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    Styled for modern living and incorporating the latest generation fibres, our Premium Soft collection is designed for maximum durability and supreme softness. The luxurious textures and calming colours offer a gorgeous complement to your space.

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      Carpet Atwood II
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      Carpet San Jose
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      Carpet Charming
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      Carpet First Avenue
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      Carpet Tara Court
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      Carpet Classic Soft
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      Carpet Premier Soft
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      Carpet Urban Touch
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      Carpet Trevena
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      Carpet Hampton Style
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    How to buy the best Premium Soft carpet?

    If it’s a sensationally soft tactile experience you want from your carpets, then we’ve made it easy for you. Our Premium Soft carpet collection includes a range of stunning carpets crafted from the latest generation fibres to provide ultra-modern flooring boasting sublime softness and exceptional durability.

    Browse our Premium Soft range online to see a wide selection of twist and plush pile carpet types in a choice of subtle shades and on-trend colours to complement your décor. You can arrange a free measure and quote by clicking the blue ‘free measure and quote book online’ button on our website, or by calling 1300 CARPET.

    When you visit your nearest Carpet Court showroom to experience first-hand these soothingly soft carpets, you’ll find an expert team on hand to explain all the benefits of premium carpets in high traffic areas of busy family homes. They can chat with you about the different pile types and colours, and how a carpet from the Premium Soft carpet range is likely to perform in your home.

    Once you’ve decided which of the beautiful carpets in the Premium Soft collection has stolen your heart and will be the perfect foundation to your home décor, the team at your local Carpet Court store will make all the arrangements for delivery and installation.

    What are Premium Soft carpets made of?

    The luxurious textures of the high-performing Premium Soft collection predominantly stem from nylon fibres manufactured through a process known as solution dyed nylon.

    Solution dyed nylon carpets undergo an innovative treatment to lock in the colour, creating carpets which retain their sleek softness while being highly resistant to staining and fading.

    When solution dyed nylon carpets are crafted in a twist pile construction tensile strength is added, creating a high level of crush resistance. These qualities are what make the high performing Premium Soft carpet collection ideal for heavy traffic areas in busy homes.

    Are Premium Soft carpets easy to clean?

    ‘Easy to clean’ is nearly always a requirement for carpets in homes with young families and pets. These sophisticated nylon carpets are designed using advanced manufacturing techniques to be highly resistant to soiling and staining without compromising on comfort.

    But when the inevitable accidents do occur you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to promptly clean spills and avoid potential stains.

    A regular vacuum will keep your carpets looking fresh and new, preventing normal household dust and debris from accumulating deep within the carpet fibres.

    Are Premium Soft carpets durable?

    Expertly designed and crafted by long-term industry leaders such as Godfrey Hirst and Beaulieu Australia, these highly-talented, multi-tasking synthetic fibre carpets successfully combine supreme softness with exceptional durability. The result is perfectly hard-wearing, long-lasting carpets with outstanding visual and tactile appeal for family living.

    Twist piles are one of the most resilient pile types and have the greatest ability to bounce back when crushed underfoot or by furniture. Solution dyed nylon carpets also deliver a host of benefits so the combination makes these carpets deceptively tough, easy to clean, and well suited to the rigours of high traffic areas within the family home.

    Are Premium Soft carpets stain and fade resistant?

    Our Premium Soft carpet collection is designed for modern living incorporating maximum durability. As 21st century home designs embrace natural light with extensive floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors, fade resistance is a strongly featured quality within this versatile collection.

    While these delightful carpets boast soothing textures with on-trend colour choices ranging from beautifully bold to sweetly subtle, beneath the aesthetically pleasing exterior lies a carpet collection ranked one of the best for superior stain and fade resistance.