Inviting and yet robust, wool carpet continues to be popular in homes. Ranging from pure wool options through to synthetic blends, the versatility of the Natural range ensures it will work in any décor. Elegant yet durable, beautifully tactile and great for insulation – perfect for Australian homes.

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  1. Alpine Retreat
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  2. Bakers Creek
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  3. Barakula
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  4. Correa
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  5. Country Texture
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  6. Defined Charm
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  7. Elson
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  9. Keilor
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  10. Lake Chalice
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  12. Outback Spirit
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What is a natural carpet?

Our Natural carpet collection offers a luxurious selection of pure wool and wool blend carpets. While this elegant carpet range provides a beautifully tactile experience and stunning visual appeal, it also offers robust durability, excellent insulation and the outstanding performance we expect from the highest quality, natural NZ wool.

Natural materials are sourced, not manufactured, so you may find natural wool and sisal carpets, while blends often include a small percentage of synthetic fibres for added benefits.

What types of carpet are included in the Natural carpet range?

Our Natural carpet collection showcases diversity and versatility through a range of textures and patterns. Within these pure wool and wool blend carpets the fibres are manufactured in plush, loop and twist finishes, with combinations thereof creating stunning designs.

Consider the two-tone effect of the luxurious Wayfarer carpet, crafted with an interesting textured loop finish. Outback Spirit’s loop pile construction creates a warm, rugged appearance while the Shetland Bay blends wool and nylon in twisted fibres for added strength and crush resistance. For a sleek, refined appearance Woolridge demonstrates the smoother finish of a plush carpet type.

Natural beauty is the hero in this carpet collection, featuring designs and textures which highlight the visual appeal of luxurious natural fibres.

How to choose the best kind of natural carpet for my home?

While some equate high performing pure wool carpets with unattainable luxury, in fact there are highly affordable natural wool and wool blend carpets available in our Natural carpet collection.

As budget is often a first consideration, browse our Natural range online to find beautiful carpets within your price range. Our handy online tools help to provide estimates (minus installation) and you can always avail yourself of our obligation-free, in-house measure and quote service to determine which natural carpets will fit with your budget.

When choosing natural carpet for your home consider the wear and tear it will receive, the amount of direct sunlight, the degree of comfort underfoot which is important to you and the visual effect of the carpet colour and design.

In selecting a carpet from the Natural collection you have already ensured fabulous sound and thermal insulating properties for your home. These high performing natural floor coverings also offer superior durability and provide natural soil and stain resistance which is why they are proven performers in family homes.

Are natural carpets best for the living room?

Our natural floor coverings are crafted by industry experts such as Feltex, Godfrey Hirst, Tuftmaster and Victoria Carpets. Natural materials such as wool have long been renowned for their durability, stain resistance and resilience with respect to pile crushing. For high traffic areas such as living spaces within active family homes, these are the factors to consider when choosing a carpet.

Pure wool contains natural oils which repel moisture, so when liquid spills occur within your living spaces, your pure wool carpets provide you with time to clean up the spill before it penetrates the carpet fibres. Wool is also hygienic and hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for living spaces where children might play.

While the sensational carpets within our Naturals collection are ideal for living spaces, their natural insulation, durability and resilience make them the perfect choice for bedrooms, hallways and children’s playrooms too.

What carpet colours can I find in the Natural collection?

Of course our Natural carpet collection enjoys a fine array of tasteful earthy and neutral tones to complement any area of the home. With a fine selection available, it is easy to find soft and subtle tones to create a refreshing ambience in the room. Equally one can find rich and robust shades providing a bold contrast to light interior palettes.

Throughout the Natural collection, the colour palettes are on-trend, ranging from light to dark greys and charcoals, along with timeless, naturally earthy and organic shades.