Carpet Court have a wide range of hard flooring options to suit every home, budget and lifestyle anywhere in Australia. Engineered timber flooring, practical and hardwearing laminate floors, water-resistant vinyl planks and vinyl tiles, and the innovative range of hybrid floors are all available at your local Carpet Court store.



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  1. Aqua Robusto
    Laminate Aqua Robusto
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    Earn 548
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  2. Aquastop
    Laminate Aquastop
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    Earn 768
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  3. flooring_hybrid_athena
    Hybrid Athena
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    Earn 472
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  4. Big Country
    Laminate Big Country
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    Earn 428
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  5. Vinyl_BurkeandWills_MalleeSpottedGum
    Vinyl Burke and Wills
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    Earn 768
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  6. flooring_vinyl_daylesford
    Vinyl Daylesford
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    Earn 658
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  7. Hybrid_Tiles_Elements_Volcanic
    Hybrid Elements Hybrid Tile
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    Earn 598
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  8. Empower
    Hybrid Empower
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    Earn 691
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  9. Emvision
    Hybrid Emvision
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    Earn 613
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  10. Enchantment
    Laminate Enchantment
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    Earn 334
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  11. Engrained
    Timber Engrained
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    Earn 1499
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  12. Expressive
    Hybrid Expressive
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    Earn 556
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  13. Exquisit
    Laminate Exquisit
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    Earn 415
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  14. Laminate_Natural_Oak
    Laminate Extravagant Dynamic XXL
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    Earn 518
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  15. Florence Laminate
    Laminate Florence Laminate
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    Earn 387
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  16. Hybrid_Florence_Luxury_barnhouse_oak
    Vinyl Florence Luxury
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    Earn 636
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What type of flooring adds the most value to a home?

Choosing a flooring option which best suits your home environment and interior design and could increase the value of your home in the eyes of a buyer.

At Carpet Court, high quality flooring products include:

  • timber flooring,
  • hybrid planks,
  • luxury vinyl flooring such as vinyl planks or sheet vinyl,
  • laminate flooring.

Within each flooring collection there is a range of prices, performance features, styles and designs. This means you can find high quality luxury flooring options and budget flooring options in each and every hard-flooring product.

What are the latest trends in flooring?

Oak, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt remain popular choices, in smokey greys and naturally light tones.

Water resistant laminate flooring, hybrid flooring and vinyl planks are also popular flooring choices that deliver seamless flow throughout the home.

How to find the perfect flooring solution for your home?

When choosing the perfect flooring solution for your home it is important to consider:

  • Do your floors receive direct sunlight?
  • Do you have pets and young children?
  • What sort of look and feel are you aiming for?
  • What is your budget?

When choosing new flooring options, our home owners use our online resources for assistance to visualise potential colour and style options.

What are the different types of flooring?

There is a range of hardwood flooring options including:

  • Timber flooring
  • Hybrid flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring

You will find all of these high-quality flooring types at Carpet Court in a range of popular colours.

Which type of flooring is waterproof?

Hybrid flooring blends the best properties of both laminate and vinyl for a durable, attractive and waterproof flooring solution. Hybrid flooring is suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries too.

View our range of innovative waterproof hybrid flooring at Carpet Court today!

What type of flooring is best for high traffic areas?

Carpet Court offer a range of durable and resilient flooring options. Laminate flooring offers an extremely hardwearing and easily cleaned flooring solution. Some vinyl flooring types and timber floors are also suitable for high traffic areas.

What are the benefits of timber flooring?

Timber flooring offers many benefits:

  • The warm and lustrous nature of timber flooring provides a classic and timeless finish as well as a solid foundation for your living spaces, bedrooms and hallways.
  • Timber's varied colours, textures and grains provide a unique finish with a sleek feel.
  • Timber is durable, hardwearing and easy to maintain.
  • Timber floors come in a variety of styles such as plank flooring, herringbone (geometric) and chevron (laid in a v-pattern) to create completely different looks.
  • Engineered timber flooring offers of a real hardwood layer attached to a timber core board. This provides an authentic timber finish able to be laid in a floating floor fashion.

When should I choose laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular hardwood flooring solutions for Australian homes. Laminate flooring is a good choice if:

  • You have pets and/or young children. The surface replicates the look of real timber but laminate flooring has an incredibly tough, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and often water resistant finish.
  • You want an easy DIY installation. Laminate floating floors are much easier to install than solid timber floorboards.
  • Your budget doesn't stretch to timber flooring. Laminate is far more affordable to the family budget.

The new kid on the block – hybrid flooring

Hybrid the latest floating floor innovation brought to you by Carpet Court.

Combining the best attributes of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring, hybrid flooring can be installed in most areas of the home.

Hybrid floors are quick and easy to install making them DIY friendly, or a low-cost job for professionals and we can provide you with a free measure and quote.

How to find the right flooring products for your home?

When comparing flooring products for your home, consider the following:

  1. Budget
  2. While timber flooring attracts the highest price tag and installation costs, other hardwood floating floors vary considerably in price. Don't assume a particular type of flooring is beyond your budget.

  3. Sheet, plank, or tile?
  4. Vinyl flooring is available in timber-look vinyl planks, and if you are covering commercial spaces we supply and install vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles as durability is the key.

  5. How do you clean it?
  6. Consider which hardwood floor coverings may show streaks when damp-mopped. If you have pets and young children a vinyl plank floor or laminate flooring have easy-care finishes.

  7. How does it feel?
  8. If comfort underfoot is important to you compare the feel of laminate flooring vs vinyl planks - they are both quite different. You can always soften hard floors with rugs in living rooms and bedrooms.

  9. How does it sound?
  10. Hard flooring such as timber, hybrid and laminate flooring are practical but they can also be noisier than vinyl or carpet.

Where can I find Carpet Court stores?

As Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 stores right across Australia, it isn’t hard to find a fabulous Carpet Court showroom near you.

There are inspiring Carpet Court stores located in:

Throughout your state, you will find a fantastic choice of high-performing, luxurious and surprisingly affordable flooring solutions at a Carpet Court store near you. Visit one of our stores today and we can walk you through all the different flooring options available, give your advice on the best underlay options and provide you with warranty and installers details.