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UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid

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Hard-wearing hybrid flooring planks with durable timber style appeal, such as the Ultrapet Pinnacle Hybrid, are the pet-friendly choice.

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Your pets are family, so shouldn’t they get to enjoy every room in your home?

If concerns about claw scratches and accidents on your hard floor keep you and your little buddy apart, you’ll love UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid .

UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid is designed to not only resist clawscratches, pet stains, and pet odours, but also provides the traction your pet needs.

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Type Hybrid
Length 1517mm
Width 168 - 197mm
Thickness 6mm

Warranty Information

Flooring by Victoria products when installed in an accepted residential and commercial area, must be professionally installed by a certified flooring contractor in accordance with current Australian standards to validate this warranty. No exclusions or exceptions will be made to this clause.

More detailed warranty information can be downloaded here.

Care Instructions

Floor must be swept, vacuumed or dusted on a daily or weekly basis to remove any dust, loose dirt and grit. Liquid spills must be attended to immediately to prevent the possibility of stains, slips or falls. Avoid the use of oil, soap, wax or polishes to clean your floors as they can dull or stain the surface of your floor.

More detailed information on how to care for your hybrid floor can be found by downloading the full product brochure here.

Developments in technology and manufacturing techniques just keep on delivering new flooring products which stand up to all the rigours of daily family living. The latest innovative hybrid flooring solution known as Pinnacle is from the UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring collection.

Why UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring?

UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring is the ultimate piece of mind in flooring that will allow you to enjoy the company of your pet indoors, whilst your floors still look stylish and in great condition.

When Spot chases his favourite toy around the house, do you worry about scratches on your floors? You can relax knowing UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring has a special coating that helps resist claw scratches. We want you to be confident your new floors will stay looking great.

Providing strong grip for pet paws, UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring’s UltraGrip feature means you and Spot can enjoy his favourite game of tug-the-toy.

UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring resists stains caused by pet accidents and common household spills. Sometimes pets make mistakes. Hey, nobody’s purrfect. Rest easy knowing pet accidents and other household stains, like coffee, clean up in a snap, usually with plain tap water.

Afraid your floors might be making your home smell like a doghouse? Have no fear, UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring is here, and it actually resists the absorption of pet accidents. Those lingering smells from Spot’s puppy training days won’t be a blast from the past.

What areas of the home is UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring best suited to?

While some floating floor products are not designed for use in the wet areas of the home, UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring has a waterproof core layer so it can be laid in any area of the home. This means you can bath your beloved Fido in the bathroom and not worry about the amount of water splashed onto the floor. And if Spot thinks the water bowl in the kitchen is a fun thing to play in, no problem, Pinnacle flooring won’t warp or swell when it comes into contact with liquid spills.

UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring flawless finish and photograph print layer create incredible visual appeal, replicating natural timber woodgrain with amazing likeness. With this in mind, Pinnacle can compete with authentic timber for aesthetic beauty and look perfectly at home in your formal dining and living rooms, bedrooms or busy family areas of the home.

What colours will I find in the UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring range?

UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring is available in five pet-friendly colours. Always a favourite, Classic Spotted Gum provides luxurious warm timber hues while Classic Blackbutt is light and refreshing. Weathered Blackbutt offers rich and succulent smoky-brown tones and Classic Chestnut delivers lively brown hues with reddish undertones. Vintage Chestnut is the perfect floor to create a contemporary vibe with on-trend grey shades.

Are hybrid floating floors affordable?

Considering their all-round high-performing capabilities, versatility and stunning likeness to real timber floors, hybrid floating floors are extremely affordable. UltraPet Pinnacle Hybrid Flooring comes with a lifetime residential wear warranty and a 15 year light commercial wear warranty, so there are many years of enjoyment to be had from your luxury hybrid flooring.

With a DIY option available, you can opt to lay your hybrid floating floors yourself to save on installation costs.

Are hybrid floating floors easy to lay?

Hybrid floating floors are a suitable project for do-it-yourselfers. They simply click or slot together in a click-lock system and ‘float’ above the subfloor. As a DIY project, it is important to closely follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and to pay particular attention to the preparation stage.

Alternatively, Carpet Court’s highly experienced and knowledgeable installers can lay your hybrid floating floor in no time at all. Just speak with the staff at your local Carpet Court store to arrange installation.

How should I clean a hybrid floating floor?

Sweeping or vacuuming regularly using soft bristle brushes and hard floor vacuum attachments will prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on your hybrid floor. If spills occur, wipe them up promptly. For deeper cleaning use a pH neutral cleaner. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide available with your flooring product.