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Material cost

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The timeless look of natural timber is captured perfectly by the Visions vinyl plank range. This skilfully crafted vinyl plank range includes a mix of traditional and modern designs and is available in a variety of colours suitable for every decor. Visions is an easy-care, durable vinyl plank range that is a great option for active families.

Type Vinyl
Length 1219.2mm
Width 177.8mm
Thickness 4.5mm
Budget N/A

Warranty Information

National Flooring Distributors warrants that the quality vinyl plank Visions Loose Lay will be from date of purchase: a) free from manufacturing defects; b) impervious to 'wear through' when installed and maintained according to instructions and subjected to normal residential wear and tear; c) stain resistant to most common household products, for the warranty period of 25 years for residential or 15 years for commercial.

The full guide can be downloaded and viewed here.

Care Instructions

The Vinyl Planks Cleaning & Maintenance Guide provides an overview of both preventative as well as routine maintenance measures which can be implemented. It provides tips on how to best care for your vinyl floor and get the most out of it. The full guide can be viewed and downloaded here.

What are the advantages of vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl has long been recognised for its practical benefits such as being super easy to clean, highly durable, hygienic, stain resistant and affordable. Modern vinyl plank flooring brings a wide range of benefits back into the family home, but with the added bonus of astounding visual appeal. Replicating the look of real timber planks in textured woodgrain form, luxury vinyl planks are both a hardy and stunning flooring product for the family home.

Is vinyl plank better than laminate?

The important thing when choosing flooring products is to consider all flooring types before settling on best option for your home environment, lifestyle and budget. Highly durable vinyl plank may be better than laminate for some homes, while laminate may be a better flooring type for others.

What is the best vinyl plank flooring?

At Carpet Court you can find a wide range of vinyl plank collections designed to bring affordable beauty to your floors. It is important when selecting your vinyl plank flooring to consider the best flooring product for your environment, including your high traffic areas. Choose from a variety of thicknesses, plank lengths and widths to suit your needs. We love the natural Australian hardwood beauty displayed in the Burke and Wills luxury vinyl planks range and the Visions collection provides contemporary designs for modern homes.

What is the beauty of Visions vinyl plank flooring?

Highly durable Visions vinyl plank flooring will effortlessly enhance and enrich your interior style with its timeless texture and beauty. Simple to install, easy to maintain, incredibly stain resistant and ideal for high traffic areas, Visions vinyl planks perfectly capture the stunning appearance of natural woodgrain timber at a fraction of the price. Visions is available in a variety of colours suitable for every decor and includes traditional and modern designs.

Why should I consider Visions Vinyl Plank flooring for my home?

The Visions vinyl plank flooring collection is a modern flooring innovation which recreates the beautiful warmth and luxurious aesthetics of real timber. But Visions doesn’t just look pretty, it does the job too. Constructed from flexible, high performance vinyl, each plank is constructed with an extra strong fibreglass reinforcement layer that provides excellent dimensional stability to prevent shrinkage and movement.

A wide range of natural wood designs are printed in high resolution onto vinyl, which, unlike real timber, will not fade. Luxury vinyl flooring types have a highly durable, fade, scratch and stain resistant surface layer which means it is perfect for high traffic areas in the home. You can rest assured that this tough flooring collection can take the heavy knocks from the most active of families and still look fantastic!

Visions vinyl planks allow you to enjoy the designer look and luxurious visual appeal of authentic hardwoods for a fraction of the price. Great news if you’re on a budget!

What colour selections does this range offer?

Visions flooring products feature a trending muted colour palette designed to complement any décor in light, dark and mid-range colours.

The darker tones exude sophistication, luxury and warmth easily enhanced by accessorising with soft furnishings in simple textures and contrasting light colours.

Shades such as Esperance, Mindle Beach and Hotham pick up on the popular cool grey trend, which is a versatile colour you can mix with virtually any other colour without the risk of clashing. For a look that speaks to designer flair, consider the rich, dark tones of Balmain or Coober Pedy or Mt Isa while Iluka and Mt Warning add a touch or warmth and softness. If you can’t go past the richness and appeal of natural woodgrain, Bondi and Pilbara are the perfect choice.

What does the Nano Silver Layer do?

Visions flooring features a unique nano silver layer, which protects against bacteria. Vinyl flooring in general has a reputation for offering superior hygiene, which is why this type of flooring is often used in hospitals and health care institutions. The nano silver layer makes Visions an excellent choice for homes with very young children.

Can I install Visions vinyl plank flooring in wet areas?

Yes. This clever flooring range is waterproof, so it allows you to add luxury and sophisticated style to all rooms in the house including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. You can rest easy knowing vinyl plank flooring products won’t warp when coming into contact with water.

How does this flooring feel underfoot?

Walking on Visions Vinyl Plank flooring is an absolute dream, as it has thick cushioning underfoot that is beautifully soft and whisper quiet to walk on. It’s great for people who like to go barefoot all year round, as Visions vinyl planks are warm to the touch. No more cold feet!

I don’t do DIY. Can Carpet Court help?

As Australia’s leading flooring retailer, Carpet Court is here to help with any issues relating to your new flooring, from the purchase to the actual installation itself. If you want to guarantee a perfectly finished, professional result our qualified installers are the people for the job. Carpet Court will happily arrange for one of our expert flooring installers to install your new flooring for you.

Contact us or talk to one of our flooring specialists at your nearest Carpet Court store about our professional installation service.