Available in Fauxwood or Slimline Aluminium, venetians lend traditional style to your windows. Aria’s Fauxwood Venetians are made of water resistant polystyrene, engineered to resist fading, peeling and warping, and are therefore perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or humid climates, while sleek Slimline Venetians offer temperature reduction properties.

What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian Blinds bring an air of traditional style to your windows. They have horizontal slats, one above another, which can be rotated so that they overlap with one side facing inward, and then in the opposite direction to overlap with the other side facing inward. Venetian Blinds allow you to vary the input of light by varying the rotation of the slats.

Why should I choose these blinds?

These have long been a popular choice for window coverings in many modern homes. Renowned for their versatility and durability, they are also very affordable, which is great news if you’re shopping for contemporary style on a budget.

What styles are available?

Carpet Court has an extensive range of styles to suit your unique needs, décor and budget. You can choose from real Timber, Fauxwood or Slimline Aluminium.

How much light control will they give me?

As well as giving you control over your privacy, these blinds give you an amazing amount of control over how much light enters the home. To control the light input, simple angle the blades to anywhere from fully open to fully closed.  Want the maximum amount of light? Just draw the blinds completely up to let light stream through the window.

How do I decide which style I need?

The style of blinds you choose depends on a few factors. While all the options will transform your windows, there are a few lifestyle and budgetary factors that may influence your decision either way. Are your window coverings likely to be exposed to young children’s sticky fingers? Will they be installed in high traffic or areas where there is moisture? Do you have a significant area of window space to cover? Are you on a tight budget? If you’re unsure of which blinds to choose, talk to your Carpet Court Blinds specialist at any one of our 147 stores around Australia. 

The benefits of choosing Fauxwood

If you love timber, but your budget is tight, Fauxwood is the perfect choice, as it gives you the look of real timber at a fraction of the price. Carpet Court’s range of Aria Fauxwood Venetians are made from water resistant polystyrene, which has a high resistance to humidity, heat and moisture. This makes them ideal for areas where real timber is not typically used such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. They won’t fade or mark easily, which makes them ideal for sunny spots and in kid’s bedrooms or playrooms. Our Fauxwood Venetian Blinds are available in White or Ivory shades for a look that is cool and contemporary.

The benefits of choosing timber

Interior designers love the look of timber for its timeless style and air of luxury. The ultimate in sophistication, Timber Venetians are an economical way to get the designer look of Plantation Shutters for a lot less. The stunning timber finish brings a sense of eco-chic and organic warmth to your home. Carpet Court’s Timber Venetians are available in warm Medium Cedar to suit traditional homes or fresh Painted White for a contemporary finish to your windows.

The benefits of selecting aluminium

Flexible, fashionable and economical, aluminium venetians are a popular design addition to many modern homes. Carpet Court’s range of aluminium blinds are available in cool alabaster, sophisticated silver or classic white.

Are they low maintenance?

Today’s styles are very low maintenance. You don’t need to wash them to keep them clean. In fact, all you have to do is to wipe them over with a dry or damp cloth occasionally. Or run the duster over them when you are doing other dusting around the home. Easy.

Which style will suit my home?

The beauty of these blinds is that they are versatile enough to suit any décor. With a variety of materials to choose from, they suit both traditional and modern interiors.

Why should I buy my blinds from Carpet Court?

You may know Carpet Court as Australia’s largest retail flooring specialist, but did you know that with over 147 local stores selling blinds and shutters, we’re also Australia’s largest retailer of window coverings. 


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