Ballarat Carpet Court

7 Grenville St N, Ballarat Central, Victoria 3350
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Tuesday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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About Us

Ballarat Carpet Court

Carpet Court in Ballarat Central, Victoria, is your top choice for all types of flooring needs, offering options ranging from hard flooring, carpet, laminate, vinyl flooring, and timber flooring.

Carpet Stores in Ballarat

Looking for the ideal carpet to suit your space in Ballarat, VIC, Australia? Carpet Court in Ballarat Central is your destination, offering a diverse range of carpets with various types, colours, and styles. Whether it's for your home or office, we've got the right flooring solutions tailored for you. Visit our showroom to discover more.

Unmatched Carpet Options for Your Living Spaces

Selecting the right carpet for your living areas, be it bedrooms, lounges, or offices, is a vital decision. At Carpet Court in Ballarat VIC, we provide a comprehensive carpet collection that caters to every need in Brown Hill, Daylesford, Karingal, Lake Gardens, Nerrina, Redan, Sebastopol, and more:

Variety of Types and Colours

  • Light and Dark Colours: From soothing light shades to luxurious dark hues, we have carpet colours to suit any room.
  • Wool Carpets: Known for warmth, softness, and elegant style, like those in the Talisa Springs collection.
  • Synthetic Carpets: Luxurious plush carpet pile is available in several styles, such as Origins, Classic Soft, and Luxe Shades.
  • Stain-Resistant and Hard-Wearing Carpets: Ideal for busy family rooms or commercial spaces.

A World of Flooring Options Awaits You Here

Your search for the best flooring solutions is over. Our flooring store has an impressive range of flooring products tailored to meet your needs. Whether you are renovating, upgrading, or constructing, we provide various options, including:

  • Timber Flooring: Offers a classic, warm finish in a variety of styles.
  • Laminate Flooring: A scratch and stain-resistant choice perfect for families.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Versatile and suitable for different interiors, including commercial spaces.
  • Hybrid Flooring: Innovative solutions that combine the best features of vinyl and laminate.

Renovating Your Home

Whether you're in Black Hill, Bakery Hill, Invermay Park, or anywhere in the vibrant landscapes of Ballarat, Carpet Court is here to meet your flooring needs. From hard flooring for busy lifestyles to luxurious options that suit any taste, our range is crafted to transform your home.

Meeting Specific Needs

We offer flooring solutions for various challenges and preferences, from water-resistant options to allergy-friendly choices.

  • Water-Resistant Flooring: Hybrid flooring is suitable for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Durable Flooring: Engineered timber and laminate options for high-traffic areas.
  • Allergy-Friendly Choices: Laminate and vinyl flooring for an allergen-free environment.

Your Destination for Home and Office Transformation

No matter your location, from the serene shores of Lake Wendouree to the bustling streets of Creswick, Alfredton, or Delacombe, Carpet Court is your trusted source for exceptional interior solutions. Explore our showroom to find the best carpet, new flooring, and an array of floor coverings that suit your unique needs. all backed by warranties and our commitment to quality.

Contact us, navigate the map to find the nearest showroom, and explore our exceptional products. With unbeatable warranties and unparalleled quality, your dream interior is just a visit or a phone call away.

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Wall Panels Qantas Points Interest Free
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What types of flooring are available at Carpet Court in Ballarat?

Carpet Court offers a broad selection of floor coverings from Grenville to Golden Point, Ballarat North, Soldiers Hill, and beyond. These include carpets, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl planks, and more, suitable to the needs and styles of these diverse locales.

