Floating Timber

Floating Timber

The term 'floating' describes the method of installation of timber flooring. Rather than being attached to subfloor nails or glue, floating timber flooring is usually installed on high density fibreboard and contructed by a simple click into place method. Perfect for any household, floating timber flooring is robust, warm and looks fantastic, a classic selection that will suit a majority of interiors. Browse Carpet Court's range of floating timber flooring below and find the perfect style and colour for your home.

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What is the best floating timber options for my home?

What is floating timber?

When we refer to a ‘floating’ timber floor we are actually describing the method of installation, not just the material.

Floating timber floors are a type of timber floor which isn’t attached to a subfloor by nails, glue or any other form. They are usually planks which are constructed in a layered format and include a thin layer of hardwood timber attached to a high density fibreboard. These layered planks are simply clicked into place, effectively ‘floating’ above the level subfloor, leaving fine gaps for expansion where the floor meets the walls.

Floating timber floors include core layers, backing layers, noise-insulating underlay and layers of protective film.

What is the best floating timber options for my home?

Along with robust construction and simple installation, floating timber flooring offers the authentic, natural beauty of timber within its layered construction, as opposed to the realistic timber photographic layer in other floating flooring options.

Once you’ve established that floating timber flooring is the best floor for your home, as opposed to floating laminate, hybrid, bamboo or vinyl, then you have to consider which stunning floor in Carpet Court’s timber flooring collection is the ideal floor solution for you.

Readyflor is popular for its ease of installation and boards in varied widths. Stockman’s Ridge offers an extra wide 186mm plank displaying the natural beauty and elegance of Australian hardwood. Balmain Oak Wideboard is extra wide AND extra-long which means a smoother finish with less joins, while  Premium Oak displays rich woodgrain colours and intense oak grain patterns for a woody, textured appearance.

The best floating timber flooring option for your home may be one of these, or one of the remaining products in Carpet Court’s hardwood floating floor collection.

What varieties of floating timber are available for my home?

How should I choose floating timber for my home?

One of the best things about shopping with Carpet Court is that the local store owner-operators are experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and they love helping their clients choose their stunning new floor.

They will help you by discussing your home environment - is it an elegant, formal home with little foot traffic or a bustling, chaotic family environment? What is your lifestyle like? Do you need a busy woodgrain pattern in a lighter colour or is a rich, sophisticated design such as the Balmain Oak Builders’ Line in luxurious ‘Boston’ or ‘Copenhagen’ the one for you? Let the experts at Carpet Court help make your decision easier.

How can I care for this rangeof floating timber?

The beauty of timber floating floors is that they are easy to maintain and easy to clean. Simply sweep up dirt and debris with a soft broom or vacuum using a hardwood floor attachment. While they are exceedingly durable and have a scratch resistant surface, you should still take care so as to enjoy many years of beautiful timber flooring.

What varieties of floating timber are available for my home?

True, authentic timber flooring which is ‘floating’ has a fine layer of genuine timber within its layers. You will also find that floating timber laminates, hybrids, vinyls or bamboos are available for your home. These have similar layered constructions but the timber finish is a replicated photographic layer engineered into the laminate or vinyl surface – so realistic that it can be extremely hard to tell the difference between that and a real, hardwood layer.

These different ‘varieties’ of floating timber are all popular choices for family homes.  If authentic floating timber is your choice, you will love the variety in plank lengths and widths – each creating a different look, the huge array of natural timber colours and the differences in textured appearances from the sleek, subtle lines of Palazzo, to the contrasting light and dark reflections in the Bespoak and Latitude collections.