When choosing new flooring you need to consider your location, lifestyle, environment and budget.

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    Laminate Amazone
  2. Aquastop
    Laminate Aquastop
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    Hybrid Athena
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    Laminate Big Country
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    Timber De Marque Herringbone
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    Laminate Dynamic
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    Hybrid Elements Hybrid Tile
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    Hybrid Expressive
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    Laminate Exquisit
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    Laminate Extravagant Dynamic XXL
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Is hybrid flooring waterproof?

How to choose the right type of flooring?

For Darwin properties it is important to choose flooring which will withstand the high levels of humidity in the Northern Territory’s tropical climate. Also consider lifestyle factors such as how often you entertain, whether you have a busy family with active children and pets, and if you have a lot of foot traffic in your home.

Look at your home’s local environment when thinking about new flooring because that may help determine which floor type is best for you. Perhaps you live beachside, semi-rural or inner suburban where certain floors may be better suited than others. And while everyone would love to buy their dream flooring, budgets do have to be taken into account.

As new flooring is a big investment in your home, commercial premises or investment property, why not chat with the experts at your local Carpet Court store to ensure you make the right choice. All 200+ Carpet Court stores around the country are locally owned and operated, so you can be sure the team at your local store in Darwin are very familiar with the unique Darwin climate, while also being highly experienced and knowledgeable about the extensive range of flooring products.

Which vinyl flooring is best?

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in Darwin homes. At Carpet Court you will find a fantastic choice of affordable vinyl plank flooring in stylish woodgrain textures and tones providing a low maintenance and hardwearing flooring solution which is perfect for family living.

Luxury vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials which are water and stain resistant, making vinyl plank flooring an excellent choice for properties throughout Darwin, not just in kitchens but throughout the living areas and bedrooms too. It is cool underfoot, moisture resistant, easy to clean and quick to dry.

Vinyl sheet flooring is also available and a popular product in commercial environments. Available in a wide range of designs and colours, vinyl sheet flooring is an affordable and easy-care flooring solution.

What other flooring options are available at Carpet Court?

What flooring adds the most value in Darwin?

The best flooring to add value to your home in Darwin might be luxurious and elegant timber flooring, modern synthetic carpets, or floating floor products such as vinyl flooring or laminate flooring planks. But a very popular choice for adding value to your home and providing a high level of water resistance is hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring combines all the best qualities of vinyl and laminate for a supremely tough but beautiful timber-look floor with fantastic waterproof properties.

Available in a range of fibres, pile types, designs, colours and prices, soft and luxurious synthetic carpets add value to the home as they provide a sophisticated look with modern or traditional timeless appeal. Today’s advanced manufacturing techniques mean that synthetic carpets are beautifully tactile while bringing a high level of fade, stain, crush and soil resistance to the home.

Where to buy flooring in Darwin?

Carpet Court are Australia’s largest flooring retailer with over 200 locally owned and operated flooring stores right around Australia. The network of Carpet Court stores is constantly growing, so use the website’s handy store locator tool to keep up with the flooring stores in the Darwin area.

Enter your postcode or suburb in our store locator, to find the nearest Carpet Court store to your Darwin location.

The reason Carpet Court stores in Darwin are your best local option for new flooring is because the team at your nearest store provide friendly and reliable service while sharing their extensive expertise, long term industry experience and in-depth product knowledge. Carpet Court are happy to spend the time to help you find the best floor type for your home or office, while also providing experienced layers to install your flooring promptly and professionally.