Areas We Service

Rokewood, VIC, 3330
Bungal, VIC, 3334
Cargerie, VIC, 3334
Elaine, VIC, 3334
Morrisons, VIC, 3334
Mount Doran, VIC, 3334
Alfredton, VIC, 3350
Bakery Hill, VIC, 3350
Ballarat, VIC, 3350
Ballarat Central, VIC, 3350
Ballarat East, VIC, 3350
Ballarat North, VIC, 3350
Ballarat West, VIC, 3350
Black Hill, VIC, 3350
Brown Hill, VIC, 3350
Canadian, VIC, 3350
Eureka, VIC, 3350
Golden Point, VIC, 3350
Invermay Park, VIC, 3350
Lake Wendouree, VIC, 3350
Lucas, VIC, 3350
Mount Clear, VIC, 3350
Mount Helen, VIC, 3350
Mount Pleasant, VIC, 3350
Nerrina, VIC, 3350
Newington, VIC, 3350
Redan, VIC, 3350
Soldiers Hill, VIC, 3350
Berringa, VIC, 3351
Bo Peep, VIC, 3351
Cape Clear, VIC, 3351
Carngham, VIC, 3351
Chepstowe, VIC, 3351
Haddon, VIC, 3351
Hillcrest, VIC, 3351
Illabarook, VIC, 3351
Lake Bolac, VIC, 3351
Mininera, VIC, 3351
Mount Emu, VIC, 3351
Nerrin Nerrin, VIC, 3351
Newtown, VIC, 3351
Nintingbool, VIC, 3351
Piggoreet, VIC, 3351
Pitfield, VIC, 3351
Rokewood Junction, VIC, 3351
Ross Creek, VIC, 3351
Scarsdale, VIC, 3351
Smythes Creek, VIC, 3351
Smythesdale, VIC, 3351
Snake Valley, VIC, 3351
Springdallah, VIC, 3351
Staffordshire Reef, VIC, 3351
Streatham, VIC, 3351
Wallinduc, VIC, 3351
Westmere, VIC, 3351
Addington, VIC, 3352
Blowhard, VIC, 3352
Bolwarrah, VIC, 3352
Bonshaw, VIC, 3352
Brewster, VIC, 3352
Bullarook, VIC, 3352
Bungaree, VIC, 3352
Bunkers Hill, VIC, 3352
Burrumbeet, VIC, 3352
Cambrian Hill, VIC, 3352
Cardigan, VIC, 3352
Cardigan Village, VIC, 3352
Chapel Flat, VIC, 3352
Clarendon, VIC, 3352
Claretown, VIC, 3352
Clarkes Hill, VIC, 3352
Corindhap, VIC, 3352
Dereel, VIC, 3352
Dunnstown, VIC, 3352
Durham Lead, VIC, 3352
Enfield, VIC, 3352
Ercildoune, VIC, 3352
Garibaldi, VIC, 3352
Glen Park, VIC, 3352
Glenbrae, VIC, 3352

Gong Gong, VIC, 3352
Grenville, VIC, 3352
Invermay, VIC, 3352
Lal Lal, VIC, 3352
Lamplough, VIC, 3352
Langi Kal Kal, VIC, 3352
Learmonth, VIC, 3352
Leigh Creek, VIC, 3352
Lexton, VIC, 3352
Magpie, VIC, 3352
Millbrook, VIC, 3352
Miners Rest, VIC, 3352
Mollongghip, VIC, 3352
Mount Bolton, VIC, 3352
Mount Egerton, VIC, 3352
Mount Mercer, VIC, 3352
Mount Rowan, VIC, 3352
Napoleons, VIC, 3352
Navigators, VIC, 3352
Pootilla, VIC, 3352
Scotchmans Lead, VIC, 3352
Scotsburn, VIC, 3352
Springbank, VIC, 3352
Sulky, VIC, 3352
Wallace, VIC, 3352
Warrenheip, VIC, 3352
Wattle Flat, VIC, 3352
Waubra, VIC, 3352
Weatherboard, VIC, 3352
Werneth, VIC, 3352
Windermere, VIC, 3352
Yendon, VIC, 3352
Lake Gardens, VIC, 3355
Mitchell Park, VIC, 3355
Wendouree, VIC, 3355
Wendouree Village, VIC, 3355
Delacombe, VIC, 3356
Sebastopol, VIC, 3356
Buninyong, VIC, 3357
Happy Valley, VIC, 3360
Linton, VIC, 3360
Mannibadar, VIC, 3360
Pittong, VIC, 3360
Willowvale, VIC, 3360
Creswick, VIC, 3363
Creswick North, VIC, 3363
Dean, VIC, 3363
Glendaruel, VIC, 3363
Langdons Hill, VIC, 3363
Mount Beckworth, VIC, 3363
Tourello, VIC, 3363
Allendale, VIC, 3364
Ascot, VIC, 3364
Bald Hills, VIC, 3364
Barkstead, VIC, 3364
Blampied, VIC, 3364
Broomfield, VIC, 3364
Cabbage Tree, VIC, 3364
Campbelltown, VIC, 3364
Coghills Creek, VIC, 3364
Glendonald, VIC, 3364
Joyces Creek, VIC, 3364
Kingston, VIC, 3364
Kooroocheang, VIC, 3364
Lawrence, VIC, 3364
Mount Prospect, VIC, 3364
Newlyn, VIC, 3364
Newlyn North, VIC, 3364
Rocklyn, VIC, 3364
Smeaton, VIC, 3364
Smokeytown, VIC, 3364
Springmount, VIC, 3364
Strathlea, VIC, 3364
Werona, VIC, 3364
Clunes, VIC, 3370
Glengower, VIC, 3370
Mount Cameron, VIC, 3370
Ullina, VIC, 3370
Beaufort, VIC, 3373
Chute, VIC, 3373

