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124 Strelly St, Busselton, Western Australia 6280
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Hobsons Carpet Court

Hobsons Carpet Court is your number one choice for carpet stores in Busselton. Shop the most stylish flooring, window furnishings and rugs for your home, including plush carpet, timber, curtains, vinyl planks, laminate and natural rugs.

Get to know the Hobsons Carpet Court Team

Looking for high-quality flooring solutions and window furnishings that elevate your interiors and blend seamlessly in with your existing decor? Carpet Court at Busselton has you covered. Our showroom on Strelly St is locally owned and run by a team of flooring specialists who can help you choose the ideal flooring for your needs and install it for you with beautiful results.

We’re experts in knowing what products suit our customer’s homes and lifestyles. When you visit us, we can walk you through the entire collection and give you professional advice about timber, carpet, vinyl, underlays, curtains and more as well as let you in on any specials and deals!

Use the Store Locator tool to view us on the map or enjoy our shop at home services and browse online with fast delivery to any postcode in Australia.

Discover carpet, flooring & window furnishings installation in Busselton WA

Nothing beats having a professional installer lay down your new carpet and flooring or fix a new pair of curtains in place. You can always DIY but there’s the chance of inaccurate measurements and other errors that lead to less-than-desirable results. Our friendly team can come to your home or business and install your products for you to ensure that they look stunning and will last years. Book in a free measure and quote first to know exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Choose Carpet Court for all your flooring solutions

As the largest flooring store in Australia, Carpet Court knows a thing or two about flooring solutions. Our floor coverings range from the most luxurious carpet to low-maintenance options and classic hardwood that warms up any interior. Discover

  • Timber flooring - We have solid timber flooring with Australian and European tree species that feature unique grain patterns and earthy colours. We also have affordable engineered timber flooring and chevron & herringbone options for something different.
  • Carpet - Choose from natural or synthetic carpet types in a luxuriously plush pile, loop pile or twist pile. Shop soft commercial carpet tiles for businesses that resist crushing and stains.
  • Vinyl flooring - Luxury vinyl planks look like real timber flooring but are a fraction of the cost. Vinyl floors are durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and water-resistant which makes them a fantastic choice for laundries, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Laminate flooring - Laminate floors are affordable, low maintenance and hard-wearing. They’re ideal for the high-traffic areas of busy households and can replicate timber, tile and marble floors in a range of colours and designs.

Curtains & blinds suitable for the WA climate

Window furnishings are a must when it comes to a WA summer. Both curtains and blinds help to keep the sun out of rooms and protect floors and furniture from UV damage as well as offer privacy while still allowing for a view outside. We have a great selection of blinds and curtains at Carpet Court in Busselton, including

  • S-wave or S-fold curtains - Trendy S-wave and S-fold curtains are soft, undulating and elegant. They can be sheer, light filtering or blockout and layer nicely with blinds.
  • Veri Shades - Veri Shades give you the luxurious beauty of curtains but function with the ease of blinds to give you the best of both worlds.
  • Roller blinds - Modern and convenient, roller blinds are super easy to use and control light as needed. Roll them up to let in the light, and roll them down for privacy and darkness.
  • Roman blinds - Roman blinds can be drawn up or down and can be lifted above the window to let in natural light. They have a soft and traditional look.
  • Panel blinds - Panel blinds look stunning hung over larger windows in the living room and provide an elegant look to the space.
  • Vertical blinds - Vertical blinds are perfect for sliding doors and windows. They can be parted from the side or the centre and come in light filtering and blockout fabrics.

Affordable vinyl flooring & laminate flooring options

If you have a busy household with plenty of high-traffic areas, consider vinyl or laminate flooring. These affordable floor coverings are both very durable and low maintenance, easy to clean and resist scratches and dents. Vinyl floors are also water-resistant which makes them great in wet areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Choose from a wide range of colours and designs that mimic real timber, tile or stone floors for a modern and stylish appearance.

Make a statement with a rug from Carpet Court

Make a bold statement with a rug from Carpet Court! Rugs are your secret to tying an interior together and making it pop with colour, pattern and texture. We have tons of beautiful rugs in every size and shape that warm up your living spaces and add interest. Discover

  • Natural rugs
  • Modern rugs
  • Traditional rugs
  • Custom rugs
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Wool rugs

Shop commercial flooring for your business

We have commercial flooring built to last in busy workspaces that see a lot of foot traffic. Shop vinyl planks for offices and entrances that look like luxurious hardwood, vinyl sheets for hospitals and hospitality areas that are seam-free and easy to keep clean, or carpet tiles for schools and libraries that are soft, durable and resistant to crushing.

