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Sunshadow Net Series


Give your room the perfect finishing touch with these textured blinds.

Give your room the perfect finishing touch with these textured blinds.

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Care Instructions

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Sunshadow Net Series

The harsh Australian sun is not just damaging to our skin, but to the soft furnishings in our homes too.

As we are not designed to live in the dark with the curtains or blinds pulled, the most effective way to protect our flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays is to install sunscreen blinds on the windows which allow direct sunlight into our home.

Our Sunshadow Net Series are internal sunscreen blinds which provide UV protection without compromising the light or the view. The Sunshadow Net Series is available in roman, roller and panel glide blinds.

Panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds are a great blind option for large windows and sliding doors which feature commonly in modern homes. In homes where there is a view or pleasing outlook, we don’t want to obscure this feature with blinds or curtains which encroach upon the door or window cavity. Panel glide blinds are the ideal choice for such doors or windows, as they open by sliding across and stacking against the wall adjacent to the door or window cavity, allowing clear access to the view.

The downside of large glass doors and windows is the increased likelihood that direct sunlight will penetrate the home. Not only does this fade and damage your flooring and soft furnishings, it heats the interior. Conversely, in winter the heat transference from interior to exterior is increased through large expanses of unprotected glass, so your home heating system is not as effective or economical as it could be.

The Sunshadow Net Series fabric has a mere 5% openness factor and is made of a PVC/Polyester blend in a 2 x 2 basket weave style. These properties allow the blind to significantly reduce the amount of sunlight and heat transferred through your glass doors or windows into the home without compromising your view to the outdoors.

Mounted via a duo bracket with a blind fabric for night time use, the combination of two panel glide blinds becomes the most efficient way to dress your large glass doors and windows with blinds that provide privacy, insulation, light transmission and protection both day and night.

Neutral toned colours

The Sunshadow Net Series fabric is available in a huge choice of seventeen neutral toned colours.

The lighter shades of White, Ivory, Linen and Sable are stunning neutrals which will easily complement and enhance any interior colour scheme with a fresh, sassy appeal.

A choice of trending midtone greys and blue greys will contrast beautifully with fresh whites in the room and the audacious neutral tones of strong, dark greys, charcoals, bronzes and rich royal blues will provide a daring statement of unflinching confidence.

Textured fabric

Some fabrics have a strongly patterned or undulating woven design while others appeal for their simplicity. Sunshadow Net Series has a tightly woven texture in order to best do its job as a sunscreen blind, reducing the penetration of the sun’s damaging UV rays into your home.

As you would expect from a sunscreen blind with a high PVC content, its texture is smooth, evenly-spaced and regular. The visibility of the texture varies with the colours, for example it is more apparent in Blue Grey, Apricot and Sable whereas Bronze, Grey N301 and Ivory show very little of the texture.

Sunshadow Net Series comes with a 10 year fabric warranty and is also fire retardant.

Suitable rooms

Sunshadow Net Series is a sunscreen fabric in which roman, roller and panel glide blinds are made. It is suitable for any room in the house into which direct sunlight penetrates, or rooms in which you want daytime privacy without compromising your outward view.

In a simple roller blind it is ideal for rooms such as a bathroom or a kitchen, providing privacy and protection. 

In a roman blind it will make a beautiful addition to your bedrooms where daytime privacy is required, and along with the auspicious panel glide blind it is a stunning inclusion to your living areas, delivery aesthetic beauty and functional practicality.

Requesting a quote

Carpet Court’s highly professional and experienced staff would love to attend your home to provide a free, in-home measure and quote. This provides you with an opportunity to discuss which blinds might best suit your home design, décor, lifestyle and budget.

The simplest way to arrange this is to complete our online booking request form. Alternatively, you can always call Carpet Court on 1300 CARPET where you will be connected to speak with your nearest locally owned and operated store.

You can also use the online store locator to find your nearest store if you prefer to call in and speak with the staff, peruse the stunning range of blind fabrics and then arrange your free, in-home measure and quote.