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143 Fitzgerald St E, Northam, Western Australia 6401
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About Us

Northam Carpet Court

Owner-operators Peter and Donna purchased the business in 2002 when the store was known as Carpet Hotline. Fast forward several years and the store transitioned to Northam Carpet Court, becoming part of the largest flooring retailer in the country comprising 200+ Carpet Court stores in every state and territory around Australia.

Pop into the showroom and you will find Peter and Donna ready to share their extensive knowledge and experience, helping you to select the perfect flooring product for your home. When your decision is made, their team of full time layers will be called upon to complete the job and transform your home with beautiful new floors.

What flooring products does the Northam Carpet Court store have?

Northam Carpet Court proudly offers an extensive range of quality flooring solutions.

Northam Carpet Court can supply floating floor products such as natural timber planks, amazing timber-look laminates, and the fabulous, multi-layer hybrid floors. Peter and Donna’s team of fulltime layers will install all forms of vinyl flooring which includes planks and sheets, as well as carpet. And when it comes to timeless, tactile carpets Northam Carpet Court have all your floors covered!

When you visit the showroom be prepared to face a stunning array of different types of carpet, from plush, loop and twist piles in both sensationally soft and durable synthetics to wonderful wool for a truly luxurious finish to your floors. With so many beautiful options on offer, Peter and Donna have a quality carpet for every home.

Does Northam Carpet Court have flooring solutions for my budget?

Yes. With over 200 stores across Australia, Carpet Court have enormous buying power. This means that each locally owned and operated store, like Northam, can pass the savings on to you. It also allows them to provide a selection of products in a wide variety of pricing categories, so you can be sure that there is an affordable flooring solution for your budget.

Utilise the website to view product pricing indicators categorised as $, $$ and $$$.  Use the handy estimator tool on any product listed for a broad indication of the cost of the materials. Then pop in and see Peter and Donna at the Northam store and they will help you refine your search for the ideal floor covering.

Can I get a free, in-home measure and quote from Northam Carpet Court?

Yes, the team at your local Northam Carpet Court store will happily provide you with a free, in-home measure and quote. Simply ask in-store, click here to book online or phone 1300 CARPET to book a time that is convenient for you.

What other products does Northam Carpet Court sell?

A fabulous selection of blinds is available from Northam Carpet Court. Just as you will find a great choice of carpets and hard floor options, there is a fantastic range of roller, venetian and vertical blinds to suit every interior style.

If you need rugs for your new carpets or floating floors, check out Northam Carpet Court’s beautiful range of rugs available. All different shapes, sizes, colours and materials are available to complement your interior.

Northam Carpet Court have the ideal flooring product for your commercial enterprise too. Whether you are a hospital, school or similar in need of commercial grade vinyl, carpet tiles or commercial grade broadloom carpet, Peter and Donna can assist.

How will my buying decision be made easier at Northam Carpet Court?

With many years’ experience in the flooring industry, Peter and Donna’s knowledge and passion is invaluable when you are faced with a decision about many different flooring possibilities. While they can answer all your questions, Peter and Donna also know which questions you should be asking in order to find the right flooring solutions and window dressings for your home environment.

Services Available
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Culham, WA, 6566
Dumbarton, WA, 6566
Hoddys Well, WA, 6566
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Toodyay, WA, 6566
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