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96 Gellibrand St, Colac, Victoria 3250
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About Us

Colac Carpet Court

Welcome to Colac Tile & Carpet Court. The Owner Darren Leersen, a local has been in Retail since 1997 working within the Electrical department in the Budget Building before moving across to the Colac Carpet Court flooring in 2012. We moved from the Budget Building to our current location at 96 Gellibrand St in September 2015. Over this time, Darren has worked in Sales, then Management, and now is the current Owner leading a small team of conscientious workers. Our team member Yasna has been with us since moving to our current location. Matt, Heather & Sharl joined the team in recent years and have been great assets to the business. 

What other products does Tile & Carpet Court Colac sell?

To complement their luxurious carpets and hard floor products, the team also sell made-to-measure curtains and blinds, sheers, rugs and tiles. How often do you plan a project around the home such as new flooring, then realise that you also need to update the window dressings as a consequence? Colac Tile & Carpet Court have an extensive range of sheers, blinds including roman, roller, vertical and panel glide blinds to match your new floors and give your home a fresh new look.

If you’re switching from carpets to vinyl planks or to floating floors, adding some rugs can soften the ambience and protect your floors from wear and tear. Tile & Carpet Court Colac have a diverse collection of modern and traditional styles rugs, varied shapes and sizes, and a choice of fibres to suit your needs.

What types of flooring can I see at the Tile & Carpet Court Colac store?

You are spoilt for choice when shopping at the Tile & Carpet Court Colac store. If new carpets are what you seek, Darren and the Team can show you a huge selection of wool and synthetic carpets in a great range of colours, fibres, and pile types to suit every budget. Today’s innovative manufacturing techniques have created carpets with incredible stain, fade and soil resistance suitable for busy family homes.

If hard floors float your boat, go no further because Tile & Carpet Court Colac have a great selection of tile, timber, laminate, and vinyl floors you will love. Timber floorboards offer a luxurious and timeless finish in a variety of beautiful, natural woodgrains and colours, while laminate and vinyl display amazing woodgrain likeness and resilience with family-friendly price tags.

Can I book an in-home measure and quote with the Tile & Carpet Court Colac store?

Of course you can. Darren’s experienced team would love to visit your home and provide you with a free, in-home measure and quote. You can book online by clicking here or phone 1300 CARPET to book a convenient time.

Does Tile & Carpet Court Colac store provide commercial flooring services?

Tile & Carpet Court Colac supply local residential builders with flooring solutions and also service government enterprises such as hospitals, schools, councils and police stations.

How can the Tile & Carpet Court Colac team help make my buying decision easier?

The helpful team at Tile & Carpet Court Colac are on hand Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:00pm to help you find the perfect new floor for your home. They can even assist you with teaming up stunning new floors with dazzling new blinds to give your home a whole new look!

Darren and the Team are involved sponsors and supporters of several community organisations such as Scouts, Football Club’s, Cricket Clubs and the Simpson Speedway. When you support their business, you are helping them to support the local community.

Pop in today and chat about your requirements with Darren and the team.

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