Contact Hobsons Carpet Court Busselton WA for a free measure & quote

Know exactly what you need for your space and what you will pay with a free measure and quote. Book in through the website and our team can come to your home or business to measure your rooms for flooring and window furnishings. We’ll bring samples to view and feel plus inform you about underlays, installation and anything else you want to know.

Services Available
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What is a popular style of carpet in WA?

Wool carpet is an extremely popular and stylish option for many Australian homes. It’s a top choice for rooms in Western Australia because it keeps floors feeling cool in the summer, repels stains and is 100% natural for improving air quality and minimising allergies. You can choose between a plush pile for maximum comfort, a twist pile for textural interest and a loop pile that’s most resistant to crushing and dents.

Where can I find carpet installers in Busselton WA?

Carpet Court in Busselton has expert carpet installers to revamp your home or business with the carpet of your choice. We can remove any existing flooring before installation and inform you about underlays and what they can do to enhance your carpet. Our showroom is located at 124 Strelly St, close to major areas like the Bussell Hwy, West Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury and Bridgetown.

Areas We Service

Benjinup, WA, 6255
Bridgetown, WA, 6255
Catterick, WA, 6255
Hester, WA, 6255
Hester Brook, WA, 6255
Kangaroo Gully, WA, 6255
Winnejup, WA, 6255
Deanmill, WA, 6258
Diamond Tree, WA, 6258
Dingup, WA, 6258
Dixvale, WA, 6258
Donnelly River, WA, 6258
Glenoran, WA, 6258
Jardee, WA, 6258
Lake Muir, WA, 6258
Linfarne, WA, 6258
Manjimup, WA, 6258
Middlesex, WA, 6258
Mordalup, WA, 6258
Palgarup, WA, 6258
Perup, WA, 6258
Quinninup, WA, 6258
Ringbark, WA, 6258
Smith Brook, WA, 6258
Upper Warren, WA, 6258
Wilgarrup, WA, 6258
Beedelup, WA, 6260
Biddelia, WA, 6260
Callcup, WA, 6260
Channybearup, WA, 6260
Collins, WA, 6260
Eastbrook, WA, 6260
Lake Jasper, WA, 6260
Peerabeelup, WA, 6260
Pemberton, WA, 6260
Yeagarup, WA, 6260

Boorara Brook, WA, 6262
Crowea, WA, 6262
Meerup, WA, 6262
Northcliffe, WA, 6262
Shannon, WA, 6262
Windy Harbour, WA, 6262
Barrabup, WA, 6275
Carlotta, WA, 6275
Cundinup, WA, 6275
Darradup, WA, 6275
East Nannup, WA, 6275
Jalbarragup, WA, 6275
Jarrahwood, WA, 6275
Nannup, WA, 6275
Scott River East, WA, 6275
Yoganup, WA, 6275
Abba River, WA, 6280
Abbey, WA, 6280
Acton Park, WA, 6280
Ambergate, WA, 6280
Anniebrook, WA, 6280
Boallia, WA, 6280
Bovell, WA, 6280
Broadwater, WA, 6280
Busselton, WA, 6280
Carbunup River, WA, 6280
Chapman Hill, WA, 6280
Geographe, WA, 6280
Hithergreen, WA, 6280
Jindong, WA, 6280
Kalgup, WA, 6280
Kaloorup, WA, 6280
Kealy, WA, 6280
Ludlow, WA, 6280
Marybrook, WA, 6280
Metricup, WA, 6280

Eagle Bay, WA, 6281
Naturaliste, WA, 6281
Quedjinup, WA, 6281
Quindalup, WA, 6281
Yallingup, WA, 6282
Yallingup Siding, WA, 6282
Cowaramup, WA, 6284
Gracetown, WA, 6284
Treeton, WA, 6284
Bramley, WA, 6285
Burnside, WA, 6285
Gnarabup, WA, 6285
Margaret River, WA, 6285
Osmington, WA, 6285
Prevelly, WA, 6285
RoSA Brook, WA, 6285
RoSA Glen, WA, 6285
Schroeder, WA, 6285
Yebble, WA, 6285
Boranup, WA, 6286
Forest Grove, WA, 6286
Redgate, WA, 6286
Witchcliffe, WA, 6286
Alexandra Bridge, WA, 6288
Courtenay, WA, 6288
Hamelin Bay, WA, 6288
Karridale, WA, 6288
Nillup, WA, 6288
Scott River, WA, 6288
Warner Glen, WA, 6288
Augusta, WA, 6290
Deepdene, WA, 6290
East Augusta, WA, 6290
Kudardup, WA, 6290
Leeuwin, WA, 6290
Molloy Island, WA, 6290