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    Hybrid flooring is a rigid floating floor product that combines the best attributes of laminate and vinyl. The high-density core crafted from layers of materials is both scratch and stain resistant. This flooring is praised for its durability and is available in a wide range of colours and designs to mimic hardwood and tiles.

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      Hybrid Athena
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    Choosing Hybrid Flooring in Australia

    If you love the look and feel of real timber flooring but are worried about the effort that goes into caring for a hardwood floor, take a look at what some experts are calling, "the flooring of the future" - hybrid flooring. This evolution in flooring combines the aesthetic beauty of timber floors with the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl flooring and can be used in all areas of the home. At Carpet Court, we offer a beautiful selection of hybrid flooring in a wide range of colours, to suit all styles of Australian homes.

    With so many options, it can be difficult to pick the perfect match. You'll need to consider some important factors before making a final decision, including:

    1. Style - Our hybrid flooring is available in new, modern and traditional styles. 
    2. Board Size - Hybrid flooring comes in different widths, lengths and thicknesses which will impact the overall appearance and feel of the room. 
    3. Look and Colour - We've got a stunning range of colours that accurately mimic the natural beauty of real timber floorboards, including light, medium, dark, warm and cool colours. We also offer an exciting range that imitates popular tile designs such as marble, stone and terrazzo.
    4. Species - You can choose from an incredible assortment of tree species, including Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Natural Oak, that capture the different tones and patterns of their real-life inspiration.
    5. Brand Name - When choosing hybrid flooring, you need a brand you can trust to provide quality products that last. Carpet Court are leaders in providing exceptional flooring solutions for Australian homes and have a range of hybrid flooring options that are durable, low maintenance and stylish to elevate any room to the next level.

    Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

    Hybrid flooring is taking off in Australia and all around the globe for a good reason. Not only is it an incredibly beautiful flooring option for any home, it comes with a number of major benefits that are making it a popular choice for many homeowners. These benefits include:

    1. Affordability - As a floating floor, hybrid flooring can be installed directly over your existing floor to save money. They're easy to put together and eliminate any need for preparation, gluing or installation costs.
    2. Durability - With a hard-wearing topcoat, this flooring is dent and scratch resistant which makes it perfect for high-traffic areas that are prone to wear and tear.
    3. Fade Resistant - These floors have a UV resistant topcoat which means that they won't fade in bright areas and will keep looking new for many years.
    4. Easy Maintenance - Hybrid floors are easy to clean as there are no gaps in between the boards for dirt to build up. Their water resistance also ensures easy clean up after household spills and accidents.
    5. Acoustic Sound - Most hybrid floors have an acoustic underlay built-in underneath that makes sounds softer and more muted while increasing the comfort of walking on them.
    6. Warranty - All of our flooring range is covered under warranty so you can buy and install them with complete peace of mind.

    Features of Hybrid Flooring

    Hybrid flooring combines the water-resistant nature of luxury vinyl planks with the strength and durability of laminate flooring to deliver an innovative product that looks and feels like real timbe flooring.

    There are some key features that go into making the layers of a hybrid floor. 

    First, there's the top layer which has a scratch, dent, stain, water and UV resistant coating. Next is the print layer which can accurately replicate the beautiful design and colour of real wood, tile, marble and more.

    A core board is then used to provide strength, typically followed with an acoustic underlay to dampen sound and provide ultimate comfort.

    WPC, SPC, IPC, EPC and MGO - Understand the Differences

    Hybrid floors come in many different flooring types – WPC, SPC, IPC, EPC and MGO.

    SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite floorboards which have a core composition made of limestone and PVC. This flooring is highly durable and so easy to clean, it is perfect for low maintenance living.

    WPC is a Wood Plastic Composite that is crafted from recycled wood and PVC. These floors ensure underfoot comfort and have excellent acoustic properties.

    IPC is an Infused Polymer Core, which is tough and silica free. This technology protects against the airborne crystalline silica that can negatively impact the health and wellbeing of our customers.

    EPC is an Engineered Plastic Core, which creates increased stability and is well suited to high-traffic areas of the home or office.

    MGO is a Reinforced Mineral Core made of Magnesium Oxide which is a strong yet highly lightweight material. This flooring is ideal for high-density areas as it is resistant to mould, mildew and harmful bacteria.

    Durability of Hybrid Flooring

    When you choose hybrid flooring at Carpet Court, you'll be getting a high-quality, hard flooring solution that can withstand all of the bumps, dents and scratches that are common in a busy household or office. 

    With rigid core technology, hybrid floors are expertly manufactured to resist most wear and tear caused by heavy furniture, foot traffic, kids, pets and more. It also holds up against stains and UV light, making it the perfect option for any home or business.

    Hybrid Flooring Can Be Installed Over Sub-Flooring

    Hybrid flooring is a floating floor that can go directly over a subfloor to save time and money. You'll need to ensure the subfloor is flat and smooth before installing. If your subfloor is suffering from some wear and tear, hybrid floorboards will be able to conceal any imperfections without dents coming through.

    Installing Hybrid Flooring

    A hybrid floor is very easy to install which makes it a popular choice for DIY home builders. It uses a click and lock method that allow you to lay down hybrid planks without the need for any adhesives. Simply remove any unsuitable current flooring and slide the planks together until they click. You many need to tap gently with a rubber mallet to get them to fit and lock together securely.

    FAQ's About Hybrid Flooring

    What Is Hybrid Flooring?

    Hybrid flooring combines the best of both vinyl and laminate flooring to deliver a flooring material that's tough and durable with the aesthetic appeal of real timber. Check out its major benefits:

    1. Scratch resistant
    2. ​UV resistant
    3. Low maintenance
    4. Comfortable
    5. Affordable
    6. Stylish
    7. Easy installation

    Which Rooms Is Hybrid Flooring Suited For?

    While hybrid flooring looks immaculate in any area of the home or office, its durable nature and water-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. These include:

    1. Living rooms
    2. Kitchens
    3. Entrances
    4. Hallways

    Is Hybrid Flooring Better Than Vinyl Plank Flooring?

    While both great options, there are a few differences between them that may give hybrid flooring the edge. Hybrid floors are:

    1. Thicker than vinyl planks which make them more comfortable
    2. Stronger with a more rigid construction which enables them to cover subfloor imperfections more effectively
    3. Coated with a tougher top layer, making them more resistant to UV rays and dents from furniture, as well as scratches etc
    4. Easier to install with a floating click lock tongue and groove installation method which makes them a top choice for DIY homeowners

    What Is the Cost of Hybrid Flooring?

    The pricing of hybrid flooring will vary depending on room size and the type of hybrid floor you choose, as well as any installation and delivery costs. Carpet Court can provide a free measure and quote and offer the best price for any of our high-quality flooring products, including carpet, timber, laminate and vinyl. You can also visit your nearest Carpet Court showroom to view and feel our full range of hybrid floors in person!