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Material cost

Choose a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation. For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

The dark and moody colour palette showcases the virtues of sophisticated designer style. 100% Permasoft gives this hardwearing range a feeling of softness underfoot, while the nylon construction delivers low maintenance living year after year. Add instant texture to your floors with its distinctive carpet style. The Virtuosity carpet range will bring a quality finish to your floors that won't compromise your budget.

Type Carpet
Carpet Type Textured, Loop
Fibre Synthetic
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Warranty Information

Beaulieu Australia carpet is produced with either premium solution dyed nylon, polypropylene or polyester carpet yarns, all of which have excellent wear and anti-soiling characteristics. Carpet performance is directly related to – specification, installation, and maintenance.

For more detailed warranty information, please download the Beaulieu Warranty Guide.

Care Instructions

Your Beaulieu Australia carpet is a significant investment both in financial terms and in the overall image of your home or workplace. Ongoing carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of your carpet and sustaining optimum performance and appearance levels and a healthy indoor environment. Every installation must have a clean, healthy carpet every day of the year and this can only be achieved by selecting and establishing a maintenance program that best meets your needs. More information on caring for your carpet can be viewed and downloaded here.

What are the unique virtues of the Virtuosity carpet range?

Virtuosity carpet features a distinctively dark and moody colour palette that is right on trend with today’s interior design styles. This luxurious range is made by Beaulieu Australia, who is one of Carpet Court’s trusted partners. Beaulieu is recognised as market leaders in providing the most comprehensive range of environmental sustainable floor coverings in Australia, so you know you’re buying superior quality and style.

What does Permasoft add to this range?

If you love carpet that is beautifully soft and silky to the touch, the Virtuosity range is ideal as it is crafted using 100% Permasoft Plus. Permasoft Plus delivers a perfect combination of luxurious softness and exceptional durability, with all the colourfast qualities of solution dyed nylon. Permasoft Yarn also has a memory in the yarn, which means that when you walk on it and it is squashed down, it will pop back up again time after time. So even though it’s incredibly soft underfoot, it has enough spring in the yarn to keep it looking as good as the day you installed it.

Why should I choose solution dyed nylon carpet?

Virtuosity carpet is a synthetic carpet, made from solution dyed nylon. If you have an active family with young children, busy teenagers or tribes of people traipsing through your home, you simply can’t go wrong with a solution dyed nylon carpet. And you don’t need to be concerned about the carpet looking synthetic, as these days, with the new breed of synthetic carpets undergoing a dramatic transformation over the years, designs such as Virtuosity don’t look or feel synthetic, which is why solution dyed nylon is one of the yarns of choice for discerning buyers looking for durability, luxury and affordability.

Why is it called ‘solution-dyed’?

The traditional method of liquid dyeing yarns saw the carpet yarn manufactured in a white colour, with liquid dyes then used to soak the other colours in. In the solution dyed process, the colouring occurs during what is known as the extrusion process (which is when the nylon is being converted from pellets into yarn). This means that the colour is actually part of the yarn’s composition (rather than being an add-on), which makes it exceptionally colour fast. If you’re thinking of installing a carpet in a space that is exposed to a lot of sunlight, designs such as Virtuosity are an ideal choice as they are very resistant to fading. Solution dyed nylon carpets are also incredibly easy to keep clean, as they are specifically manufactured so that they do not take up any liquid. As the liquid cannot soak into the yarn, accidental spills are no problem at all.

Will the textured look suit any sort of flooring?

Texture is the buzzword in the world of interior design, and the beauty of this look is that it is both contemporary and classic. Textured carpet pairs extremely well with the trend towards natural hard flooring in homes, so it’s a great choice when you want to add softness to a contemporary interior. Textured carpet such as the Virtuosity range also brings a distinctive element of depth and visual interest into a room, and offers a sophisticated and durable alternative to plain carpets. Australia’s popular interior design guru and our own Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer, is a huge fan of textures in all forms, be it in the carpet you choose, artwork, curtains or soft furnishings. While textured carpet looks amazing, it also has some great practical features. The subtle textures in the yarn not only hide dirt, you’ll find they are less likely to show any wear pattern.

Is it free to get a measure and quote from Carpet Court?

Absolutely. As Australia’s leading carpet specialists, we’re here to make your entire buying experience enjoyable and hassle free from start to finish. You can request a free measure and quote at your home by filling in your details here. Alternatively, you can always visit our professional sales people at your closest store.

What sort of warranty does the Virtuosity range offer?  

All Carpet Court products are backed with a comprehensive range of warranties that will give you great peace of mind. Of course, warranties do differ between certain manufacturers, so be sure to check out the warranty section on this page for details about the Virtuosity carpet range. 

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