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    Move beyond a traditional plush pile carpet and into the latest chunky loop styles featured in our Textured collection. Combining quality, texture and function, textured loops work wonderfully in busy households, bouncing back from the everyday pace of activities.

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    1. Autumn Mist
      Carpet Autumn Mist
    2. carpet_dreamtime
      Carpet Dreamtime
    3. carpet_ginkgo
      Carpet Ginkgo II
    4. Harrisville
      Carpet Harrisville
    5. Carpet_Hilltop
      Carpet Hilltop
    6. Marble Villa
      Carpet Marble Villa
    7. Carpet_Quinn_Street_Barone
      Carpet Quinn Street
    8. Carpet_Simply_Stylish_Chasm
      Carpet Simply Stylish
    9. carpet_stoney_river
      Carpet Stoney River
    10. carpet_virtuousity
      Carpet Virtuosity
    11. carpet_willmington
      Carpet Willmington
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    What is a textured carpet?

    While traditional plush pile carpets offer a smooth, sleek finish and a luxuriously soft feel, textured carpets bring a lively aesthetic to your home.

    Our textured carpet collection comprises a selection of absolutely gorgeous synthetic loop pile carpets, providing not just outstanding quality and visual effects but exceptional durability, resilience and style.

    Cut loop pile types can also be crafted to give a textured appearance, and some carpet designs showcase exciting textured looks and patterns created by a mix of cut and level looped pile types.

    Stylish textured carpets boast the unique skill of bouncing back under pressure and masking track marks made by footprints, vacuum cleaners and furniture. The finish may have a smooth feel, but the appearance is chunky, cheeky and city-to-country chic with distinctive patterns created by the pile type.

    What to look for when buying a textured carpet?

    Our textured carpet collection offers a range of styles, patterns and on-trend colours, allowing you to add distinctive appeal to your floors.

    When considering a textured carpet for your home, note the versatility in the textured designs, from fairly smooth and uniform patterns to rugged and chunky textured loops piles. Family homes enjoy robust textured carpets because they show less household debris and tracking marks than the sleek finish of a plush pile carpet.

    But if your family home includes pets you may want to consider textured carpets with the smoothest pile such as Simply Stylish, Stoney River, Hilltop and Dreamtime to be sure that your pet’s claws don’t become caught in high cut and looped piles.

    To add exciting style to your home décor using texture try Gingko II, Willmington, Virtuosity and the super chunky Quinn Street carpets.

    What distinctive patterns can I find in your textured carpet collection?

    Our textured carpet collection boasts luscious on-trend colours and textured patterns. Choose from linear textured looks or less uniform patterns, all of which create an interesting feature on your floors. Quinn Street offers the snuggliest loop pile in an organic colour palette while Stoney River and Dreamtime provide a more subtle and orderly appearance.

    How to order a textured carpet at Carpet Court?

    Browse our exciting online display of textured carpets to determine which will look absolutely stunning in your home. Then pop in to your local Carpet Court showroom where the expert team will help you finalise your selection, ensuring you are choosing the best textured carpet for your home environment, lifestyle and budget. This friendly team of flooring experts will take care of everything needed to process your order and arrange installation.

    Not sure where your nearest Carpet Court store might be? Just click here and enter your suburb or postcode to see a list of stores closest to you.

    Do you offer free installation on textured carpets?

    Right around the country our locally owned and operated stores are providing the best service to their local clients, backed by the bulk buying power that comes with being the country’s largest flooring retailer.

    While we can offer the most competitive carpet prices in Australia on our complete range of carpets including textured, there is a fee for installation along with the cost of the underlay and delivery. The best way to find the most stunning textured carpets and keep the total cost within budget is to take advantage of our regular special offers and discounts on many different carpet collections.

    To obtain a quote on any of our quality carpets including the visibly stunning textured carpet range, click on the blue button which says ‘free measure and quote book online’. Complete the required information and your local Carpet Court store will be in touch to arrange a convenient time. This quote will include the cost of your favourite carpet, underlay, installation and delivery.