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Laminate offers you the look and feel of real wood for a fraction of the price. Installation is easy with no mess, no fuss. And once it’s installed, it’s a look you’ll love for a lifetime. Laminate is scratch resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and very low maintenance.

Pictured: Classic – Moonlight Oak Light

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  1. Amazone
    Laminate Amazone
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  2. Big Country
    Laminate Big Country
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  3. Classic
    Laminate Classic
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  4. Classic Estate
    Laminate Classic Estate
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  5. Colonial Plus
    Laminate Colonial Plus
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  6. Dynamic
    Laminate Dynamic
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  7. Eligna
    Laminate Eligna
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    Laminate Eligna Wide
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    Laminate Exquisit Plus
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    Laminate Extravagant XXL
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    Laminate Largo
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    Laminate Masterpieces
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  16. Superior
    Laminate Superior
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16 Items View All

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What is the best laminate floor?

Offering the perfect combination of style, functionality and affordability, laminate flooring is an all-round flooring solution ideally suited to active home living.

Reinforced with a hard-wearing top coat, laminate planks promise a high level of scratch and fade resistance, making it especially suited to areas of the home that experience a continually high level of foot traffic, such as kitchens, living and dining rooms, and hallways, so you can be sure your investment will last well into the future.

Ultimately, the best laminate floor has been designed to make realising your design visions all the more simple. Within the Carpet Court portfolio, there are timeless styles in an array of colours, grains and finishes, which have been designed to authentically replicate real timber at a less prohibitive price point, making it easy to find an option to complement any interior style.

Installation is simple enough too, with boards using unique locking systems that allow them to be easily clicked together, leaving no unsightly gaps thanks to cleverly designed micro bevelled edges, which create a seamless finish.

And best of all, once laid, laminate requires minimal upkeep to keep it looking in top condition. Regular sweeping with a dry, micro fibre brush to prevent dry debris from building up and causing damage over time to the floor’s surface, along with the occasional damp mop to keep more stubborn stains at bay.

What range of colours are available in laminate flooring?

Replicating the look of a huge variety of timber tones, laminate is a highly versatile flooring solution that meshes with any colour palette. Within each of Carpet Court’s collections, there are styles that range from pale greys, to traditional oaks, through to deep Jarrah, along with specific Australian hardwood species like Sydney Blue Gum and Blackbutt. All feature a distinct grain for that all-important authentic look and feel.

Reclaimed, matte and gloss finishes are also available, as are varying board lengths and widths, meaning there is a laminate option to suit every space and interior style.

When buying laminate what do I need to consider?

There are typically four key considerations to take into account when looking at installing laminate in your home: budget, durability, your DIY prowess, and the overall look and finish of your room.

In terms of budget, laminate presents a more affordable option for those wanting to emulate the look of real timber. Collections within Carpet Court’s portfolio have been carefully crafted to replicate the authentic look and feel of real timber. For example, offering a greater number of repeat patterns and featuring embossed grains for a realistic feeling underfoot, for an authentic hardwood finish at a more accessible price point.

When it comes to durability, laminate can stand up to almost anything you can throw at it. High density panels and tough, decorative finishes offer exceptional resistance to the dents, scratches and stains that are an inevitable consequence of everyday wear and tear.

Laminate flooring is installed by simply interlocking the boards, so there’s no need for glue, screws or nails. As a result, laying laminate is a relatively straightforward home DIY project, however, if you’d prefer an entirely fuss-free solution, Carpet Court can arrange for one of our flooring experts to install your laminate – simply find your nearest store using our store locator and speak to a team member.

And finally, to complement the overall aesthetic of your space, Carpet Court’s laminate ranges offer a huge array of unique styles, colours and finishes, so you’re sure to find an option that will help you to achieve your desired look.

How do I care for this range?

Laminate promises a look you’ll love for years to come, providing you keep up with some simple maintenance.

Giving your laminate flooring a regular sweep will ensure dry debris, like dust and grit, doesn’t build up and cause scratches, while placing rugs at entranceways can minimise the amount of dirt brought in from outside. Similarly, placing rugs in areas where foot traffic is typically high can limit the day-to-day wear and tear that can result in your laminate becoming tired-looking.

If wet spills occur, ensure these are cleaned immediately to avoid water marks from staining the laminate. Too much moisture can cause laminate boards to warp, so be careful not too saturate the floor, even when cleaning more stubborn stains. Use a well wrung mop and some specialist floor cleaning solution for optimum results.

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