Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon)

161 Argyle St, Traralgon, Victoria 3844
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Monday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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About Us

Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon)

Gavin, Gareth and Trent are joint directors of the Carpet Country Traralgon and Sale stores. Their experienced team also includes twelve friendly sales staff.

Shared between the Traralgon and Sale stores there is also an interior design team and a team of over thirty qualified installers. 

While Gavin, Gareth and Trent each have well over 20 years experience with Carpet Country, the business has been operating over 40 years as the major provider of domestic and commercial floor coverings to the Gippsland region.

Why is Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon) a great place to shop for my floor coverings?

Across Australia Carpet Court has huge buying power which means the locally owned and operated stores like Traralgon can provide you with a vast selection of flooring products at fabulous prices.

What floor coverings can I find at the Traralgon store?

All the trusted brand names in luxurious carpets can be found at the Traralgon store in pure wool and synthetic fibres along with a full range of floating floor solutions, including timber, laminate, vinyl sheets and planks, multi-layer hybrid, and bamboo.

What other products are sold at Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon)?

The Traralgon team also stock an extensive selection of blinds, shutters and awnings. Whatever type of windows you have, Carpet Country’s roller, roman, vertical, or panel glide blinds will enhance them.

Of course elegant and timeless plantation shutters look fabulous on any window and have excellent insulative properties. Window awnings can help to keep the heat out and outdoor blinds keep your alfresco dining space nice and cool. In a huge choice of colours, fabrics and styles, your windows will look amazing!

Does the Traralgon store offer interior design services?

The Traralgon store has a team of interior designers to offer expert advice on your domestic and commercial flooring and window dressing selections.

Will the Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon) store do commercial projects?

Yes, in fact Carpet Country Carpet Court has a dedicated commercial division ran by Gareth which has been actively involved in many major projects within the Gippsland region. Some of those projects include fitouts and refurbishments to commercial enterprises such as the Latrobe Regional Hospital, the Bridges On Argyle Motel, Dalkeith Heights Independent Living Community, RACV Resort Inverloch and Morwell Central Primary School.

The scope of Carpet Country Traralgon’s commercial involvements is very broad and extends to the supply and installation of floor coverings to several major building companies too.

Pop in and discuss your domestic or commercial flooring needs with Gareth and the team at Carpet Country Carpet Court (Traralgon) today!

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