Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Considering a synthetic grass lawn for your back or front yard? Our Australian-made artificial grass offers the ideal pet and child-friendly solution for residential properties right across Australia. Visit your local Carpet Court store today.

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  7. PlaySafe - ProPlay 20mm Pads
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Sick of mowing, watering, feeding and weeding real grass? We have the answer!

Australia is a country renowned for its outdoor lifestyle. The quintessential Aussie weekend involves barbecues and beers with besties, cool drinks beside the swimming pool and watching the kids and pets play on the back lawn. Ah yes... the back lawn.

Who doesn't feel like a slave to their lawn? To the real grass that keeps on growing and requires endless mowing? Not to mention frequent weeding, regular fertilising, and expensive watering - just to keep it looking reasonable! 

Everyone is busy, stressed, and feeling under pressure to keep their juggling balls in the air. A fabulous way to lighten the load is by eliminating arduous and expensive lawn maintenance by installing high quality artificial lawn in your homes.

Why are most people now choosing artificial grass as their preferred option?

2021 is all about low-maintenance lifestyles, but that doesn't have to mean squeezing your family into a tiny courtyard home or a concrete jungle.

At Carpet Court you will find high quality artificial turf provides the perfect solution to busy people who want a cool, fresh garden feel, but not an unmanageable jungle. Carpet Court's luxurious range of artificial turf creates the visually appealing appearance of natural grass, without the time-consuming upkeep or the hefty water bills.

Our exciting new artificial grass products include LuxTurf and Centennial, made right here in Australia. 

Turf products like LuxTurf and Centennial are designed to:

  • provide a natural turf look in your outdoor environment
  • deliver a child and pet friendly surface
  • be durable and able to withstand high traffic 
  • suit harsh Australian climates, and 
  • require significantly less maintenance than natural turf lawns.

Artificial grass is a great option for residential properties and within commercial environments too! Facilities such as childcare centres, beer gardens, rooftop bars, playgrounds, sporting facilities, educational facilities and many more find the easy-care, hygienic, and durable properties of artificial grass ideal. 

Artificial grass provides a consistently presentable surface with year-round usable access and a fresh, green look. In comparison to natural grass it can significantly reduce the time and money spent on maintenance, making it a very attractive long-term proposition.

How do I find the best carpet for my living space?

Just like the variety of indoor flooring products available, it is important to choose artificial grass which is suitable for the environment in which it is being laid. 

The properties to keep in mind when deciding on artificial grass installation are:

  • performance
  • durability
  • drainage
  • pile height and density
  • child and pet-friendly capabilities
  • fade resistance
  • resistance to external factors such as sources of extreme heat

LuxTurf and Centennial are the highest quality, Australian made artificial grass products. They are designed to meet the needs of Australian family homes, budgets, and lifestyles. 

Carpet Court stores in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and in cities right across Australia can supply luxurious and durable LuxTurf and Centennial artificial grass lawns. The optional extras are what makes LuxTurf and Centennial the perfect artificial grass lawns for families with young children and/or pets. 

Can I lay artificial grass on soil?

Laying artificial grass directly on soil isn't recommended as it won't provide an even and stable surface. 

The correct preparation for artificial grass installation involves laying a 50-100mm base of blue metal, crushed rock or coarse sand on top of the soil. This ensures a smooth and level base for your artificial turf. 

During installation, the base is dampened and compacted a couple of times to achieve a perfectly level surface before the artificial lawn is laid.

How long does artificial grass last?

The life span of artificial grass depends on the wear and tear, the care, and the minimal but regular maintenance it receives.  

LuxTurf provides a comprehensive 7-year warranty. As long as it is installed, maintained and used correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, it will provide your family with many years of easy-care living.

How to make sure you choose the right product?

The expert team at your local Carpet Court store is there to help you choose the right artificial grass for your residential or commercial property.

Some factors to consider include:

  1. Budget
  2. Types of blade and their height
  3. Colour variety
  4. Quantity and quality of the backing
  5. Whether it is kid friendly or pet friendly
  6. Warranty details
  7. Installation options
  8. If the product is UV treated and lead free.

The LuxTurf and Centennial artificial grass products offer add-on options to provide the ultimate high-performing child and pet friendly surface for your family:

  1. Play Safe foam padding - the best underlayment for impact absorption. 
  2. PetFresh granules - made from 100% organic minerals to absorb the odours and ammonia from pet urine.

When you install LuxTurf or Centennial artificial grass with Play Safe foam padding underlay at your family home, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your young children are playing on a safe surface. Play Safe provides fall protection for your family and outstanding drainage properties.

For homes with furkids, PetFresh granules are the pawfect way to neutralise and reduce odours and inhibit bacteria growth. These 100% organic granules also help to keep artificial turf cool beneath little paws!