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Achieve the look of real timber with flooring set for low maintenance living, vinyl flooring is hardwearing, hygienic and easy to clean.

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  1. Harmony Planks
    Vinyl Harmony Planks
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  2. Home Sweet Home
    Vinyl Home Sweet Home
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  3. Laneway Planks
    Vinyl Laneway Planks
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  4. Living
    Vinyl Living
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  5. Modular Living Plus
    Vinyl Modular Living Plus
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  6. Novilon Design
    Vinyl Novilon Design
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  7. Orion
    Vinyl Orion
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  8. Polaris
    Vinyl Polaris
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  9. Quick-Step Balance
    Vinyl Quick-Step Balance
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  10. Retreat
    Vinyl Retreat
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  11. Vega
    Vinyl Vega
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  12. Vinyl Sheet
    Vinyl Vinyl Sheet
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  13. Visions
    Vinyl Visions
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13 Items View All

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What are the benefits of installing vinyl flooring in my home?

When choosing new floor coverings, you can choose many different options, including carpet, timber, laminate, bamboo, tiled and vinyl flooring. All of them have their own particular properties and features. Vinyl flooring is very popular because it is versatile and hardwearing, and also:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for humid environments
  • Warm to the touch
  • Quiet

Why should I consider vinyl flooring?

Modern vinyl flooring offers many different realistic wood-effect and stone-effect designs, and the collections from Carpet Court have a great number of options to choose from while offering the advantages as described above at a fraction of the cost of some other types of floor covering.

The vinyl collections will often bring to life contemporary interiors, and the on-trend designs are an affordable way to add wow factor to any home. Many colours are inspired by the earthy textures and striking colours of nature, bringing sophistication and luxury to homes everywhere. Lastly, the flooring has been designed with durability in mind which makes it a perfect option for family homes.

Which types of vinyl flooring are featured?

There’s a multitude of vinyl flooring to browse. Choose from vinyl plank effect flooring in the ‘Home Sweet Home’ range, in both a stick-on version as well as click in place, or even a separate selection of vinyl sheeting. The ‘Home Sweet Home’ vinyl plank range is specifically created for the family home. Fashionable & modern, the high-quality timber designs can be used in every room in the house. It is scratch resistant and durable for even the busiest households.

As well as the vinyl planks, there is also vinyl sheeting in a range of effects including wood, marble and concrete, all with the soft and hardwearing benefits of vinyl.

Does Carpet Court offer other similar products?

Absolutely! Our extensive range includes carpets, timber, laminate and bamboo flooring options too, all combining designer style with hard wearing performance and affordable prices.  You can view the ranges online, or pop into your local Carpet Court store to see the many designs and colours that are on offer.

To discover where our Carpet Court stores are located, use our handy store finder on the website.

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