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water, scratch and stain resistant

Hybrid is the latest flooring innovation brought to you by Carpet Court. Combining the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl, Hybrid is the first rigid floating floor product that can be installed throughout the entire home.

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  1. Aqua-Tuf Longboards
    Hybrid Aqua-Tuf Longboards
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  2. Aqua-Tuf Shortboards
    Hybrid Aqua-Tuf Shortboards
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  3. Athena
    Hybrid Athena
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  4. Florence Rigid
    Hybrid Florence Rigid
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  5. Infinity
    Hybrid Infinity
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  6. Kenect 5G
    Hybrid Kenect 5G
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  7. Metropolis
    Hybrid Metropolis
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  8. Pinnacle
    Hybrid Pinnacle
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  9. Pryzm
    Hybrid Pryzm
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  10. Retreat Aussie
    Hybrid Retreat Aussie
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  11. Retreat Oaks
    Hybrid Retreat Oaks
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  12. Sunnyvale
    Hybrid Sunnyvale
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What is Hybrid Flooring?

If you are looking for new flooring in your home, and would like the appearance of real timber flooring without the worries of having to look after a hardwood floor, take a look at what some experts are calling the flooring of the future; hybrid flooring. This evolution in flooring combines the looks of timber floors with the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl flooring and can be used in all areas of the home. At Carpet Court, there is a beautiful selection of Hybrid flooring on offer in a wide range of colours, to suit all styles of home.

Can I use Hybrid flooring in wet areas?

Yes, the new core technology and UV coated surface makes it perfect for use in hot climates and in front of north facing windows. Its robustness and impact resistance mean that it withstands the heaviest foot traffic at home or in commercial areas. The properties of the Hybrid flooring make it a 100% waterproof product, so it is perfect for wet mopping and can be installed in wet areas.

Is Hybrid flooring truly waterproof?

Yes, Hybrid flooring is the first flooring that is recommended for all areas of the home, including areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. You do not have to be afraid of water spillages and the flooring can be wet mopped. The construction of the core boards also means that extreme temperature changes have little or no effect on it and it can withstand harsh sunlight better than other types of flooring.

Are there any other flooring options at Carpet Court?

Yes, if you decide that you prefer a different flooring option, Carpet Court can also provide you with a huge selection of carpets, as well as timber, laminate, bamboo and vinyl flooring. In addition, you can finish off your new look with a beautiful collection of rugs and window blinds including shutters to match your new flooring.

What if I’m not really sure of how or where to start?

We’ve got you covered there as well. At Carpet Court we understand that there’s a lot of research and planning that goes into selecting new flooring. That’s why our website features an Inspire section where the hottest stylists get to present their take on different design looks. Whether you’re going for a traditional or contemporary look (or anything in between), we can help you find the perfect floor on which to start your design journey. Will you choose Aqua-Tuf, Aqua-Tuf Longboards, Veles or another option from our flooring range

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