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Floating Floors

Floating Hardwood Flooring

Floating floors are flooring installations where the flooring material "floats" over the subfloor and underlayment. Floating timber floors replicate the luxurious look of solid timber flooring. A durable timber veneer above composite core layers provides aesthetic appeal. Engineered timber floors ‘float’ above the subfloor via a click-and-lock-together installation method.

Kenect 5G hybrid floating floors


Hybrid Flooring

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  Boutique laminate floating floors


Laminate Flooring

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  Latitude 25 timber floating floors


Timber Flooring

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    Laminate Superior Plus
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    Laminate Aqua Robusto
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    Hybrid Neptune High Gloss
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    Hybrid Nature Re-Imagined
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    Hybrid Pine Collection
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Important key factors to note before purchasing floating floors

When considering your flooring options, take into account your lifestyle, home environment and budget. Speak to the experts at your local Carpet Court store after considering the following factors:

  1. If you have a family home with young children and pets, some floating floor products will offer more scratch and stain resistance than others.
  2. If you need floating floors for the entire home, hybrid floating floors or water resistant laminate flooring are good options.
  3. Engineered timber flooring provides a natural hardwood surface above core layers, replicating the appearance of solid timber floorboards but using the easy floating floor installation method.
  4. Installation options include professional installation by Carpet Court or DIY.

What are the different colours and styles of floating floors?

At Carpet Court you can choose a floating floor made from timber, hybrid or laminate in a huge range of beautiful colours, finishes and designs to complement your home’s interior design.

Popular floating floors at Carpet Court

Popular colours and woodgrain finishes include hardwood timbers such as Spotted Gum and Blackbutt, pale shades of Tasmanian Oak, through to rich smokey greys and warm red tones as seen in hardwood flooring like Sydney Blue Gum.

Once you have decided which type of floating floor product suits your home environment, lifestyle and budget, choose the design, finish and colour which best suits your home.

How do you choose the right timber for your space?

If floating timber flooring is the right thing for your home, the choice of timber is really personal preference. Our style guides will help you to envisage different colours, plank sizes and woodgrains to complement the interior style in your home.

What are the different types of floating floors?

The floating floor installation method can be used with the following planks or boards:

  • timber
  • laminate
  • hybrid
  • vinyl

Carpet Court have a wide range of hardwood flooring options available to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Are floating floors waterproof?

The degree of floating floor water resistance depends on both the product and the brand.

  • Hybrid flooring blends the best qualities of laminate and vinyl to create floating floorboards which can be laid in wet areas of the home.
  • Laminate and vinyl flooring products have highly water-resistant surface layers too.

Carpet Court offer a range of waterproof floating floors including hybrid, laminate and vinyl flooring.

What are the different colours of floating floors?

Floating floor come in a range of different colours perfect for any home. From:

  • Lighter Tones: Pine, ash, grey oak
  • Medium Tones: spotted gum and blackbutt
  • Darker Tones: walnut and potter oak

View our range of floating floors including floating flooring here.

How do you lay floating floors?

The methods for installing floating floors vary depending on the hard-flooring product, the need for underlay, and the subfloor.

  • Subfloor preparation is important when laying luxury vinyl planks
  • Underlay is important when laying laminate, hybrid and timber flooring

Preparation before laying floors is just as important as the floors themselve/s. Be sure to read our pre-installation guide before your new flooring arrives.

Can you lay floating floors straight on concrete?

You can lay floating floors over concrete as long as the floor is flat and within tolerance of the installation guidelines.

High performing underlays are used beneath hybrid, laminate and timber floating floors to prevent moisture and dampness rising from the concrete subfloor. Underlays also add acoustic and thermal insulation to the home.

It is best to obtain advice from Carpet Court’s expert staff if you intend to install a floating floor over a concrete subfloor yourself.

How do you clean floating wood floors?

Floating timber floors are easily swept with a soft broom, a microfibre mop or even vacuumed using a hardwood floor attachment so as not to scratch the surface.

Sweeping, vacuuming and an occasional damp mop will remove dirt, dust and debris and keep your floors looking beautiful.

Liquid spills should be promptly wiped up with a dry cloth and cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Following the care instructions provided with your floating wood floor will ensure a lifetime of optimum performance.

What areas of your house would floating floors suit?

Floating floors can be laid throughout your house and suit any room from a formal lounge to a children’s playroom.

Floating floors are durable, stylish and suitable for high traffic areas of the home. They can bring either a classic, timeless beauty or a sleek, modern vibe to your home depending on the design and colour you choose and the décor into which they are incorporated.

The addition of rugs softens and insulates living rooms and hallways and helps to minimise noise in bedrooms.