A rug is fantastic addition to any room - whether it's purpose is to create warmth, add depth or inject personality into a particular space. The shape and size of a rug is also an important consideration and it can often be difficult to know which is best. Carpet Court provide an extensive range of rugs in a number of sizes, shapes and styles to suit any homes' interior. Rectangular rugs are very popular when it comes to filling a space and with a number of colours, styles and materials available at Carpet Court - we help you create a space that you can enjoy for years to come. 

Rectangular Rugs
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    Rugs Evoke
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    Rugs Gemini
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    Rugs Urban Flatweaves
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    Rugs Twilight
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Why should you choose a rectangular rug?

Why should you choose a rectangular rug?

Rugs are an easy way to bring many different elements to your home décor. A rug can make a significant difference to the vibe in the room. Think luxurious elegance and tradition with a rectangular Oriental rug, bold and funky dimensions with a round geometric-patterned rug or casually chic with a square contemporary rug.

Rugs also soften and insulate a room while defining spaces within an open-plan floor design. They introduce and bind colours, complement tones, add rich textures and unite or highlight individual aspects of your furnishings.

Rectangular rugs are common and popular for a reason – they are versatile and suit most room shapes. A rectangular rug is the perfect shape to sit beneath your couches, chairs and coffee table to define the distinct relaxation zone in your living room. Ideally your rectangular rug would be big enough for all this furniture, or to sit in front of a 3-seater or chaise-style lounge with other furniture touching the rug.

A rectangular rug is the ideal shape for beneath a six or eight-seater dining suite. The rug should always be big enough to ensure the chairs don’t get caught when they are in use.

In the kitchen a rectangular rug sits perfectly in front of your bench space, usually the section where the sink is located.

When you consider how many rectangular shapes are naturally occurring in your home, you can see why a rectangular rug fits so well in so many spaces.

What sizes do rectangular rugs come in?

Our range of stunningly different rectangular rugs come in a great selection of sizes to suit many zones of your home. From a cute and cheeky 1.60 x 1.10 rug in your little dining nook, to a whopping 3.30 x 2.40 lounge rug and everything in between, there is a size which will enhance your interior and make it appear larger, or bring your furniture in to create a defined, cosy area.  

What rectangular rugs are ideal for your hallway?

What rooms would suit a rectangular rug?

Whether they are rich statement pieces or soft, subtle enhancements, rectangular rugs suit many rooms. Living and sleeping quarters are usually ideal dimensions for rectangular rugs. While kitchens are sometimes square, island and L-shaped benches are the perfect shape for rectangular rugs, providing soft comfort and protection when you are standing on tiles or hardwood floors. Of course, galley-style kitchens absolutely lend themselves to rectangular rugs.

Hallways are also usually the perfect room to display a mood-setting rectangular rug or a hallway runner.

Should your rug match the shape of your room?

Not necessarily. You can create different angles and dimensions using furniture and rugs to complement the layout of your interior instead of the room shape. Round rugs look perfect beneath a round table in a square or rectangular room, for example. In open-plan living spaces a variety of rug shapes can create diversity and depth.

What rectangular rugs are ideal for your hallway?

Depending on the shape, width and length of your hallway, a rectangular rug or runner will be ideal in most hallways. The Evoke Muse Blue rug comes in three different runner sizes, 300 x 80, 400 x 80 and 500 x 80 to accentuate long, narrow hallways.

Selected rugs from the vibrant, abstract Gemini collection are available in hallway runner lengths as well as a variety of rectangular sizes for a shorter, wider hallway.

Most rugs in the Turkish Empire collection bring exotic beauty and elegance to your hallway with a selection of rectangular sizes and hallway runner lengths.

If it’s time to consider a rectangular rug to define a space or breathe life into any area of your home, check out the fabulous range of luxurious rugs in a variety of fibres, textures, sizes and colours at your local Carpet Court store today.