Flooring in Queensland

Flooring in Queensland

Queensland Carpet Court supplies and installs all forms of engineered flooring from timber flooring right through to laminate, vinyl and hybrid flooring.

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    Laminate Amazone
  2. Aquastop
    Laminate Aquastop
  3. flooring_hybrid_athena
    Hybrid Athena
  4. flooring_laminate_big_country
    Laminate Big Country
  5. Vinyl_BurkeandWills_MalleeSpottedGum
    Vinyl Burke and Wills
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    Artificial Grass Centennial
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    Vinyl Daylesford
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    Timber De Marque Chevron
  9. De_Marque_Herringbone
    Timber De Marque Herringbone
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    Laminate Dynamic
  11. Hybrid_Tiles_Elements_Volcanic
    Hybrid Elements Hybrid Tile
  12. Enchantment
    Laminate Enchantment
  13. Expressive
    Hybrid Expressive
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    Laminate Exquisit
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    Laminate Exquisit Plus
  16. Laminate_Natural_Oak
    Laminate Extravagant Dynamic XXL
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What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

What is the cheapest flooring available in Queensland?

Ideally you want to choose the most suitable of the quality flooring products available from Queensland Carpet Court stores for your particular home environment and lifestyle, taking into account your budget of course. Why? Because with suitability comes longevity, which in turn makes the right choice also the most economical choice in the long term.

It is difficult to compare on flooring price alone. For example, when considering 3m x 3m floor plans, the cost of the carpet not including underlay or installation can vary from as little as $380 (approximately) for synthetic carpet to around $700 for both wool and synthetic carpets. But some timber flooring as well as hybrid, laminate and vinyl flooring can cost as little, as much or a lot more than the wide-ranging costs of both synthetic and wool carpets.

With a vast range of prices within every flooring type it is best to determine the ideal flooring solution for your home first, then look for the collections within your preferred flooring type which best suit your budget.

There is such a wide range of quality flooring products available in engineered flooring such as timberlaminatehybrid or vinyl flooring that it makes sense to visit your nearest Carpet Court flooring centre to discuss your needs and arrange a free measure and quote. Take in your floor plan so you have a reasonably accurate estimate of the area you need to cover. Alternatively, you can arrange your free measure and quote by phoning 1300 CARPET or book online by clicking here.

How much does it cost to redo floors?

If you’re an expert DIY-er then you can eliminate the installation cost when you redo your floors, saving yourself some money. If not, then Carpet Court supplies and installs too.

Generally speaking, timber flooring in stunning natural Australian hardwoods offer a luxurious result for the discerning home owner but other engineered flooring solutions offer the same beautiful aesthetic with varying flooring price tags. Bear in mind the final price is determined by more than the material cost alone, so you need to factor in the potential need for underlay, installation, fixatives and the like.

An easy way to work out the cost of redoing your floors is to take your floor plans into your nearest Carpet Court flooring centre, talk to the experienced and knowledgeable team about which quality flooring products would best suit your home and lifestyle, and then organise that easy free measure and quote.

You can obtain a preliminary rough idea of flooring price by using the handy tools on the Carpet Court flooring centre website to gauge the materials only cost for an approximate room size, but you may also need to add the cost of underlay and installation.

Where should I use laminate flooring in my home?

How do you lay timber flooring?

The allure of timber flooring is hard to resist with such a stunning choice of Australian hardwoods on offer. Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Blue Gum and our gorgeous oak timbers remain firm favourites for many homes on the Gold Coast and throughout Queensland.

While Australian hardwoods offer a visibly appealing finish which one associates with luxury high-end flooring, the easy DIY option does make it a more affordable option for many home owners. Follow the manufacturer’s easy instructions on how to lay timber flooring using the click and lock method. Your stunning timber flooring will then ‘float’ above your subfloor, so nailing and laying underlay are generally not always required.

And if DIY isn’t part of your home handyperson repertoire don’t worry, because Queensland Carpet Court supplies and installs all forms of engineered flooring from timber flooring right through to laminate, vinyl and hybrid flooring.

How to clean timber floors?

Timber floors can easily be cleaned using a variety of methods. Dirt, dust and light debris can be vacuumed using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner designed for hard flooring. Alternatively, you can use an electrostatic cloth affixed to a mop to pick up hair, dust etc or you can clean with a dampened mop, ensuring it is not wet, and without the use of harsh cleansers which can damage the surface of your engineered timber floors.

Follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines to ensure many years of continued performance and beauty from your quality flooring products.

What is the easiest flooring to maintain?

That depends on your lifestyle and environment. In some homes it may be that durable, resilient carpets are easy to maintain with just a weekly vacuum. In other homes, especially those in rural or beach settings or those with young children and pets, carpet may not be as easy to maintain as some of the engineered flooring solutions.

Waterproof hybrid flooring is generally easy to maintain as it will withstand both mopping and vacuuming, making it entirely suitable for active family environments. All types of engineered flooring with high levels of scratch resistance and water resistance are easy to maintain in the average family home as long as you following the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guidelines.