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62 Clive St, Katanning, Western Australia 6317
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About Us

Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court

The Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court store has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1964.

It is a true family business, with the original founder Eric McFarland and his wife Rosemary still occasionally popping into the store which is now managed on a daily basis by their sons Ian and Alan.

Eric has been involved in the flooring and furnishings industry his whole life, beginning his career as a carpet laying apprentice with an old department store, Foy & Gibson. He worked his way up the ranks eventually landing a role as the head of Foy & Gibson’s furnishings department.

Then, at just 24 years of age, Eric and his new wife Rosemary began their own business venture, Katanning Furnishings.

Over the years the store has occupied a number of premises, but in 2010 the family bought and extended the old Wesfarmers building on Clive Street, which is where they remain today.

The gun team at Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court sees Alan in charge of the business administration and furniture while Ian controls the flooring side of the business. Jan is the office manager and helps with sales and Phil is the flooring contractor. The family’s combined experience has also helped to develop the skills of several apprentices over the years, while their latest apprentice, Alex, won a ‘Rotary Apprentice of the Year’ award.

What flooring products will I find at Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court?

The store stocks a comprehensive range of hard flooring products, beautiful carpets and a fabulous rug collection.

While traditional and contemporary carpets never go out of style, new floating floor products such as the innovative Pryzm hybrid luxury flooring collection, laminates and vinyl planks are popular flooring products due to their visual appeal and durable, low-maintenance qualities.

Does the Katanning store have flooring solutions for my budget?

The Katanning store has something for everyone’s budget. As Australia’s largest flooring retailer, Carpet Court has enormous buying power which means the local stores can offer competitive prices and a great range of products to their customers.

Alan and Ian also offer interest-free payment terms which helps to make their stunning flooring solutions even more affordable.

Can I get a free, in-home measure and quote from the Katanning Carpet Court store?

You certainly can! Alan and Ian’s team will happily provide you with a free, in-home measure and quote. Simply ask in-store or click here to book online.

What other products will I find at Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court?

A beautiful selection of window furnishings including plantation shutters and roller, Roman, vertical and panel glide blinds are available as part of the made-to-measure service. Having such a huge showroom means they can also accommodate the Homemakers Furniture and Sleepzone Bedding businesses within the one store.

How can Katanning Furnishings Carpet Court help with my buying decision?

Imagine how easy it is to create a complete interior style for your newly built home or refurbished property when you can purchase all your flooring products, window dressings, rugs, furniture, bedding, manchester and home office furniture from the one store with interest-free terms available! The guesswork is taken away by the benefit of a one-stop-shopping facility, where you can see for yourself that all your choices will perfectly complement each other.

If you need new floors for your commercial enterprise, Alan and Ian’s team can help there too.

They are proud sponsors of several local events and organisations, so you know that when you shop at Katanning Furnishings you are helping their business to continue giving back to the local community in this way.

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Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Curtains & Blinds Wall Panels Qantas Points
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