Styling isn't always top of the priorities list when it comes to the bedroom, however it is a space that you want to feel great in. Comfort is king in the bedroom and when looking for a rug to perfectly suit this space, creating warmth and cosiness is crucial. Explore our range of bedroom rugs today and find the perfect rug to completent your bedroom décor.

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What size should I choose for a bedroom rug?

What rugs are perfect for the bedroom?

The easy way to create warmth, comfort and cosiness in your bedroom is to add a gorgeous floor rug.  At Carpet Court we have a fabulous selection of rugs in a variety of fibres, shapes, sizes and colours to perfectly complement your bedroom décor and give it that special finishing touch.

Unless you live in a tropical climate, your bedroom rug should be soft and nurturing underfoot, giving your feet a luxurious and inviting platform to kick off the day. If you have hard flooring a thick rug will provide added insulation, helping to minimise winter chilliness while rich, warm colours create a cosy ambience, conducive to a relaxing and peaceful space.

Rugs are incredibly versatile, and as such the perfect rug for your bedroom may be any size, colour and design that suits your chosen style.

What size should I choose for a bedroom rug?

The right size rug for your bedroom is 100% dependant on the size of the room and your bedroom furniture, which is why we have such a great range of sizes to choose from at Carpet Court. As long as the rug isn’t bigger than the room, or so small it looks lost, then the size (and the price) is right.  

Current trends display large bedroom rugs easily wide enough to encompass the bed and extending beyond the bedside tables. Alternatively, your bedroom rug may cover some of the floor beneath the bed, and be wide enough to step onto when getting out of bed.

Why should you choose a soft bedroom rug?

What colours and styles are ideal for a bedroom rug?

Of all the rooms in the house, it is nice to indulge in a little luxurious comfort in our bedrooms. We want to create a calming, restful atmosphere, so a gentle and enticing rug is a great way to nurture our tired feet at the end of the day, or to put a little energy into our step first thing in the morning!

Forgiving and naturally mellow fibres are appealing in our sleep-haven, a place where strength and resilience isn’t required, so go for the most indulgent rug you can find. The stunning Colombo range of pure wool rugs offer the beauty of soft, natural fibres in a subtle, textured design, perfect for any bedroom design.

What colours and styles are ideal for a bedroom rug?

Hey, your bedroom is your private sanctuary, so go with whatever colours and styles you love. Generally speaking though, a bedroom décor which is designed using gentle, flowing lines, soft textures and fabrics and subtle or natural colours is likely to create a relaxing environment conducive to seep.

Available in five muted colours, the Twilight range of 100% viscose rugs have a sumptuously silky feel under foot and a comfortably stylish design with a budget-friendly price tag.

Should I consider a natural or synthetic rug for my bedroom?

Both fibres will work beautifully in your bedroom. How gorgeous will the Rustic Charm rug collection look on your bedroom floor with its leather, jute and cotton combination providing raw appeal in subtle, textured hues? 

Soothe your soul and sleep easy knowing you are looking after the planet when you choose natural, sustainable fibres such as our Eco Sisal rug collection. Crafted with 100% pure, high quality sisal fibres, these rugs have a back-to-nature feel and blend easily with a variety of other earthy fibres in the room.

Today’s synthetic fibres offer incredible softness and sumptuous comfort, so don’t discount the potential of our vast array of traditional and contemporary rug designs in synthetic fibres to add a luxurious feel to your bedroom.