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Sunshadow RR Series


Choose from a wide range of neutral tones to create a sophisticated window canvas. Beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance.

Choose from a wide range of neutral tones to create a sophisticated window canvas. Beautifully textured fabric gives this blind a luxurious appearance.

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Sunshadow RR Series

Sunscreen blinds are designed to protect the interior of our homes from the unforgiving penetration of the Australian sun.

Of course, we could simply pull our regular curtains or blinds closed to shut out the sun, and on the very hot days we probably do. But we know that the sun’s damaging UV rays are just as lethal on warm days as they are on the extremely hot days, so unless we want to close our blinds for the whole of summer, we need sunscreen blinds to protect ourselves from glare, and our floors and furnishings from fading and costly sun damage.

Our Sunshadow RR Series protects against UV damage without negatively impacting the natural light in the room or compromising our outdoor view, and is available in roman, roller and panel glide blinds.

Panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds are ideally suited to large windows and sliding doors. We don’t want to obscure the attractive view or outlook from our windows and glass doors with blinds or curtains which reduce the amount of visible glass in the door or window cavity. So, this is where panel glide blinds are often the blind of choice for homes designed with large amounts of glass.

Panel glide blinds are controlled by a wand and open by sliding across and stacking against the wall adjacent to the door or window cavity, allowing clear access to the view.

While large glass doors and windows provide great outlooks and allow a lot of natural light into the home, they can also permit direct sunlight to penetrate the interior, causing fading and sun damage. The sun glare factor can also be uncomfortable, particular in the evenings when the setting sun is low in the sky.

Using a duo bracket to mount both a sunscreen and a regular panel glide blind is the solution for rooms where you require privacy, sun glare control, insulation control, light transmission and sun protection during day and night.

Neutral toned colours

The Sunshadow RR Series two-toned fabric comes in a massive choice of nineteen different neutral toned colours, so there is sure to be one to suit your interior colour palette.

Whether you require a light, mid tone or dark coloured fabric, Sunshadow RR Series has several options in all those shades. The various light shades of White, Pearl and Apricot are cool, fresh and uplifting.

For those wanting more of a contrast but nothing too brash, there are many on-trend neutral tones to be found in Sunshadow RR Series’ variety of greys, bronzes and sables.

As the panel glide blind is perfectly at home in a modern décor, the audacious dark greys and deep bronzes are ideal neutrals for blending with other tones in your neutral décor whilst still making a bold impression in the room.

Textured fabric

Like the Sunshadow Net Series, the Sunshadow RR Series has a tight, closed weave and doesn’t contain any patterned designs or asymmetrical lines. RR Series has a finer weave than the Net Series, being a 2 x 1 weave, not a 2 x 2 weave. It is a two-toned fabric and has a more subtle look than the Net Series mostly due to the closer weave.

Sunshadow RR Series boasts a 3% openness factor, which means it provides excellent UV protection for your home.

The visible appearance of the texture is smooth and even.

Luxurious appearance

The Sunshadow RR Series is a blind fabric with a luxurious appearance, quite at home within the most sophisticated interior design. In a huge range of contemporary shades and with a silky smooth texture, it has the ability to enhance the appearance of the finest décor, bathing it in a soothing, diffused light.

Requesting a quote

Working out which style of blind and which fabric best meets your needs can take some time, but it is a long-term investment in your home so it is important to make the right choice.

You can easily arrange a free, in-home measure and quote through our online form or by calling your local Carpet Court store on 1300 CARPET. A friendly and experienced representative will attend your home and discuss your window dressing options.

During this process you can ascertain which fabrics are within your budget, and what the complete project might cost dependant on your choices.

Our online store locator is also here to help you find your nearest store if you would like to call in and see our stunning range of blind fabrics first.

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