Shop our range of floor rugs online and in selected stores to see our stylish collection of on-trend designer designs. Rugs are a gorgeous addition to bedrooms, hallways and living rooms of Australian homes. Choose indoor or outdoor rugs in bold, classic and subtle designs, earthy tones through to bright colour palettes - all in varied sizes and styles. Browse and buy online for free delivery!

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    Rugs Allure
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Floor rugs add warmth, comfort, character and colour to every home. Our beautiful rug collections in classic and trending designs are sure to add the perfect finishing touch to your décor. So if you are looking to find the perfect rug for your lifestyle and space we can help you!

Advantages of adding a rug to your living space

Interior design guru and Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer recommends adding rugs to your space for a variety of reasons.

The practical and aesthetic benefits of thick and luxurious floor rugs include:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Softness and comfort underfoot
  • Adding colour and textural design elements
  • Creating definitive living/dining zones within open plan spaces
  • An affordable way to update a room with the latest on-trend looks

Rugs are also the perfect interior design choice if you’re renting, as they allow you to stamp your own style on a property.

Finding the perfect rug to suit your flooring

Floor rugs are incredibly versatile and look just as beautiful on a timber floor as they do on concrete, carpet or tiles. In fact, rugs are a great way to keep your hard floors looking as good as new by protecting them from damage such as dents and scratches.

You'll find our fabulous range of rugs are also adept at providing acoustic insulation on hard floor surfaces, helping to absorb noises like footsteps. For this reason floor rugs are a great addition to your upstairs living spaces and bedroom floors if you’re in a two-storey home and suited to all home decor environments.

Choosing the perfect rug for your living space

Carpet Court has a huge range of quality rugs to choose from, including:

  • traditional designs from across the globe
  • jute rugs and natural fibre rugs
  • round rugs and rectangular style rugs
  • modern rug designs in a variety of patterns
  • textured rugs and plush rugs
  • wool, synthetic and natural rug fibres
  • classic neutral tones and bold colours

While the colour, design and style are a matter of taste and what suits your existing furnishings, choosing the right rug fibre and size are what will determine the level of performance and durability of the rug in the long term.

Consider your environment, lifestyle and budget to determine whether wool, synthetic or natural fibres are the best rug for you and opt for the biggest size to suit the area.

What are the different types of rugs?

Our vast range of rugs available at Carpet Court include:

  • Pet Friendly rugs
  • Runner Rugs
  • Kids and nursery rugs
  • Modern rugs
  • Shag rugs
  • Jute rugs
  • Round rugs

Different types of Rugs Available at Carpet Court

Traditional rugs

Our vast range of rugs includes traditional style rugs in classic colours and designs. Bring ancient traditions and craftsmanship from exotic, far-away places such as the Ottoman empire, Turkey, the Orient, the Middle East, Morocco, China and India to your home with timeless beauty in exquisite floor rugs.

Designer rugs

Add pizazz and luxurious style to your interior design with modern rugs designed to impress. Contemporary styles in trending colours and patterns are set to complement your luxury home in sleek designer style.

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy without being Austin Powers 'shagadelic', these shag rugs add opulent, tactile luxury underfoot. Check out the Soho Shaggy CollectionUrban and Prism shag rugs for plush comfort and decadent shagalicious texture.

Jute Rugs

Super cute jute! We love jute rugs for adding a touch of natural appeal to areas of the home such as study nooks, sunrooms, casual meals areas and informal living areas.

Eco-friendly, natural fibre rugs such as our popular Atrium jute rug collection are handcrafted in India. They are made from high quality, organic materials sourced from the fibres of the jute plant originating in Asia. Jute rugs don't like to get wet, but they are durable and surprisingly soft underfoot.

Hand knotted rugs

Original handcrafted and hand knotted rugs create stunning impressions in a variety of textured designs. The Skandi rug brings tribal patterns in popular pastel tones while the Loft rug boasts rugged simplicity perfectly blended with luxurious elegance in hand-woven, pure wool style.

Textured designs in soft pastels or neutrals include Colombo, Dasha and Visions area rugs, while rich colours are the main attraction in the gorgeous Brazil hand-tufted floor rug collection.

What different features should I look for when buying a rug?

