Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court

79 High St, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria 3555
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About Us

Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court

Discover the best in flooring solutions at Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court, your trusted carpet store in Bendigo, VIC. We offer a diverse range of products, expert advice, and exceptional service.

A Diverse Range of Products for Any Project

Whether you're renovating your home or outfitting a new office, we have the perfect flooring and window furnishing solutions for you. Our range includes everything from roller blinds and sheer curtains to plush carpets, durable timber flooring, vinyl flooring ideal for high-traffic areas, and laminate flooring for the look and feel of real timber. Each product is carefully selected for its quality and durability, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Our carpet stores are stocked with a variety of styles, colours, and textures to suit any decor. From the softness of wool to the durability of nylon, our carpets are designed to enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your space. We also offer a range of commercial flooring, which includes carpet tiles, perfect for commercial spaces or unique design layouts.

Choose from Multiple Eco-friendly Carpet Options

At Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court, we believe in providing sustainable flooring options. We offer a range of eco-friendly carpets made from recycled materials, such as ECONYL®. These carpets are not only good for the environment but also durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.

We also offer a selection of natural fibre carpets, including wool and jute. These carpets are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and have excellent thermal insulation properties, making them a great choice for any home.

Conveniently Located Near Bendigo’s City Centre

Situated in the heart of Kangaroo Flat VIC 3555, our store is merely a brief journey away from the bustling city centre of Bendigo. We proudly cater to customers from a broad spectrum of locales in the region, encompassing areas such as:

  • California Gully
  • Flora Hill
  • Golden Gully
  • Long Gully
  • Maiden Gully
  • Lockwood
  • Mandurang
  • and Spring Gully.

Whether you're in the market for a new carpet, timber flooring, or vinyl planks, our friendly and experienced team is here to help. We can guide you through our extensive range of products, helping you find the perfect floor covering for your needs and budget.

Book a Free Measure and Quote

At Carpet Court, we understand the importance of finding the perfect flooring solution that fits both your space and budget. To ensure you make an informed decision, we offer a complimentary measure and quote service. Our experienced team will visit your space, assess it, and provide a tailored recommendation. This personalised approach ensures you receive accurate pricing and product suggestions tailored to your specific needs. Book your free measure and quote today to find the perfect fit for your space.

Speak with the Experienced Team at Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court

Our team at Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With years of experience in the flooring industry, we can provide expert advice on everything from carpet cleaning to choosing the right underlay for your new carpet.

We understand that choosing a new floor covering can be a daunting task, which is why we're here to help every step of the way. From your initial visit to our store to the installation of your new floor, you can count on us for professional and friendly service. We also understand that every home and business has unique needs, which is why we offer personalised advice and recommendations to ensure you choose the right flooring solution. Visit your local flooring store with our store locator.

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Wall Panels Qantas Points Interest Free
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What types of flooring do you offer at Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court?

At Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court, we offer a wide range of flooring options, including carpets, timber flooring, vinyl planks, and artificial grass. Our products are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces in Australia.

Where is Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court located?

Kangaroo Flat Carpet Court is conveniently located at 79 High St, Kangaroo Flat, VIC 3555, near Bendigo’s city centre. We serve customers from all over the region, including Big Hill, Golden Square, Eaglehawk, Epsom, White Hills, and surrounding areas.

Areas We Service

Monegeetta, VIC, 3433
Drummond North, VIC, 3446
Malmsbury, VIC, 3446
Taradale, VIC, 3447
Elphinstone, VIC, 3448
Metcalfe, VIC, 3448
Sutton Grange, VIC, 3448
Barkers Creek, VIC, 3451
Campbells Creek, VIC, 3451
Chewton, VIC, 3451
Chewton Bushlands, VIC, 3451
Faraday, VIC, 3451
Fryerstown, VIC, 3451
Glenluce, VIC, 3451
Golden Point, VIC, 3451
Guildford, VIC, 3451
Irishtown, VIC, 3451
Mckenzie Hill, VIC, 3451
Muckleford, VIC, 3451
Tarilta, VIC, 3451
Vaughan, VIC, 3451
Yapeen, VIC, 3451
Harcourt, VIC, 3453
Harcourt North, VIC, 3453
Ravenswood, VIC, 3453
Ravenswood South, VIC, 3453
Barrys Reef, VIC, 3458
Blackwood, VIC, 3458
Fern Hill, VIC, 3458
Lerderderg, VIC, 3458
Little Hampton, VIC, 3458
Newbury, VIC, 3458
North Blackwood, VIC, 3458
Trentham, VIC, 3458
Trentham East, VIC, 3458
Green Gully, VIC, 3462
Muckleford South, VIC, 3462
Newstead, VIC, 3462
Sandon, VIC, 3462
Welshmans Reef, VIC, 3462
Carisbrook, VIC, 3464
Adelaide Lead, VIC, 3465
Alma, VIC, 3465
Bowenvale, VIC, 3465
Bung Bong, VIC, 3465
Cotswold, VIC, 3465
Craigie, VIC, 3465
Daisy Hill, VIC, 3465
Flagstaff, VIC, 3465
Golden Point, VIC, 3465
Havelock, VIC, 3465
Homebush, VIC, 3465
Majorca, VIC, 3465
Maryborough, VIC, 3465
Moolort, VIC, 3465
Moonlight Flat, VIC, 3465
Natte Yallock, VIC, 3465
Rathscar, VIC, 3465
Rathscar West, VIC, 3465
Simson, VIC, 3465
Timor, VIC, 3465
Timor West, VIC, 3465
Wareek, VIC, 3465

