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    Natural Rugs

    Bring nature in from the outdoors with a rug from our natural collection. A range of muted, soothing colours will provide the perfect base for almost any room. Explore the earthy tones and organic pallettes that will work anywhere.

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    What are natural rugs made of?

    Rugs are commonly described by the fibre they are constructed from, such as wool, synthetic or natural. While wool is also a natural fibre, a wool rug is distinctly classified as such. The ‘synthetic’ label covers a range of man-made fibres and blends such as nylon, acrylic or polypropylene. But when we refer to a rug as ‘natural’ we mean it has been made from renewable natural sources other than wool, such as cotton or jute, with sisal rugs also popular.

    At Carpet Court our natural rug collection includes jute and cotton rugs as well as rugs made from a combination of natural fibres. They tend to have an organic feel and traditional designs – sometimes in bright colours and other times in subtle earthy tones. Natural, organic rugs are often hand woven, or made from a flat weave construction, and typically created by local artisans in countries like India or Pakistan.

    Our natural rug collection boasts an assortment of designs displaying raw, rugged, and natural beauty in textured fibres and bright or earthy colours. The gorgeous Atrium Jute rug collection is a perfect example. Made in India by skilled craftsman from the highest quality natural, organic jute, Atrium Jute rugs are casual and colourful. Comprising fifteen designs, these natural fibre rugs are made from 100% jute, as well as jute/leather and jute/silk combos.

    Are natural rugs good for high traffic areas?

    Consider the specific fibre when determining if natural fibre rugs are suitable for high traffic areas.

    Eco friendly natural floor rugs such as recyclable jute have many benefits and are generally quite affordable. The advantages of jute include good insulation and antistatic properties, and our Atrium Jute rugs are reversible which gives them an extra lease of life in high traffic areas. However, Jute does not like to get wet, so if there is a risk of absorbing moisture in a high traffic area then they are not the best choice.

    Made from 100% sustainable and biodegradable rough textured fibres, hardwearing sisal rugs can handle high traffic areas of the home. However, like eco-friendly jute, sisal rugs will retain water and potentially discolour, so that should be taken into consideration.

    Organic rugs made from cotton are soft and strong and very easy to clean which makes them ideal for high traffic areas. Cotton floor rugs are machine washable, so if high traffic brings high soiling you can simply throw your cotton rug in the washing machine.

    Are natural rugs easy to clean?

    Vacuuming both sides of natural fibre rugs regularly will keep them clean and pick up any stray fibres they might shed.

    If spills or stains occur, you should closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your natural floor rug to ensure you don’t cause any damage. Each natural fibre is different. For example, jute rugs and sisal rugs can change colour if they get wet whereas cotton rugs are machine washable.

    Contact your local Carpet Court store for advice if you are unsure of the best way to clean natural rugs.

    How to buy a natural rug?

    At Carpet Court you can easily shop online for your natural rug, using our comprehensive website with excellent pictorials and detailed information, along with a free shipping service.

    Alternatively, many Carpet Court stores include natural floor rugs in their showroom displays, so you can shop in-house and view the natural rug collection in person.

    Contact your local Carpet Court store to check if rugs are available for viewing in their showroom. If you’re unsure where your closest Carpet Court showroom is, click here to use our handy store locator tool.