have dogs or cats that tend to shed a lot of hair, it’s wise to opt for shades that can camouflage the hair until you find time to get the vacuum out. Shades such as Silver Birch Folk Song, Tanning and Finland lend an air of the dramatic to your home, and are perfect if you really want to deliver the wow factor. This look is ultra-stylish and sophisticated, and provides an amazing contrast next to white walls or light coloured furniture. If you want to lighten the overall mood and feel, just switch up your styling with accessories and soft furnishings in brighter colours and tones. Grey tones are extremely versatile and are unique in that they can be matched with virtually any other colour in the spectrum without the risk of clashing. Check out Silver Birch Resin and Vasta. If your style is more on the Scandi side, look at colours such as Scandinavian and Botany. This palette is again very versatile and can really brighten a smaller space.

What is Silver Birch made from?

Silver Birch carpet is part of the STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN carpet range, which is manufactured from specially engineered fibres to give it an incredibly soft, luxurious feel, all without sacrificing the hard wearing, family friendly qualities you would expect from STAINMASTER® carpet. As a STAINMASTER® EverSoft® SDN, this carpet features the softest carpet fibre ever to be used in STAINMASTER® carpets, which adds to the sophistication and overall comfort. And of course, as it is a synthetic carpet, it is the perfect choice for families who are looking for low maintenance, luxury living.

Why should I consider a textured carpet?

Texture is definitely the new buzzword in interior design, and the Silver Birch range is a great introduction to this on-trend style. Our own Carpet Court ambassador and design guru Darren Palmer loves the idea of adding texture in any form to a home, as it gives a space depth, warmth and visual interest. Textured carpet also comes to life when it is complemented by natural flooring in homes, which is why it has become hugely popular in recent years. On a practical note, textured carpets are less likely to show any wear patterns, so your Silver Birch carpet will maintain its luxury and stylish good looks for many years to come.

Read more about caring for your new carpet in our online care and cleaning guide.

What does a loop pile mean?

As the name suggest, loop carpet is made from looped fibres that are tufted into the backing. One of the great features of Silver Birch loop carpet is that when the carpet is walked on, the pressure is spread over each loop fibre rather than a cut end (like a twist or plush). This means that loop carpets tend to last for a long time.

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