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Abbotsford Carpet Court

Enhance your living or business space with Abbotsford Carpet Court’s flooring, carpets, curtains and blinds. Our high-quality products and unparalleled service ensure your space is aesthetically pleasing and meets your window treatment and flooring needs.

Abbotsford’s Favourite for Quality Flooring

Abbotsford Carpet Court is a beacon of excellence in flooring solutions, proudly serving the local community and neighbouring areas like Collingwood, Richmond and Hawthorn. Our flooring store’s showroom in Abbotsford VIC offers a wide variety of flooring options. Whether it's for a cosy living room in a residential property or a high-traffic area in a commercial space, we have the right flooring to meet your needs, backed by our promise of high-quality and exceptional service.

Find the Perfect Hard Flooring for your Home or Office

Our team of flooring experts understands the importance of having the right flooring that combines both functionality and style. Quality hard flooring not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also offers durability and ease of maintenance. 

Whether for a bustling office in Melbourne or a tranquil home in Victoria, our range of flooring solutions caters to every need and preference. Select from:

  • Timber Flooring: Bring timeless beauty and natural warmth into your space with our timber flooring, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any room.
  • Hybrid Flooring: Perfect for those seeking both durability and style, our hybrid flooring combines the best aspects of laminate and vinyl, suitable for all areas of your home or office.
  • Laminate Flooring: A cost-effective option, our laminate flooring offers the look of real wood with added resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Versatile and water-resistant, vinyl flooring is perfect for areas prone to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, offering ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Pick from a Variety of Carpets for Every Space

Carpet Court in Abbotsford offers a diverse selection of carpets that are designed to enhance the comfort and style of any home or business space. The best carpet not only adds warmth and texture but also improves acoustics and offers comfort underfoot. 

Our extensive range of carpets caters to every style, need and budget, ensuring your space is both welcoming and visually appealing. This includes:

  • Commercial Carpets: Durable and easy to maintain, ideal for busy offices or commercial spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly Carpets: Combines environmental responsibility with style and comfort.
  • Plush Pile Carpets: Offers a sumptuous feel for your living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Synthetic Carpets: Practical option for busy households and commercial settings as they are stain-resistant and hard-wearing.
  • Loop Pile Carpets: Adds a unique texture and are suitable for various areas in your home or office.
  • Wool Carpets: Known for their durability and insulating properties.
  • Carpet Tiles: Ideal for custom designs and easy replacements and are particularly suited for commercial spaces.

Complete Your Space with Our Window Treatments

Abbotsford Carpet Court offers more than just flooring solutions. We also offer a range of window treatments designed to perfectly complement your space. 

Our curtains and blinds are essential not only for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your rooms but also for providing privacy, regulating light and improving energy efficiency. Pick from:

Discover the ideal window treatments to complete your interior design at our Abbotsford showroom, where our experts are ready to assist with ensuring a perfect fit for your windows.

Book a Complimentary Measurement and Quote

We understand the importance of getting every detail right, which is why we offer free measures and free quotes. With years of experience providing quality carpets and flooring solutions across Australia, our expert team is ready to assist you with renovations or new flooring projects. Start transforming your space today by visiting us in-store at 98 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067, open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and Saturday from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Why pick vinyl planks?

Vinyl planks are an excellent option for their durability, water resistance and ease of maintenance. Mimicking the aesthetic of real timber, they offer a stylish and cost-effective solution for any space, combining practicality with elegance.

How much does one want to spend on carpet & flooring for your living rooms and business spaces?

The cost of carpet and flooring varies widely, depending on factors like material, size and quality. To ensure you make an informed decision that suits your budget and needs, book a consultation so our experts can provide tailored advice for your space.


Areas We Service

Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
Clifton Hill, VIC, 3068
Fitzroy North, VIC, 3068
Melbourne University, VIC, 3052

Parkville, VIC, 3052
Carlton North, VIC, 3054
Princes Hill, VIC, 3054
Brunswick South, VIC, 3055

Brunswick West, VIC, 3055
Moonee Vale, VIC, 3055
Moreland West, VIC, 3055