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135 Main Rd, Moonah, Tasmania 7009
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About Us

Modern Living Carpet Court (Moonah)

Add warmth and comfort to your home with our extensive selection of carpets, floor coverings, curtains and blinds. At Carpet Court in Moonah, we're not just about flooring; we're here to meet all your residential and commercial flooring needs and more.

Carpet store in Moonah, TAS

Carpet Court is where quality meets variety in floor coverings, right here on Main Road in Moonah, Tasmania. Are you in Hobart, Derwent Park, Mornington, or New Norfolk and thinking about a flooring makeover? Look no further. With our wide array of flooring options, we've got something to fit every style and budget.

Residential Flooring Choices: Making Homes Beautiful in Moonah and Beyond

At our carpet store in Moonah, we believe in creating a space that's as unique as you. From modern vinyl that suits the current living trends to the Australian charm of timber flooring, we have something for every room in Tasmania and beyond. We have:

Commercial Flooring Solutions: Tailoring to Businesses in Hobart and Tasmania

We offer flooring solutions like carpet tiles for businesses in Hobart, Tasmania, and nearby areas. Flexible and easy to replace, they're perfect for any commercial space, matching both aesthetic needs and functionality requirements.

Find the Perfect Carpet at the Carpet Store

At our carpet store in Moonah, you'll discover the most extensive carpet range in Australia. With colours to match any room's décor and the expertise to help you make the right choice, we make finding the perfect carpet simple and enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Carpet Colour for Your Bedroom

Finding the perfect colour for your bedroom carpet in Tasmania is a breeze at our store in Moonah. We've got everything you need:

Explore the Colour Spectrum

  • Light Colours: Popular for their refreshing look and feel.
  • Dark Colours: Create a luxurious, cosy atmosphere.
  • Wool Carpet: The Talisa Springs collection offers warmth and elegance.
  • Synthetic Carpet Collections: Origins, Classic Soft, and Luxe Palette—all catering to different Australian tastes.

Best Carpets for Living Spaces

Whether you're in West Moonah, Claremont, or New Town, our friendly staff are ready to help you choose the best carpet for your living areas.

Considerations for Your Living Space

  • Spill-Resistant Options: Great for busy family rooms.
  • Colour Matching: Matching your lifestyle, family unit, and décor.
  • Budget-Friendly Choices: Various options to fit your budget.
  • Warranty: Providing assurance with our wide range of carpets.

Your Local Carpet Retailers in Moonah

Visit us on Main Rd. to explore the best floor coverings.

Services Offered

  • Free Measure: We'll come to you.
  • Consultations: Expert advice to suit your needs.
  • Store Locator: Find us easily in Moonah and other locations.

Discover More Than Just Flooring at the Carpet Store

Nestled in Moonah, TAS, 7009, our store is more than just a destination for carpets. We offer a comprehensive range of products to suit every aspect of your interior design needs in Hobart, across Tasmania, and nearby areas.

Curtains and Blinds

Transform your space with some of our curtains and blinds:

Your Dream Space Awaits at Carpet Court 

Ready to transform your space with modern living Carpet Court solutions? Whether it's flooring or stunning new décor, our flooring store in Moonah is just a call away. Find the perfect additions to your home and enjoy unparalleled quality and style.

Don't wait to start your home transformation. Call our phone number today! We're here to assist you with all your flooring and interior needs.

What types of flooring can add value to my home?

Carpet Court offers high-quality flooring products, including timber flooring, hybrid planks, luxury vinyl planks, laminate flooring, and more. Each collection has specific features and popular colour choices to suit your style and budget.

What flooring options are allergy-friendly?

Laminate and vinyl flooring meet the criteria for allergy-friendly flooring. They are easy to clean and available in various trendsetting colours and patterns.

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Curtains & Blinds Wall Panels Qantas Points Interest Free
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