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With the new unique patented designed Veri Shades® you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades® to control and adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

With the new unique patented designed Veri Shades® you can have the elegance and versatility of a sheer and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades® to control and adjust light levels depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

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Type Blinds
Features Light filtering
Blinds Type Roller
Width up to 6m

Warranty Information

For further warranty information please refer to the warranty information for these blinds here.

Care Instructions

Please refer to your product guide or store for the best advice on how to care for your window coverings.

What are Veri Shades®?

Veri Shades® are a fabulous new innovation in window coverings with multiple benefits for your home. Stylish and sophisticated Veri Shades® combine the soft elegance of curtains with the functional versatility of blinds.

Their unique patented design means that the dual-purpose fabric hangs with the same gentle fall as luxurious curtains but the folds in the 100% polyester fabric allow them to be open or closed like vertical blinds, perfect for creating a high level of privacy and light control.

Light filtering Veri Shade blinds are particularly suited to patio or sliding doors, as the fabric folds each hang independently with no connecting cords, weights or chains to restrict access.

Available in a choice of dual-toned colours featuring translucent mesh or net style fabric on one side and opaque on the other, Veri Shades® are a chic and classy addition to your décor bringing interest, aesthetic appeal and practical benefits to your home.

What are the best features of Veri Shades®?

Veri Shades® are clever curtains with the versatility of blinds which means they have many redeeming features. Hung on an automated single track system which is sleek and unobtrusive, they are quick and simple to operate with either a motorised remote control or a wand for a manual twist operation. They have no weights or chains or cords linking or controlling them, so they are quiet to operate and entirely safe for both pets and children.

The simple turn of a wand (or click of a button on the remote control) can switch these two-sided light filtering blinds from translucent to opaque in an instant.

The most versatile blind on the market, Veri Shades® can switch to allow light in or to limit the light and can be drawn fully or partially across to allow airflow, in much the same way as a curtain.

When it comes to interior design, it is often the subtle things that speak the loudest. Veri Shades® are made from a soft polyester fabric more akin to a curtain than a vertical blind. The fabric hangs with gentle and stylish elegance, and in the blind of an eye – or the twist of a wand – it can change the light and the ambience in the room.

With today’s modern home designs allowing a lot of direct sunlight through floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, it is important to protect your interior furnishings from sun damage. Veri Shades® fabrics have a UV protection factor of 50+ so they help to protect your floors and furnishings while reducing glare and allowing full light and privacy control.

High quality Veri Shade blinds are also resistant to fading and come with a two year warranty on all fabrics, tracks and hardware.

How much do Veri Shades® cost?

The cost of all made-to-measure indoor and outdoor blinds and curtains depends on the size and the number of blinds or curtains that you need. Veri Shades® cost is also determined by the choice of fabrics, control mechanisms, colour-coded accessories and tracks. The best way to find out what the cost of stylish, elegant and versatile Veri Shades® for your home or office would be is to obtain a free, in-home measure and quote from the helpful team at your locally owned and operated Carpet Court store.

You can easily organise a time to suit you by clicking here. A representative from your local Carpet Court store will be happy to visit your home or office and chat to you about the features of Veri Shades® before providing a quote for the supply and installation of beautiful Veri Shades® in your home. 

How do you clean Veri Shades®?

Veri Shades® are made from easy care 100% polyester fabric which is highly resistant to fading and soiling, making them the perfect choice for busy family homes or office spaces. Should the material become marked or soiled or simply need freshening up, they can be lightly hand washed and air dried. A cool iron or steamer can be used to remove creases but harsh abrasives, and chlorine or ammonia-based chemicals should not be used on any Veri Shades® fabrics as they may cause damage.

Always clean your Veri Shades® blinds in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid negatively impacting on the longevity of the fabric and the warranty.

What colours do Veri Shades® come in?

Veri Shades® come in a choice of stunning two-tone fabrics. At Carpet Court we love the on-trend subtle grey tones of Slate and the bold statement that Charcoal makes in a stylish contemporary setting. These rich, neutral colours suit any décor and create an ideal backdrop for rooms with monochrome tones or earthy neutrals brightened by individual splashes of colour.

How to order Veri Shades® at Carpet Court?

As Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer you can easily find one of their 200+ stores near you. Call in and chat to the friendly, experienced team at your local store to discuss the benefits of installing Veri Shade blinds in your home or office.

Our inspirational showrooms display a full range of high quality modern and stylish indoor and outdoor window furnishings coverings so you can see, touch and feel the beautiful fabrics and the range of on-trend colours before making your decision.

Of course it’s always handy to get the opinions of industry experts when deciding on new window coverings or flooring for your home, and Carpet Court have the friendliest, most experienced and knowledgeable customer service teams around!

If you’re not sure where your closest Carpet Court store is, simply use the handy online store locator to find a number of stores nearest to your location, then call in and see the amazing Veri Shade blinds yourself.