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139 Federal St, Narrogin, Western Australia 6312
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Narrogin Carpet Court

At Carpet Court in Narrogin, we specialise in carpets and flooring but also provide the perfect finishing touches with our curtains and blinds. Come visit us at the nearest store to see how we can enhance your living or working space.

Carpet Stores in Narrogin

Carpet Court is known for its quality and variety. We help families and businesses in Narrogin by offering many kinds of floor coverings that suit the Australian lifestyle. We offer carpets, flooring options, blinds, and curtains to bring warmth and style to your space.

Residential Flooring: Making Homes Great in Western Australia

At Carpet Court, we strive to make your house feel like a home. Some of our flooring options include:

  • Timber Flooring: A timeless option reflecting Australian elegance.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Trendy and up-to-date, great for contemporary living.
  • Laminate: Durable and stylish, especially for high foot traffic areas.

With our warranty and accessible location at 139 Federal Street, Narrogin, WA 6312, we're not just a carpet store; we're your partner in home transformation.

Commercial Flooring Solutions: Serving Retailers in Narrogin, Boddington, and More

We also offer commercial flooring solutions and cater to businesses across Western Australia. Our carpet tiles are flexible and easy to replace, making them loved by retail sectors.

Narrogin Carpets & Curtains

Best Carpet for Your Living Space

Choosing the right carpet for your living space in Narrogin is an exciting journey. Whether you're seeking stain-resistant options for busy family rooms or deciding on colours that match your living room décor, our experts are here to assist you.

At Carpet Court, we're here to guide you. Our friendly staff at your nearest local carpet store can help with direction and consultancy, ensuring you make the best choice for your home. Browse our carpet selection today!

Transform Your Interior With Curtains, Blinds, Shutters 

Besides being a flooring store, we're more than just carpets; we also offer a fine selection of curtains, blinds, and shutters in Narrogin, Western Australia.

Our collection of curtains and blinds adds both style and practicality to your rooms. With window furnishings, you can set the tone for your space. They can also let in sunlight or add warmth and colour to cold spaces.

Discover Your Perfect Space

Looking to enhance your home or office with the perfect touch? At Carpet Court, we offer more than just carpets and flooring. Explore our range of curtains and blinds to complete your space. Embrace style, comfort, and the Australian lifestyle with our quality products. Visit us today, and let us transform your space into something truly special!

Services Available
Carpet Timber Hybrid Laminate Vinyl Curtains & Blinds Wall Panels Qantas Points Interest Free
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What are the benefits of timber flooring?

Timber flooring offers a classic and timeless finish that adds warmth and character to any room. Known for its durability, easy maintenance, and unique style with varied colours, textures, and grains, it has been a long-time favourite in Australian homes.

Where can I find a Carpet Court store near me?

With over 200 stores across Australia, including our accessible Narrogin location at 139 Federal St., Carpet Court has a fabulous showroom near you. Our luxurious and affordable flooring solutions fit any job size, whether you're in Boddington or other parts of Western Australia.

You can easily get directions using our store locator or by calling our phone number (08) 9881 4959. Our consultancy services help you find the right floor coverings tailored to your business needs. Come visit us and discover why Carpet Court is the trusted option for flooring in Australia.

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Morbinning, WA, 6304
Westdale, WA, 6304
Aldersyde, WA, 6306
Brookton, WA, 6306
Bulyee, WA, 6306
Jelcobine, WA, 6306
Kweda, WA, 6306
Codjatotine, WA, 6308
Dwarda, WA, 6308
East Pingelly, WA, 6308
Hastings, WA, 6308
Pingelly, WA, 6308
Pumphreys Bridge, WA, 6308
Springs, WA, 6308
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West Pingelly, WA, 6308
East Popanyinning, WA, 6309
Popanyinning, WA, 6309
Stratherne, WA, 6309

West Popanyinning, WA, 6309
Commodine, WA, 6311
Contine, WA, 6311
Cuballing, WA, 6311
Dryandra, WA, 6311
Lol Gray, WA, 6311
Townsendale, WA, 6311
Wardering, WA, 6311
Yornaning, WA, 6311
Boundain, WA, 6312
Dumberning, WA, 6312
Hillside, WA, 6312
Minigin, WA, 6312
Narrogin, WA, 6312
Narrogin Valley, WA, 6312
Nomans Lake, WA, 6312
Toolibin, WA, 6312
Yilliminning, WA, 6312
Highbury, WA, 6313
Karlgarin, WA, 6358
Harrismith, WA, 6361
Tincurrin, WA, 6361
Jilakin, WA, 6365
Jitarning, WA, 6365

Kulin, WA, 6365
Kulin West, WA, 6365
East Wickepin, WA, 6370
Gillimanning, WA, 6370
Malyalling, WA, 6370
Wickepin, WA, 6370
Wogolin, WA, 6370
Kirk Rock, WA, 6372
Yealering, WA, 6372
Bullaring, WA, 6373
Bannister, WA, 6390
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Crossman, WA, 6390
Lower Hotham, WA, 6390
Marradong, WA, 6390
Mount Cooke, WA, 6390
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Upper Murray, WA, 6390
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