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290 Campbell St, Swan Hill, Victoria 3585
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Swan Hill Carpet Court

Find everything you need to bring your flooring vision to life at Swan Hill Carpet Court. We provide the best carpet and floor coverings alongside an extensive collection of rugs, curtains, and blinds to residential and commercial spaces throughout Australia.

Premier Carpet and Flooring Retailer in Swan Hill

Swan Hill Carpet Court, located at the heart of 290 Campbell St, Swan Hill VIC 3585, is owned and operated by a dedicated husband and wife team.  Our locally-owned flooring store has a team of expert carpet layers, known for their extensive experience in a wide array of residential and commercial flooring projects.

We proudly extend our services to nearby areas like Kerang, Balranald, Sea Lake and Moulamein ensuring the best flooring solutions are accessible to the community not just in Swan Hill but surrounding areas.

Quality Carpets Tailored for Homes and Businesses

At Carpet Court, we understand the impact a quality carpet can have on both the appearance and comfort of your space, be it a home or business.

Our selection is designed to meet diverse needs and preferences:

Explore Our Extensive Flooring Selection

High-quality hard flooring can significantly enhance your property's value, provide long-lasting wear, and create a healthy, allergen-free environment. Our extensive selection at Carpet Court in Swan Hill is designed to offer distinct advantages, ensuring durability, style, and ease of maintenance.

Explore our variety:

  • Timber Flooring: Engineered for elegance, timber flooring adds warmth and timeless appeal to any space.
  • Hybrid Flooring: Combines the durability of laminate with the aesthetics of timber, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Laminate Flooring: Offers the look of real wood at a more affordable price, resistant to scratches and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Available in sheets and planks, vinyl is waterproof and versatile, mimicking hardwood or stone with less maintenance.

Elevate Your Décor with Our Range of Curtains and Blinds

Revamp your space with our stylish range of window treatments at Swan Hill Carpet Court. From blockout or sheer curtains to the contemporary appeal of S-fold and S-wave designs, our collection caters to every aesthetic. Embrace the practicality and sophistication of Roman, panel blinds,, blockout and roller blinds, plantation shutters.

These options not only boost your décor but also offer privacy, light control, and energy savings. Perfect for any setting, they’re designed to enhance your environment with ease and elegance.

Find the Ideal Rug to Tie Your Room Together

You can also find the perfect rug to complete your room's look at Swan Hill Carpet Court. Whether you're after the durability of outdoor rugs, the classic beauty of traditional patterns, the natural comfort of wool rugs, the sleek appeal of modern designs, or the unique touch of custom rugs, we have something to suit every style and space. Each option is carefully selected to add warmth, texture, and colour, effortlessly tying your room together and making it feel more inviting.

Carpet Court's network extends beyond with over 200 locations across the nation. For a seamless experience tailored to your specific needs, use our store locator to find your nearest showroom. We're always nearby, ready to offer a free measure and quote to ensure your selection fits perfectly. Visit our showroom to see our range, book an appointment online, or give us a call. Let us make your space beautiful, one floor at a time!

Swan Hill Carpet Court

Local’s Andrew and Linda Ayson purchased the business in 2019.  With Linda being employed by the previous owners for  5 ½ years and her husband Andrew having over 30 years experience in the Building Industry made for a smooth transition into their new roles.

Andrew, Linda, and the Swan Hill team have shown their commitment to delivering outstanding customer service throughout Swan Hill. This is reflected through their achievement in winning The Best Performing New Member of the Year Award in May 2022.

The team at Swan Hill Carpet Court have a wealth of expert knowledge and experience to assist you with all your product enquiries. Woking alongside Andrew and Linda you will find our too amazing shopfront staff Lindy and Leanne. We are here to guide you through the best flooring solutions for your lifestyle and providing the latest interior design options to ensure you have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Andrew is available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm for free in home measure and quote service to ensure the best quality advice when choosing your products.

To ensure that finished result we have Steve, Tyson, Grant and Mick 4 highly experience layers with years of experience in all aspects of domestic and commercial flooring. We also have an apprentice, Rory. Who has just entered his third year of his flooring apprenticeship.

There is an additional part of Swan Hill Carpet Court, a fabulous little homeware shop called Home Coach, selling a variety of furniture and homewares.  

To accentuate your new floors make shopping for your interior easy with one-stop shopping to help you take the guesswork out of whether your new home décor decisions will work together or not.

