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Sunplank Retreat Oaks

Material cost

The Sunplank Retreat Oaks series of hybrid flooring is the perfect addition to any Australian household. Available in six times timeless colours and paired with the beauty of a natural oak design, this innovative flooring product is a great option for any household.

The Sunplank Retreat Oaks series of hybrid flooring is the perfect addition to any Australian household.

Designed to withstand Australian climates, this innovative, heavy duty product is also waterproof and scratch resistant, holding up to the most active of family lifestyles.

Available in six times timeless colours and paired with the beauty of a natural oak design, Sunplank Retreat Oaks is a great option for any household.

Type Hybrid
Length 1813mm
Width 223mm
Thickness 7mm
Budget $$

Warranty Information

Consumer rights remain in effect in addition to this warranty. Sunplank flooring warranties are extended to the original purchaser of the Sunplank and are non-transferable.

The warranty is solely for the domestic and light commercial indoor use of the product. The warranty only applies to first quality products and is not applicable to products sold as seconds, irregulars, shorts lengths or used. Products must be properly installed in accordance with the Signature Floors installation Guide. 

Further details can be viewed and downloaded here.

Care Instructions

The nature of the maintenance will depend on the amount and type of traffic. It also depends on the design. A typical maintenance program for a standard home includes sweeping the floor daily wit a broom or vacuum and mopping monthly.

Scuff marks caused by dragging furniture can generally be wiped away. If these is any difficulty, add eucalyptus oil to a damp cloth and wipe scuff marks to remove any residue.

More detailed information on caring for your laminate floor can be found and downloaded here.

What makes hybrid flooring waterproof?

High performing hybrid flooring is constructed with revolutionary multi-layer technology which creates a scratch, fade, dent resistant and waterproof rigid floating floor product. It is created by blending the best characteristics of both laminate and vinyl flooring combined with incredible photographic reproduction of authentic timber designs.

Layers include tough, protective wear layers, decorative visual layers and 100% waterproof core layers. The difference between floating floor products which are water resistant, as opposed to 100% waterproof, is in the technology within the core layers. Water resistant products have protective coatings on the outer layers but if moisture is allowed to penetrate, warping and buckling can occur. Innovative multi-layer hybrid floors have powerful moisture resistant technologies on several layers, but most importantly within the innovative core layer.

This means they are both a practical and beautiful flooring solution for every room in your home!

Does Sunplank Retreat Oaks have a natural timber look?

Yes, the technologies used in hybrid flooring create a high definition photographic layer to closely replicate the appearance of authentic timber floors.

Bearing a beautiful oak timber image, all designs in the Sunplank Retreat Oaks collection display the ebb and flow and natural colours of real oak woodgrain, bearing all the gnarly knots and meandering lines evident in authentic oak timber.

What colours are available in the Sunplank Retreat Oaks range?

The Sunplank Retreat Oaks range comes in six sophisticated and stylish colours ideally suited to a range of interior designs and colour schemes.

The textured look replicating the true grains and knots found in oak are highly evident in all six colours. Avar Oak is a light blend of cool and classy greys and muted soft browns while Inger Oak is rich, warm and vibrant.

Espen Oak has ash tones which perfectly match with on-trend colour palettes including pale greys and fresh whites. Gorgeous Tarill Oak is a versatile blend allowing earthy neutrals and smoky greys to cohabitate with slight hints of gold undertones while Malin Oak will enhance your contemporary space with subtle flair.

Completing the range, Gunvak Oak is sumptuous, lustrous and a truly delicious oak design which is hard to resist. Any one of these gorgeous colours will match in a traditional or modern home environment.

Are Hybrid floors easy to maintain?

Low maintenance is in demand so we can keep up with today’s busy lifestyles, and durable, resilient scratch and fade resistant hybrid floors certainly deliver on that front.

A 100% waterproof flooring product means you can safely mop your hybrid floors using a non-abrasive, pH neutral cleaning product. A quick sweep with a soft, indoor broom or a regular vacuum using a hard floor brush head attachment will keep the daily dust and dirt from accumulating. The natural woodgrain effect makes dust and dirt less visible than on other surfaces, meaning you don’t have to be a slave to your floors.

The manufacturer’s guidelines will provide the necessary information for the long term care of your hybrid floors.

Where can Hybrid flooring be installed?

100% waterproof Sunplank Retreat Oaks hybrid flooring can be installed in any area of the home, including wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

The waterproof core along with the protective surface layers mean it won’t warp or lose shape when mopped or when liquid spills occur. It is recommended that liquid spills are not left unattended to, however.

If you are keen on a DIY project, you can install a click-and-lock system hybrid floating floor yourself in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Alternatively, your local Carpet Court store can arrange for their qualified, expert installers to lay the floor for you.

For a free in-home measure and quote on the beautiful Sunplank Retreat Oaks flooring, phone 1300 CARPET or click here.