When deciding which is the right rug for you, there a few important lifestyle factors to consider:

  1. Think about who will be living in the space, how robust does the rug need to be to withstand foot traffic, pets, kids and heavy furniture? Does it need to be a rug which is easy to clean?
  2. If your family suffers from allergies consider non-shedding fibres for floor rugs, especially in bedrooms.
  3. What sort of environment is the rug going into - do you live in an area of Australia with high humidity or very cold winters? Is the rug going into a wet area of the home, or a kitchen space? Choose rug fibres appropriate to the conditions in these scenarios.
  4. What is the right size and shape of rug for the space into which it is going? Ensure the rug is big enough to define the area and make contact with the main pieces of furniture in that space.

The perfect rugs for your home - custom rugs in custom sizes

From leading brand Bremworth Carpets comes the new way to style your home with custom rugs made to measure. Custom sized rugs from our favourite stunning collection of carpets add a touch of luxury to any home. Choose custom rugs aptly named Allure, Drift, Escape, Immerse and Indulge for the ultimate perfect rug for any room of the house.

Wool rugs

Wool rugs are a beautiful, resilient, natural fibre rug, and a luxuriously durable solution for bedroom and living area floors. Wool is a traditional carpet fibre that has natural fire resistance, the best insulative properties, and is naturally soil and stain resistant making it a great choice in cool climate family homes.

Synthetic rugs

Synthetic rugs perform exceptionally well in high traffic areas such as the dining room, living room, hallway, family room and home office. Stain resistant, moisture repellent and easy to maintain, they’re a great choice living spaces in busy family homes.

Alfresco rugs

Outdoor rugs are a brilliant way to add comfort and style to your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Carpet Court have an extensive range of outdoor rugs made from highly durable polypropylene. Specifically designed for alfresco areas, they are the perfect rug for decks, pergolas and alfresco spaces because:

  • they are UV stable which means they won’t fade in the sun,
  • they are easy to clean, just hose them down and let them dry in the sun,
  • they define lounge or dining zones within large covered outdoor entertaining spaces.

How do you choose the right rug for your living space?

The important things to consider when choosing a rug for your living space are:

  1. Size
  2. Along with colour, size is one of the most important criteria in choosing a living room rug. An area rug helps to define the living room space, particularly important in open plan designs. Ensure your living room rug is large enough to include part of your lounge furniture. Generally speaking, big is definitely better.

  3. Colour and Design
  4. Do you want your rug to be the focal point in the room or to complement other features? If you want the rug to be a stand out accessory, choose bold designs and colours. If you prefer the living room rug to quietly complement other features tone it down and choose neutral or natural colours and un-fussy designs.

  5. Fibres
  6. Choose the right carpet fibre based on your needs, such as warmth and insulation, durability and easy of cleaning. If yours is a busy home and the rug will occupy high traffic areas, modern rugs in synthetic fibres have good soil and stain resistance and are easy to clean. A luxury home or home in a cold climate might benefit from a wool rug providing sumptuous warmth and comfort under foot.

What sort of rug will suit a kid’s room?

Carpet Court has a huge range of rugs specially designed for kid’s rooms. Kids rugs provide a soft, comfy place to play, help protect your floor and are tough enough to withstand even the most boisterous activities.

Australian designed and made from 100% Japanese acrylic pile, these durable area rugs feature a super soft plush pile in bright colours kids will love. You can match their rug to their quilt covers and bedroom accessories for a coordinated look.

What size rug should I buy?

Rug size is often the thing that buyers get wrong. A great rule of thumb is if it’s big enough to fill the room or the living or dining space, it’s the right size.

Small rugs can be lost in a space while large rugs that sit under the sofa, dining tables, coffee tables or even side tables feels luxurious and spacious and can add to your homewares and room decor. If in doubt, always go bigger when coosing an indoor rug– as long as it fits into your living space.

You can even use a moroccan or flatweave designer rug as wall art and hang it on your wall at home instead of artwork.

Why should I buy my rugs from Carpet Court?

Carpet Court makes it easy for you to buy your new rugs online. Simply browse our huge range of rugs which includes designer rugs, modern rugs, traditional style rugs and shag rugs, bedroom rugs, hall runner rugs, Persian rugs and outdoor rugs.

Choose your rug colour and size and checkout online. Remember, your new rug purchase from Carpet Court includes free delivery so add one to your wishlist today!

What if I change my mind after buying my rug?

No problem. If you change your mind or are not 100% happy with your online rug purchase, you can return it to us within 5 days of purchase. As long as it is still in new condition, in the original packaging and proof of purchase is included, Carpet Court will provide a refund or exchange to the value of the purchase price. Please note that return shipping fees will apply. Carpet Court have stores all around Australia including a large range of selected showrooms displaying rugs instore in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.