Why Swan Hill Carpet Court?

Swan Hill Carpet Court is very proud to be part of the growing network with over 200 locally owned and operated stores in Australia and we’re Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist.  You can enjoy all the personalised customer service that comes from dealing with a local company.

The size of the network and the bulk buying power of the brand mean that you’ll always get the best possible deal, and this enables us to enjoy a considerable advantage over our competitors.

The hard-working team at Swan Hill Carpet Court is well-known in the area when it comes to helping you choose the right flooring and offering excellent value for money, with a range of products to suit every taste and budget.

Call in a view our stunning and versatile range of carpet and rugs, hard flooring and window coverings. Great service and attention to detail are as important to you are they are to us.

What products will I find at Swan Hill Carpet Court?

The team at Swan Hill Carpet Court are experts in all types of flooring, from carpet and rugs to a wonderful range of hard flooring options including timber, vinyl, laminate and the new multilayer hybrid ranges. 

The same applies to window coverings, create your perfect home by updating your old curtains or blinds with new designs and colours that will give any room an instant makeover.

Carpet is a traditional favourite, bringing a sense of warmth, luxury and elegance to a space.

 If you like something warm underfoot, carpet is the perfect choice it never goes out of style.

At Swan Hill Carpet Court you can view a large range of carpets to suit your particular taste and budget.  We can show you a variety of different styles including Twist Carpets, Loop Carpets, Plush Carpets, Plain Carpets and Textured Carpets in both Wool and Synthetic fibres.

If you prefer a hard flooring option we have a huge selection of timber, vinyl, laminate and hybrid flooring.

Vinyl flooring is versatile and hardwearing can be installed in almost any area in your home.

Hybrid an innovative flooring product capturing the natural beauty of timber with the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl that can be installed throughout the entire home.  

Timber flooring looks natural and timeless with authentic characteristics. 

Laminate flooring is a combination of style, functionality and affordability replicating the look of genuine timber.

On Fridays - We wear Pink!

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What is the most popular residential carpet?

The most popular residential carpet often features a twist pile or textured loop, known for its comfort and durability. Explore Carpet Court's extensive carpet range to find the perfect match for your home's style and comfort needs.

Should I get timber flooring over carpet?

Picking between timber flooring and carpet depends on the room's use and your lifestyle as each has its benefits for different areas of the home. Drop by Carpet Court to discuss your needs, and we'll help you decide the best option for each room.

Areas We Service

Lascelles, VIC, 3487
Bimbourie, VIC, 3533
Lake Tyrrell, VIC, 3533
Myall, VIC, 3533
Nandaly, VIC, 3533
Ninda, VIC, 3533
Nyarrin, VIC, 3533
Pier Milan, VIC, 3533
Sea Lake, VIC, 3533
Straten, VIC, 3533
Tyenna, VIC, 3533
Tyrrell, VIC, 3533
Tyrrell Downs, VIC, 3533
Bolton, VIC, 3546
Chinkapook, VIC, 3546
Cocamba, VIC, 3546
Gerahmin, VIC, 3546
Manangatang, VIC, 3546
Turoar, VIC, 3546
Winnambool, VIC, 3546
Woorinen, VIC, 3589
Woorinen North, VIC, 3589
Kenley, VIC, 3597
Kooloonong, VIC, 3597
Lake Powell, VIC, 3597
Narrung, VIC, 3597
Natya, VIC, 3597
Piangil, VIC, 3597
Speed, VIC, 3488
Turriff, VIC, 3488
Turriff East, VIC, 3488
Tresco, VIC, 3583
Beverford, VIC, 3590
Patchewollock, VIC, 3491
Lake Boga, VIC, 3584
Tresco West, VIC, 3584
Vinifera, VIC, 3591
Hopetoun, VIC, 3396
Culgoa, VIC, 3530
Sutton, VIC, 3530
Wangie, VIC, 3530
Warne, VIC, 3530
Castle Donnington, VIC, 3585
Chillingollah, VIC, 3585
Fish Point, VIC, 3585
Goschen, VIC, 3585
Kunat, VIC, 3585
Meatian, VIC, 3585
Nowie, VIC, 3585
Nyrraby, VIC, 3585
Pira, VIC, 3585
Polisbet, VIC, 3585
Speewa, VIC, 3585
Swan Hill, VIC, 3585
Swan Hill West, VIC, 3585
Winlaton, VIC, 3585
Nyah, VIC, 3594
Banyan, VIC, 3485
Watchupga, VIC, 3485
Willangie, VIC, 3485

