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Welcome to Maribyrnong Carpet Court

Maribyrnong Carpet Court proudly boasts a team of specialised staff dedicated to helping you find just the right product for your needs and budget. Whether it’s carpet, timber flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring, rugs, blinds or plantation shutters, as Australia’s largest retail floor covering specialist, Maribyrnong Carpet Court has the range, product expertise and commitment to service to make choosing your ideal flooring or window coverings an inspiring experience.

Can Maribyrnong Carpet Court help me decide which flooring is best for my purposes?

We are here to help you every step of the way. We absolutely understand that when you choose any flooring, from carpets to tiles to natural woods, it’s a decision and look that you`ll be living with for a long time. We also completely understand that your flooring is not only an important design decision, it also has to seamlessly blend in with your lifestyle both now and in the years to come. So to help you make the right choice, we ask you a few important questions.

Who will be living in the space? Consider all the bodies, your family and your furry friends - who will live in the space and what flooring may best accommodate the entire tribe. Do you want something cool underfoot like vinyl or bamboo flooring? Do you like the idea of carpet giving your home a warm and cosy feeling? Do you want something low maintenance like laminate, or waterproof like our amazing Multilayer Hybrid flooring innovation that combines the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl?

What sort of wear and tear resistant and maintenance level are you looking for in your flooring? For example, hard flooring is the easiest to clean. So, if you have a family where spills and accidents are a regular occurrence, you might want to consider a hard-flooring option. For this scenario, tiles, timber, vinyl and laminate are all appropriate products. If you need or desire soft flooring and also have mess makers in your house, aim for flooring that has colour and texture variation in it, as this helps disguise the little accidents.

What sort of ambience or style do you want to create? When it comes to interior design, the expert team at Maribyrnong Carpet Court believe the entire process starts with the floor. After all, the type of flooring you choose will dictate how your home looks and feels. For example, if you love the ultra modern Industrial look, you could consider rustic or aged timber flooring or a concrete-look in vinyl or tiles.

And if you want to create a feeling of relaxed luxury such as Hamptons, beach or Scandi style, look at light oak or light greyed oak timber floor, sisal or woven flooring.

Darker coloured carpets or timbers can create a sophisticated, yet inviting feel, which lends itself to a timeless look.

What if I have a tight budget?

At Maribyrnong Carpet Court, we have so many flooring options available you’ll certainly find a solution at every price point, from budget to high end.

Carpet options at Maribyrnong Carpet Court

Elegant, plush, warm and deliciously tactile, carpet never goes out of fashion. Distinguished for its superior noise reducing and insulating qualities, today’s contemporary carpet lets you create a beautifully unique home.

Hard Flooring options at Maribyrnong Carpet Court

Multilayer Hybrid: A Carpet Court exclusive, this innovative floating floor product can be installed throughout the entire home, form dry to wet areas.

Timber flooring: For a quality classic look that lasts a lifetime, you can’t go past the natural beauty and warmth of timber floors.

Vinyl flooring: Looks just like real timber and flooring! Designed for an easy, low maintenance lifestyle.

Bamboo flooring:  Instant style and ambience throughout your home without impacting the environment.

Laminate flooring: Achieve the look and feel of real wood for a fraction of the price!

Blinds and Shutters options at Maribyrnong Carpet Court:  Vertical Blinds, Panel Glide Blinds, Venetians, Indoor Shutters –we’ve got them all.

Rugs at Maribyrnong Carpet Court: The perfect way to highlight and add accents to a space, you can shop our extensive rug range online.

Matt & team

With the store owner being an experienced flooring installer himself, this has made a huge difference to the installation jobs we do. His sales team are trained to run jobs with the least possible joins and any potential issues are thought through thoroughly. This gives the customer the best possible finish every time and makes our job easier.

How did you get into the flooring trade? “Family friends owned a flooring store, so they offered me an apprenticeship when I was 17years old. I gained experience in installation of both carpet and floating floors. I now have over 18 years’ experience and a professional team behind me.”

What’s your favourite product to install? “Underlay ha ha…I personally love the look of engineered timber flooring even though it’s a lot of work…the smoothest product to install is nylon carpets – joins perfectly every time!”

What has been your most memorable job? “We did the Foxtel building in Moonee Ponds. Over 5,500 sqm with over 1000 desks, all work done in the evening, it was a huge site but very rewarding to see the finished product of our accomplishments.”

Team Arman, Amin and Mohamad,

How did you get into the industry? “My dad was a builder, so I was always surrounded by building and construction. Flooring is the last fixture to go down and you get to enjoy seeing the room transform into a living space, so I have specialised in the flooring installation trade and have been doing this for 8 years.”

What’s your favourite product to install? “The condition of the sub-floor is so important. Hybrid is the easiest product to install due to the properties of the plank, less floor prep required.”

What has been your most memorable installation? “I have worked at Federation square station for their Platform renovations and the radio station 101.9FM, but the most memorable was for sure Channel 9 series, The Block. We were given a time frame of 6 hours to install 80sqm which is a very large area…. we finished in 5h and 59minutes!”

Chris Tarran

What led you to the industry of flooring installation?

“My brother-in-law is an installer and asked for help one day from me. At the time I was working in retail management, so flooring installation was very different. This is how I got my start, I have been a flooring installer for 12 years now.  The job is physically demanding but my knees are still in good shape so I have plenty of life in me to keep on going!”

What products do you install? “I specialise in broadloom carpet and carpet tiles across both domestic and commercial spaces.”

What’s your favourite product to install? “SDN short twist pile. The product joins well…and the short pile means its lighter to carry!”

team member tem member team member