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Adore Home Magazine Editor, Loni Parker talks through her home renovation. 

Provide some insight into the property that you renovated, what was it like prior to the renovation?
A: Our home was built in 1990 and it was a very typical looking suburban brick home. It had been a rental property for years and was very run down when we moved in. The only redeeming feature it had was a pitched ceiling in the living/dining/kitchen area at the front of the house, so that’s what attracted us to this home.

How would you describe the style of your home? What inspired this?
A: After renovating, I would describe the house as Californian coastal. It’s very neutral in palette with lots of white and timber, with hints of blush pink and soft greys. I was inspired by previous trips to Southern California, and I wanted to emulate that vibe here.

Do you consider what is “current” or “trending” when styling your home?
A: Yes, I definitely consider what is current or trending right now. As a magazine editor who is
looking at the latest trends every day, it’s hard not to be affected by trends. For example, my
home is filled with rattan furniture. I remember not that many years ago it was ‘daggy’ – now,
it’s hot!

What are your top four tips for finding your own interior style? I.e. mood boards, Pinterest, vision boards, developing colour palettes.
A: Pinterest – this resource is great for finding your initial inspiration and creating mood
Instagram – look at interior-based accounts.
Interior magazines – it might be old-school, but I like to rip out the pages if I spot anything
that I think might inspire my own renovation.
It’s important that your home reflects your style – you could even find clues in your wardrobe as to what colours you gravitate towards and the styles you like.

What are some of the key statement pieces that you used to accessorise your home?
A: Rugs are a key statement piece that I’ve used in my living room and home office. I’ve also used artworks throughout our home to reflect our style, as well as dried foliage displayed in
statement vases.

What are your top three tips for choosing the perfect rug for your room? (size, materials, colour, durability, etc.)
A: Always select the right size rug for your space. In a living room your sofa should comfortably sit on the rug (or even just the front legs) and fill the space.
Consider the material the rug is made from and make sure it suits your lifestyle. Wool is great when you want an all-natural option that’s soft underfoot; jute is hard-wearing and great for rooms that get a lot of foot traffic; and synthetic rugs can be easier to keep clean.
A neutral-coloured rug that is textural will last you through the years and outlast any trends.
Think of a rug as an investment-piece for the room.

When it came to flooring, what was your brief? Were there any requirements or lifestyle factors that needed to be considered before making your selection?
A: When it came to selecting flooring, it was all about practicality and durability. In the bedrooms we went with a nylon carpet – Carpet Court’s Stoney River in Shale. I’ve found it to be easy to keep clean and it looks just as good now as it did the day it was installed.

Why did you choose the Hybrid ‘Highland’ in Tasmanian Oak as your flooring? In what areas of the home has this been used?
A: For our living/dining/kitchen and hallway flooring we selected Carpet Court’s Highland hybrid option in Tasmanian Oak, purely for its practicality.

How long did the flooring installation process take with Carpet Court? Did you have to
undertake any preparation before the install? Please provide details.
A: For the bedrooms, we removed the skirting boards, old carpet and underlay ourselves
before Carpet Court installed the new carpet and underlay, which took 1-2 hours. The hybrid
flooring process took longer as it covered a larger area and was originally tiled. Before
installation, Carpet Court completed a site visit to inspect our current flooring. They poured
a self-levelling concrete over the top of the tiles and installed the hybrid planks. It then took
one full day for them to lay all the planks.

Tell us about the various rugs in your home. What impact do they have in each space?
A: In my living room, I’ve used Carpet Court’s Skandi rug in Carlos White. This is a wool blend
rug with a gorgeous, subtle texture. It adds a lovely softness to the space. I love the way that it
contrasts against the hybrid flooring too. Rugs are always a great idea for open-plan rooms as
they help to define the living room space from the kitchen and dining area.
What are your top five tips for undertaking a renovation? What advice would you give
someone about to start?
A: Before you buy a home, look for good bones  a home with a tiled or Colourbond roof,
gyprock walls, and windows and doors in good condition will save you money.
Budget – identify what you want to spend on the entire renovation and then divide it up
between each room.
Recommendations - ask for word-of-mouth recommendations for tradesman or use apps such as Hipages.
Once you’ve found great tradespeople, stick to them for life! We have built good relationships with our regular tradies who in turn give us good pricing.
Use Pinterest and Instagram - following people on Instagram who are already going through
the reno process can provide inspiration.


What are your top four tips for sticking to your budget?
1. Designate a realistic budget per room and stick to it.
2. Make a list of the products and materials that you need to buy for each room. Get quotes for each, as well as the trades required for the space, and add them to an excel spreadsheet.
3. Before buying, add costs together. If you’ve blown the budget, look at areas you can save.
4. If the budget is tight, don’t be afraid of buying second-hand product.

What was the biggest setback during your renovation, and how did you overcome it?
A: We haven’t had that many setbacks, maybe a few hiccups along the way, or trades not showing up when they say they will… patience is key when renovating!


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