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Viaduct Carpet Court

17-21 Dampier St,
New South Wales 2340
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What advantages does Viaduct Carpet Court have over others?

When you choose flooring from Viaduct Carpet Court here in Taminda, you’ll enjoy the very best of both worlds.

Like all of our Carpet Court stores, Viaduct Carpet Court is a locally owned and operated business. As locals, our friendly team works non-stop to give you exactly what you deserve at the best possible price, plus we can offer you honest, personalised service backed up by the huge bulk buying capacity of the Carpet Court group.

We are extremely proud to be known as Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist, and our track record for expert advice on both residential and commercial flooring is a win-win solution for everyone. So, if you’re wanting great service and sensational savings on top quality carpets, blinds and shutters, vinyl, laminate and hard flooring, Carpet Court Viaduct has it covered.

When you visit the Viaduct Carpet Court store, you’ll discover an admirable selection of beautiful designs, colours, grains and styles. And with our expert product knowledge and inside info of the latest trends, materials and technology, we make choosing the right flooring for your needs – and your budget – a simple, inspiring experience.

Can Viaduct Carpet Court advise me on choosing the right flooring?

As Australia’s flooring experts, Viaduct Carpet Court can professionally help with any questions you have about any flooring type. Given the multitude of flooring types on the market, we know that choosing the right flooring solution for your lifestyle can be confusing.

Considering that most people firstly look at the appearance of the flooring itself, we know that while this is important, it shouldn’t actually be the main driver for your final decision. Our expert team at Viaduct Carpet Court will recommend you look at how your lifestyle and family activity impacts on a particular flooring material and style. If you’re tossing up between carpet or hard flooring options, asking yourself these questions may help.

What’s your everyday home life like?

Above and beyond just being a fashionable feature, flooring also has to be resilient enough to suit the way you live your life. One needs to take into consideration the amount of people who are going to be living in the space. Plus, your furry friends will most likely have an impact on your choice of flooring. For example, if you know you’re going to be dealing with pet hairs and claws, dark wooden floors aren’t necessarily a great match as it highlights these bits and pieces. If family members or guests are prone to clomp around your house sporting high heels, you may want to steer away from soft wooden floors. Naturally, your personal preferences shouldn’t be ignored, so if you really like hard flooring, talk to our team at Viaduct Carpet Court. They can advise whether timber, vinyl, laminate or bamboo is best for your lifestyle. Don’t forget to ask them about our innovative hybrid range, which is the first rigid flooring that can be installed throughout the entire house. Hybrid is 100% waterproof too (product only), so you can even install it in wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. If you love the look and feeling of carpet, once again we can help you choose the right fibre and pile to suit your particular requirements. Our team will find your perfect solution.

Is low maintenance and durability important in your flooring choice?

If you have an active family life with a drove of tiny feet and pets trampling in dirt, you really need durable flooring that not only can weather this treatment but is also easy to keep clean. At Viaduct Carpet Court you’ll find a fantastic range and variety of easy clean, low maintenance flooring options such as hybrid, tiles, timber, vinyl and laminate. Naturally, if your heart is set on soft flooring, we’ll help you select a carpet that has a lot of colour and texture variation, as this will make a huge difference in hiding any marks or spills!

Need help with installation? Viaduct Carpet Court can help.

Once you have selected your perfect floor, the next step is to ensure a timely and professional installation. Who else would you trust but the company with the largest team of experienced flooring layers? Viaduct Carpet Court can help organise a professional installer for you.