Avoca, VIC, 3467
Amphitheatre, VIC, 3468
Mount Lonarch, VIC, 3468
Archdale, VIC, 3475
Archdale Junction, VIC, 3475
Bealiba, VIC, 3475
Burkes Flat, VIC, 3475
Cochranes Creek, VIC, 3475
Emu, VIC, 3475
Logan, VIC, 3475
Dooboobetic, VIC, 3478
Medlyn, VIC, 3478
Moonambel, VIC, 3478
Percydale, VIC, 3478
St Arnaud, VIC, 3478
Tanwood, VIC, 3478
Warrenmang, VIC, 3478
Yawong Hills, VIC, 3478
Marong, VIC, 3515
Shelbourne, VIC, 3515
Wilsons Hill, VIC, 3515
Bridgewater, VIC, 3516
Bridgewater North, VIC, 3516
Bridgewater On Loddon, VIC, 3516
Derby, VIC, 3516
Leichardt, VIC, 3516
Yarraberb, VIC, 3516
Bears Lagoon, VIC, 3517
Brenanah, VIC, 3517
Glenalbyn, VIC, 3517
Inglewood, VIC, 3517
Jarklin, VIC, 3517
Kingower, VIC, 3517
Kurting, VIC, 3517
Powlett Plains, VIC, 3517
Rheola, VIC, 3517
Salisbury West, VIC, 3517
Serpentine, VIC, 3517
Berrimal, VIC, 3518
Borung, VIC, 3518
Fentons Creek, VIC, 3518
Fernihurst, VIC, 3518
Fiery Flat, VIC, 3518
Kurraca, VIC, 3518
Kurraca West, VIC, 3518
Mysia, VIC, 3518
Nine Mile, VIC, 3518
Richmond Plains, VIC, 3518
Skinners Flat, VIC, 3518
Wedderburn, VIC, 3518
Wedderburn Junction, VIC, 3518
Wehla, VIC, 3518
Woolshed Flat, VIC, 3518
Woosang, VIC, 3518
Kinypanial, VIC, 3520
Korong Vale, VIC, 3520
Barrakee, VIC, 3525
Buckrabanyule, VIC, 3525
Charlton, VIC, 3525
Chirrip, VIC, 3525
Granite Flat, VIC, 3525
Lake Marmal, VIC, 3525
Nareewillock, VIC, 3525

Terrappee, VIC, 3525
Wooroonook, VIC, 3525
Wychitella, VIC, 3525
Wychitella North, VIC, 3525
Yeungroon, VIC, 3525
Yeungroon East, VIC, 3525
Bunguluke, VIC, 3527
Dumosa, VIC, 3527
Glenloth, VIC, 3527
Glenloth East, VIC, 3527
Jeruk, VIC, 3527
Ninyeunook, VIC, 3527
Teddywaddy, VIC, 3527
Teddywaddy West, VIC, 3527
Thalia, VIC, 3527
Towaninny, VIC, 3527
Towaninny South, VIC, 3527
Wycheproof, VIC, 3527
Wycheproof South, VIC, 3527
Big Hill, VIC, 3555
Golden Gully, VIC, 3555
Golden Square, VIC, 3555
Kangaroo Flat, VIC, 3555
Lansell Plaza, VIC, 3555
Amherst, VIC, 3371
Burnbank, VIC, 3371
Caralulup, VIC, 3371
Dunach, VIC, 3371
Evansford, VIC, 3371
Lillicur, VIC, 3371
Mount Glasgow, VIC, 3371
Red Lion, VIC, 3371
Stony Creek, VIC, 3371
Talbot, VIC, 3371
Castlemaine, VIC, 3450
Moonlight Flat, VIC, 3450
Baringhup, VIC, 3463
Baringhup West, VIC, 3463
Bradford, VIC, 3463
Eastville, VIC, 3463
Gower, VIC, 3463
Laanecoorie, VIC, 3463
Maldon, VIC, 3463
Neereman, VIC, 3463
Nuggetty, VIC, 3463
Tarrengower, VIC, 3463
Walmer, VIC, 3463
Woodstock West, VIC, 3463
Bet Bet, VIC, 3472
Betley, VIC, 3472
Bromley, VIC, 3472
Dunluce, VIC, 3472
Dunolly, VIC, 3472
Eddington, VIC, 3472
Goldsborough, VIC, 3472
Inkerman, VIC, 3472
Mcintyre, VIC, 3472
Moliagul, VIC, 3472
Mount Hooghly, VIC, 3472