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Material cost

Choose a colour first and then a room size below for an estimate of material cost only.

Please note that any costs provided on this website are intended to be a guide only. For carpet and flooring, these are based on preset room sizes and do not include underlay or installation. For an accurate quote, please contact your local store.

The cool colours of the Waterford collection feature a stunning linear design, which creates a sophisticated designer finish. Textured loop pile combines form and function for years of active family living. Waterford is an affordable carpet range with looks designed to last.

Type Carpet
Carpet Type Textured, Loop
Fibre Synthetic
Budget $

Warranty Information

To determine which warranties in the Warranty Table apply to the carpet you have purchased, please refer to the first page of this warranty brochure, which details the type of carpet you have purchased. Only the warranties set out in the column headed by the type of carpet you have purchased apply to your carpet. For example, if the carpet you have purchased is a wool or wool blend carpet, then only the warranties set out in the column headed ‘Wool’ or ‘Wool Blend’ in the Warranty Table apply to your carpet.

The full warranty information guide with full details can be downloaded here.

Care Instructions

To keep your carpet looking and feeling its best there are three important things you must do: 1) Vacuum at least once a week, or more in heavy traffic areas, to remove dirt particles before they become embedded in the carpet pile; 2) Treat spills straight away; 3) A professional ‘deep’ or restorative cleaning treatment once every 12-18 months will do wonders to protect your carpet pile and enhance its beauty. More detailed information on caring for your carpet can be found and downloaded here.

What exactly is a loop pile?

Loop pile is an active family’s best friend as it is extremely durable and specially crafted to withstand high traffic areas. As the name suggests, loop pile carpet such as the one seen in the Waterford Carpet range is made from looped fibres that are tufted into the backing. Loop carpets are available in a large variety of fibres, ranging from low and tight commercial grade carpets all the way through to large chunky carpets that are thick and luxurious. One of the most important things to know about your Waterford loop carpet is that when it is walked on, the pressure applied from footprint after footprint is spread over each loop fibre rather than a cut end (such as you’ll see in a twist or plush pile carpet). This means that your Waterford carpet will stay looking as good as it does for many, many years to come.

Will a textured carpet work in my home?

Textured carpets in varying tones, from light and creamy options to dark, stormy hues, help to add on trend contemporary features to any space. Darren Palmer, design guru and Carpet Court ambassador, is a huge fan of textured carpet such as the Waterford carpet range, as it contributes to a contemporary chic interior that is both timeless in design and very easy to live with. From a design standpoint, the texture in this style of carpet provides a look of uniformity and repetition, which serves as a solid foundation on which to build your room décor around. On a purely practical level, the textured loop pile in Waterford carpet is perfect for high traffic areas, as it helps to mask footprints, and is extremely hard wearing.

Make your floor a feature by contrasting the Waterford carpet with classic, traditional types of furniture and soft furnishings. Or create a cohesive designer look by accessorising the carpet with chunky throw rugs and layers of soft furnishings in varying textures.

What is the Waterford colour palette?

Waterford carpet is available in 6 shades, all of which adhere to the classic trend of a neutral palette. While this a contemporary look in today’s interiors, it won’t really ever date, which means it will see you and your family through a lifetime of style and elegance.

Any advice on which colour to choose?

The carpet you choose should really reflect your personal decorating style, which is obviously different for all of us. Remember, there are really no right or wrong choices; what matters most is that you choose the carpet you love. Defining your particular style and the Waterford carpet colour that best complements it, is as easy as looking around you and noticing what you like. If you have a picture in your mind of what your dream house looks like, think about the materials and colours that you are attracted to, and how they make you feel.

A carpet colour such as the Waterford Toasted Oak leans towards a more Scandinavian inspired interior, which is defined by light and airy furnishings and evokes a casual, relaxed vibe. This style is an extremely popular choice as it works well when complemented with pale wood and timber furniture.

Neutral colours such as Waterford Cobble Path and Waterford Caramel Toffee creates an inviting ambience of quiet sophistication, with soft natural tones and textures. Darker interiors using shades such as Waterford Brown Sugar and Grey Cliff create a feeling of luxury and warmth, with rich tones making an impactful design statement. Enhance the look by adding soft furnishings in simple textures and contrasting light colours.

Should I install underlay?

Absolutely. Carpet Court highly recommends you install underlay as it adds an extra layer of comfort to your new flooring. Underlay also works to protect your carpet from wear and tear, which increases its longevity. In these days of escalating energy costs, depending on its thickness and density, underlay can help cut reduce your energy bill by preventing the loss of heat through the floor. And it you want a simple, yet effective solution for reducing the noise of foot traffic, underlay absorbs the impact, making for quieter, more comfortable living.

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