Cross Roads, VIC, 3373
Lake Goldsmith, VIC, 3373
Lake Wongan, VIC, 3373
Main Lead, VIC, 3373
Mena Park, VIC, 3373
Nerring, VIC, 3373
Raglan, VIC, 3373
Stockyard Hill, VIC, 3373
Stoneleigh, VIC, 3373
Trawalla, VIC, 3373
Waterloo, VIC, 3373
Ballyrogan, VIC, 3375
Bayindeen, VIC, 3375
Buangor, VIC, 3375
Middle Creek, VIC, 3375
Ararat, VIC, 3377
Armstrong, VIC, 3377
Bulgana, VIC, 3377
Cathcart, VIC, 3377
Crowlands, VIC, 3377
Denicull Creek, VIC, 3377
Dobie, VIC, 3377
Dunneworthy, VIC, 3377
Eversley, VIC, 3377
Langi Logan, VIC, 3377
Maroona, VIC, 3377
Mount Cole, VIC, 3377
Mount Cole Creek, VIC, 3377
Moyston, VIC, 3377
Norval, VIC, 3377
Rhymney, VIC, 3377
Rocky Point, VIC, 3377
Rossbridge, VIC, 3377
Shays Flat, VIC, 3377
Warrak, VIC, 3377
Barkly, VIC, 3384
Concongella, VIC, 3384
Frenchmans, VIC, 3384
Joel Joel, VIC, 3384
Joel South, VIC, 3384
Landsborough, VIC, 3384
Landsborough West, VIC, 3384
Navarre, VIC, 3384
Tulkara, VIC, 3384
Wattle Creek, VIC, 3384
Basalt, VIC, 3460
Daylesford, VIC, 3460
Bullarto, VIC, 3461
Bullarto South, VIC, 3461
Clydesdale, VIC, 3461
Coomoora, VIC, 3461
Denver, VIC, 3461
Drummond, VIC, 3461
Dry Diggings, VIC, 3461
Eganstown, VIC, 3461
Elevated Plains, VIC, 3461
Franklinford, VIC, 3461
Glenlyon, VIC, 3461
Hepburn, VIC, 3461
Hepburn Springs, VIC, 3461
Korweinguboora, VIC, 3461
Leonards Hill, VIC, 3461
Lyonville, VIC, 3461
Mount Franklin, VIC, 3461
Musk, VIC, 3461
Musk Vale, VIC, 3461
Porcupine Ridge, VIC, 3461
Sailors Falls, VIC, 3461
Sailors Hill, VIC, 3461
Shepherds Flat, VIC, 3461
Spargo Creek, VIC, 3461
Strangways, VIC, 3461
Wheatsheaf, VIC, 3461
Yandoit, VIC, 3461
Yandoit Hills, VIC, 3461
Elmhurst, VIC, 3469
Glenlofty, VIC, 3469
Glenlogie, VIC, 3469
Glenpatrick, VIC, 3469
Nowhere Creek, VIC, 3469