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17-21 Dampier St, Taminda, New South Wales 2340
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About Us

Viaduct Carpet Court

Tamworth is a regional NSW city with loads of history and heritage, and Viaduct Carpet Court in Taminda, Tamworth is dedicated to the installation of timeless floor coverings. Viaduct Carpet Court is a locally owned and operated business where you will find a friendly team of locals who can offer high-quality carpets, hard flooring, and window treatments for the best available prices.

How to Choose the Right Floor Coverings?

The first step is to choose Carpet Court, Australia’s favourite floor covering retailer with more than 200 stores Australia-wide. Viaduct Carpet Court in Tamworth offers genuine personalised service to meet specific customer requirements, backed by our ability to offer the highest quality carpets, floor coverings, and window treatments at unbeatable prices. We offer expert advice and can be with you every step of the way, from commencement to completion of your new build, renovation, or refurbishment project.

Flooring Solutions for Homes and Businesses

As Australia’s leading flooring expert, Carpet Court can help you choose the right floor coverings for your project. We not only provide more flooring options than anyone else, but we also take your home, lifestyle, budget, and expectations into consideration. Options include pure wool carpets, synthetic carpets, commercial carpets, timber flooring, laminate flooring, and a wide range of curtain and blind styles. Tamworth NSW 2340 is a classic regional city on the move, and Carpet Court is the go-to retailer ready to transform your home into something special.

Plan Ahead for Best Floor Covering Results
Tamworth is a city with hot summers and chilly winters, and a mix of traditional and modern homes. Floor coverings from Carpet Court offer a personalised touch for every type of home and lifestyle. Before choosing, it’s time to plan ahead and ask yourself a few questions.

  • Who will be spending the most time in the space?
  • Do you prefer classic appeal or contemporary style?
  • Do you have adventurous kids or curious indoor pets?
  • Do you want flooring that is easy to clean?
  • What is your overall flooring budget?

The search for new floor coverings can be daunting, but it is an exciting adventure at Carpet Court. Narrow down the options with your personal favourite flooring styles, colours, textures, and materials.

If you live in North Tamworth, South Tamworth, East Tamworth, West Tamworth, Westdale, Warral, Wallamore, Timbumburi, Piallamore, Oxley Vale, Nemingha, Moore Creek, Loomberah, Kootingal, Hillvue, Hallsville, Gidley, Daruka, Calala, Bithramere, Appleby, Goonoo Goonoo, visit us in-store at Carpet Court at 17-21 Dampier St, Taminda. For all other regions, use our handy store locator map to find the nearest Carpet Court to you.

Picture Perfect Carpet and Underlay

For timeless appeal, you can’t go past pure wool carpet which is perfect in bedrooms and lounge rooms. Choose high-quality synthetic carpets as a flooring solution for heavy foot traffic areas. Viaduct Carpet Court in Tamworth has new carpet options that include:

With more carpet styles, fabrics, and patterns than anyone else, Carpet Court has you covered.

Flooring for Heritage Homes and Modern Residences

You will discover an extensive flooring range at Tamworth Carpet Court. If you are looking for an alternative to carpet, we have hard flooring options with the wow factor. Here are some Carpet Court products worth serious consideration.

Window Furnishings with the Wow Factor

Tamworth Carpet Court is also your go-to consultancy for window coverings that add immediate appeal. Choose from our extensive range of curtains and blinds, such as:

  • Sheer Curtains: Create privacy and filter harsh sun rays
  • Blockout Curtains: Transform your bedroom into a shady refuge
  • Venetian Blinds: A classic style available in a range of materials
  • Roman Blinds: Elegant soft styling for modern homes
  • Roller Blinds: The easy way to adjust the amount of light entering the room
  • S-fold Curtains: A stylish alternative to regular pleated curtains

Other popular choices at the Carpet Court Tamworth flooring store include Vertical Blinds, Panel Blinds, Veri Shades, and Plantation Shutters. Choose your favourite style at Carpet Court.

Services Available
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When Should I Choose a Low Maintenance Carpet?

Flooring and carpets should be resilient enough to suit your lifestyle. If you have kids, pets, or rooms that experience heavy foot traffic, speak to your Carpet Court consultant for expert advice regarding your specific situation.

Does Carpet Court Offer Installation Services?

We certainly do! Once you have selected your perfect flooring, the next step is to ensure a timely and professional installation. Viaduct Carpet Court in Tamworth employs the best professionals in the business.

Areas We Service

Blackville, NSW, 2343
Borambil, NSW, 2343
Bundella, NSW, 2343
Caroona, NSW, 2343
Colly Blue, NSW, 2343
Coomoo Coomoo, NSW, 2343
Pine Ridge, NSW, 2343
Quipolly, NSW, 2343
Quirindi, NSW, 2343
Spring Ridge, NSW, 2343
Walhallow, NSW, 2343
Wallabadah, NSW, 2343
Warrah Ridge, NSW, 2343
Windy, NSW, 2343
Yannergee, NSW, 2343
Yarraman, NSW, 2343
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Moonbi, NSW, 2353
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Bective, NSW, 2340
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Bowling Alley Point, NSW, 2340
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Tamworth, NSW, 2340
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