Woomelang, VIC, 3485
Berriwillock, VIC, 3531
Boigbeat, VIC, 3531
Chinangin, VIC, 3544
Gowanford, VIC, 3544
Murnungin, VIC, 3544
Springfield, VIC, 3544
Ultima, VIC, 3544
Ultima East, VIC, 3544
Waitchie, VIC, 3544
Woorinen South, VIC, 3588
Nyah West, VIC,  3595
Barraport, VIC, 3537
Barraport West, VIC, 3537
Boort, VIC, 3537
Canary Island, VIC, 3537
Catumnal, VIC, 3537
Gredgwin, VIC, 3537
Leaghur, VIC, 3537
Minmindie, VIC, 3537
Yando, VIC, 3537
Cannie, VIC, 3540
Oakvale, VIC, 3540
Quambatook, VIC, 3540
Cokum, VIC, 3542
Lalbert, VIC, 3542
Tittybong, VIC, 3542
Horfield, VIC, 3567
Leitchville, VIC, 3567
Burkes Bridge, VIC, 3568
Cohuna, VIC, 3568
Cullen, VIC, 3568
Daltons Bridge, VIC, 3568
Gannawarra, VIC, 3568
Keely, VIC, 3568
Macorna North, VIC, 3568
Mcmillans, VIC, 3568
Mead, VIC, 3568
Mincha West, VIC, 3568
Wee Wee Rup, VIC, 3568
Appin, VIC, 3579
Appin South, VIC, 3579
Bael Bael, VIC, 3579
Beauchamp, VIC, 3579
Benjeroop, VIC, 3579
Budgerum East, VIC, 3579
Capels Crossing, VIC, 3579
Dingwall, VIC, 3579
Fairley, VIC, 3579
Gonn Crossing, VIC, 3579
Kerang, VIC, 3579
Kerang East, VIC, 3579
Koroop, VIC, 3579
Lake Meran, VIC, 3579
Macorna, VIC, 3579
Meering West, VIC, 3579
Milnes Bridge, VIC, 3579
Murrabit, VIC, 3579
Murrabit West, VIC, 3579
Myall, VIC, 3579

Mystic Park, VIC, 3579
Normanville, VIC, 3579
Pine View, VIC, 3579
Reedy Lake, VIC, 3579
Sandhill Lake, VIC, 3579
Teal Point, VIC, 3579
Tragowel, VIC, 3579
Wandella, VIC, 3579
Westby, VIC, 3579
Koondrook, VIC, 3580
Lake Charm, VIC, 3581
Barratta, NSW, 2710
Birganbigil, NSW, 2710
Booroorban, NSW, 2710
Bullatale, NSW, 2710
Caldwell, NSW, 2710
Calimo, NSW, 2710
Conargo, NSW, 2710
Coree, NSW, 2710
Deniliquin, NSW, 2710
Deniliquin North, NSW, 2710
Hartwood, NSW, 2710
Lindifferon, NSW, 2710
Mathoura, NSW, 2710
Mayrung, NSW, 2710
Moonbria, NSW, 2710
Morago, NSW, 2710
Pretty Pine, NSW, 2710
Steam Plains, NSW, 2710
Stud Park, NSW, 2710
Wakool, NSW, 2710
Wandook, NSW, 2710
Wanganella, NSW, 2710
Warragoon, NSW, 2710
Willurah, NSW, 2710
Barham, NSW, 2732
Burraboi, NSW, 2732
Cobramunga, NSW, 2732
Gonn, NSW, 2732
Noorong, NSW, 2732
Thule, NSW, 2732
Tullakool, NSW, 2732
Dhuragoon, NSW, 2733
Moulamein, NSW, 2733
Niemur, NSW, 2733
Cunninyeuk, NSW, 2734
Dilpurra, NSW, 2734
Mallan, NSW, 2734
Mellool, NSW, 2734
Moolpa, NSW, 2734
Murray Downs, NSW, 2734
Stony Crossing, NSW, 2734
Tooranie, NSW, 2734
Wetuppa, NSW, 2734
Koraleigh, NSW, 2735
Speewa, NSW, 2735
Goodnight, NSW, 2736
Tooleybuc, NSW, 2736