What is a carpet underlay?

A lot of time can be spent on choosing a new carpet but an important decision like selecting the right carpet underlay can sometimes be overlooked. A carpet underlay is the layer of cushioning that is laid underneath your carpet. It can be made from different materials including foam and/or rubber and sits directly under the carpet. When choosing new carpet or flooring, it’s easy to get caught up in interior design elements and focus only on how the carpet is going to look in the room. Everyone wants it to look great but there’s more involved in laying carpet than just choosing the right colour and texture. You may not be able to see the underlay but it plays an essential role in the overall experience of the carpet installation and how it feels when you’re walking around your home.

carpet underlay

Why do I need a carpet underlay?

The right underlay is an investment in the future of your new carpet. There are several reasons why an underlay is important, but the main ones are support and comfort. A good carpet underlay will extend the longevity of your carpet by providing a layer of support that results in you getting the most out of your carpet over its lifespan. The other important reason to invest in a good underlay is the user experience. Quite simply, your new carpet needs to feel as good as it possibly can when walking on it. At the end of the day, a properly installed, good quality carpet underlay will protect your investment for longer which will help to ensure that your new carpet will look and feel better for longer.

What does the carpet underlay do?

A newly carpeted room with a quality carpet underlay will help to reduce your heating bills. A good carpet underlay will reduce transmitted sound resulting in a quieter home and generally help to manage noise transfer by improving acoustics between floors. Many underlays have an antimicrobial agent added which helps control bacteria, mould and dust mites. They can also help to protect against asthma attacks and allergies and prevent odours so you and your family can breathe easier.

Where are the carpet underlays made?

Carpet Court sources only the highest quality carpet underlays from the best manufacturers. The underlays we use are made from the highest grade materials to product the best final product. Our suppliers have a long history of manufacturing and supplying the highest grade underlays to Australians. They also support our environment in their commitment to helping reduce landfill by using 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Why use carpet underlays from Carpet Court?

No-one understands flooring products better than Carpet Court. When you choose your carpet and underlays from Carpet Court, you can be assured that the products we recommend are the best in the market and have been designed to meet all the required quality standards for soft underlays. We work with manufacturers who understand that your carpet underlay needs to keep performing to a high standard for as long as possible so that your new carpet can too.

What do I need to know about installing a new carpet?

Consulting with your local Carpet Court flooring specialist is essential. We can give you the right advice before you start installation and let you know about things like joining carpets, pattern matching, doorway trims, staircase finishes and much more. We can discuss the manufacturers’ recommendations on working with underlays with you so that you end up with the best result every time. Our Carpet Court centres are here to work with you to get the most out of your carpet underlay and most importantly, your new carpet.