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Mandurah Carpet Court

With a population of more than 100,000, and only 50 minutes from Perth, Mandurah WA 6210 is a place Australians love to call home. For flooring, rugs, vinyl, and carpet stores in Mandurah, the locals trust Carpet Court, Australia’s number one floor covering specialist.

Finding the best flooring for your home

Flooring choices at Carpet Court are increasing and evolving. Today’s homeowners have more floor product options than ever and the opportunity to work with flooring professionals who deliver high-quality flooring results. Choose from the Carpet Court range to suit your home environment and personalised interior design. Improve the functionality of your living space and increase the value of your home with Carpet Court. Along with an unbeatable carpet range, we showcase high-quality flooring products that include:

  • Engineered timber flooring
  • Hybrid flooring planks
  • Luxury vinyl planks or sheet vinyl
  • Laminate flooring

Every collection has specific performance features. Our quality product designs are second to none and you will find lots of budget-friendly choices at Carpet Court.

Discover Mandurah carpet options at the Carpet Court store

Elegant and beautiful carpet always stays in style. The plush feeling underfoot can’t be beaten, and carpet is renowned for its noise-reducing and insulating qualities. The Carpet Court Mandurah flooring range lets you create a home of real distinction, with options that include:

  • Loop Pile - hard-wearing carpet ideal for high foot traffic areas
  • Level Loop - durable carpet where each loop is the same height
  • Multi-Level Loop - various loop heights and a patterned effect
  • Berber Loop - tightly woven pile carpet with dense texture and thicker fibres
  • Cut Pile - a softer, more luxurious form
  • Frieze - cut pile carpet constructed from thick, thin, tall and short yarns
  • Patterned-cut pile and level loop techniques for a unique effect
  • Plush Pile - densely packed for a soft padded feel that feels luxuriant underfoot

Luxury rugs

The right rug will add warmth, comfort, and character to a home. The Carpet Court rug collection might have the finishing touch you are looking for. Benefits of rugs include:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Softness and comfort underfoot
  • Adding colour and textural design elements
  • Creating definitive living/dining zones within open-plan spaces
  • An affordable way to update a room with the latest on-trend looks

Rugs are a great choice if you’re renting or adding your own personal style to a property.

Timber Flooring

There is nothing more Australian than quality timber flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring from Carpet Court offers benefits that include:

  • A classic and timeless finish as well as a solid foundation for your living spaces, bedrooms and hallways.
  • Timber in varied colours, textures and grains provides a unique look like no other.
  • Timber is durable, hardwearing and easy to maintain for years of solid use.
  • Timber floors are available in a variety of styles such as plank flooring, herringbone, and chevron.
  • Engineered is real timber flooring attached to a timber core board.
  • Can be laid as a floating floor.

Sophisticated Vinyl

Today’s flooring products include sophisticated vinyl planks that are perfect for almost any area of the home. Budget is a major consideration, making the affordable price of vinyl flooring a smart financial move. Vinyl flooring is available in timber-look vinyl planks that look great in living areas. For commercial spaces, choose vinyl sheets that can withstand heavy foot traffic and are easy to clean.

Choose the best window furnishings for your style

Window furnishings will set the tone of your interior and bring warmth or colour to the room. The Carpet Court window furnishings range is vast, with the perfect product for every type of room. Whether you need privacy, light filtering, sun protection, or airflow, we have the style and design to match your home.

From blinds and plantation shutters for classic homesteads and curtains for contemporary homes, the Carpet Court window furnishings collection has something for everyone.

Free measure & quote, warranties and maintenance

Our team at Mandurah Carpet Court includes installation experts who can come to your home for a free measure and quote. Carpet Court has a product range and services that people in Western Australia appreciate. We offer all flooring installation and flooring solutions services at your nearest store, so visit today and meet the local Mandurah Carpet Court team of sales professionals, installation experts, and decorators. Alternative Postcodes Carpet Court Mandurah services are 6173, 6174, 6175, 6176, 6180, 6207, 6208, 6210, 6211, 6213, and 6214.

Services Available
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Where can I find carpet in Mandurah WA?

Carpet Court is where locals in Mandurah, Rockingham, and other South-Perth areas shop for all carpets and floor coverings. Browse WA stores online and drop into our showroom for a first-hand feel of luxuriant carpets and hard-wearing flooring.  

Can I get flooring delivered to my home in Mandurah?

You certainly can. We can visit for a free measure and quote, plus deliver and install your floor coverings. Carpet Court is a team of specialists who can oversee your floor covering project from commencement to completion.

Areas We Service

Secret Harbour, WA, 6173
Golden Bay, WA, 6174
Singleton, WA, 6175
Karnup, WA, 6176
Lakelands, WA, 6180
Parklands, WA, 6180
Myara, WA, 6207
Nambeelup, WA, 6207
North Dandalup, WA, 6207
Solus, WA, 6207
Whittaker, WA, 6207
Blythewood, WA, 6208
Fairbridge, WA, 6208

Meelon, WA, 6208
Nirimba, WA, 6208
North Yunderup, WA, 6208
Oakley, WA, 6208
Pinjarra, WA, 6208
Point Grey, WA, 6208
Ravenswood, WA, 6208
South Yunderup, WA, 6208
West Pinjarra, WA, 6208
Coodanup, WA, 6210
Dudley Park, WA, 6210
Erskine, WA, 6210
Falcon, WA, 6210

Greenfields, WA, 6210
Halls Head, WA, 6210
Madora Bay, WA, 6210
Mandurah, WA, 6210
Mandurah DC, WA, 6210
Mandurah East, WA, 6210
Mandurah North, WA, 6210
Meadow Springs, WA, 6210
San Remo, WA, 6210
Silver Sands, WA, 6210
Wannaup, WA, 6210
Bouvard, WA, 6211
Clifton, WA, 6211

Dawesville, WA, 6211
Herron, WA, 6211
Babksiadale, WA, 6213
Dwellingup, WA, 6213
Etmilyn, WA, 6213
Holyoake, WA, 6213
Inglehope, WA, 6213
Marrinup, WA, 6213
Teesdale, WA, 6213
Birchmont, WA, 6213
Coolup, WA, 6214
West Coolup, WA, 6214