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    Modern Rugs

    Transform the look of any room with our contemporary floor rugs, an easy and elegant way to infuse style into an interior space. Our extensive range of modern rugs and gorgeous designs are available to buy online, in varied shapes, sizes and colours, with convenient shipping across Australia.

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    1. Arabella
      Rugs Arabella
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    2. rugs_atrium_jute
      Rugs Atrium Jute
      Special Price $140.00 Regular Price $175.00
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    3. Bondi
      Rugs Bondi
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    4. Broadway
      Rugs Broadway
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    5. Chic
      Rugs Chic
      Special Price $236.00 Regular Price $295.00
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    6. rugs_city_modern_2
      Rugs City
      Special Price $130.50 Regular Price $145.00
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    7. rugs_colombo_beige
      Rugs Colombo
      Special Price $460.00 Regular Price $575.00
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    8. rugs_evoke
      Rugs Evoke
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    9. Laguna
      Rugs Laguna
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    10. Maison
      Rugs Maison
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    11. Makalu
      Rugs Makalu
      Special Price $809.10 Regular Price $899.00
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    12. Matterhorn
      Rugs Matterhorn
      Special Price $945.00 Regular Price $1,050.00
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    13. Odyssey
      Rugs Odyssey
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    14. Saffron_Weave_Pink
      Rugs Saffron
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    15. Seaside
      Rugs Seaside
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    16. Studio
      Rugs Studio
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    Effortlessly add designer style and everyday comfort to any room with a modern rug

    What are modern designer rugs?

    Beautiful, versatile, modern rugs come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. At Carpet Court our high quality floor rugs can be effortlessly styled to suit many modern interior designs and match household budgets. Contemporary rugs can be constructed in a range of fibres. These include 100% pure wool, synthetic, natural fibres and wool blends. Our extensive range of modern designer floor rugs offer great choice for varied spaces – from high traffic needs and durability, to indoor elegance and outdoor living.

    Trending colours and styles in 2022

    • Transitional rugs: In combining modern with traditional design elements, transitional rugs can lay the base layer to build on. The stunning Evoke range is a timeless modern rug made in Turkey, power loomed from 100% heat-set polypropylene. Choose from a range of inspired designs, colours and sizes from round to rectangular and runner rugs.
    • Geometric designs: A bold foundational abstract rug can set the scene for any interior space, perfectly pairing with clean-line Scandi pieces. Our range of bold geometric designs includes the Makalu natural fibre range, a blended wool and cotton rug, which brings beautiful simplicity and earthy tones to a room.
    • Patterned: A timeless choice that never dates, make a statement with bold stripes, florals, medallion motifs or muted abstract designs. Made in Egypt, the Seaside range is an easy-care option for indoors and outdoors, constructed from practical water-resistant polypropylene.
    • Tribal: Made in India, the Maison range is a tribal rug masterfully constructed as a flatweave rug with its eye-catching design as either a focal point or a backdrop. The 10mm rich pile Oasis rug’s slashed modern linear design in dark and white tones, is a beautifully constructed hand-knotted rug, power loomed in Turkey.
    • Plush: For pure luxury and feet hugging comfort, Rug Culture’s Saffron Collection weaves Moroccan design with modern day living needs. With a non-shedding 4cm pile, this shaggy rug is also easy to maintain. Available in a range of neutral colours and designs, an abstract rug remains a popular choice for homes across Australia.

    High quality contemporary rugs

    Our range of high quality contemporary rugs look just as impressive on timber floors as they do on concrete or tiles. Our rugs are a popular choice, sourced from countries like Belgium, India, Egypt and Turkey, crafted by skilled artisans. Choose from wool, wool blends, synthetic or natural fibre rugs, in a range of colours -- from warm, dark and earthy, to neutral, cool and light. Whatever your style, our range offers great choice from bold stripes and geometric patterns to bright florals, block colours and faded rugs.

    Range of modern rugs available 

    Our range of modern rugs cater to a bouquet of style preferences, interior spaces and personal choice. Whether you opt for a bold showstopper as the focal point in a room, or a subtle earthy backdrop to complement other design pieces, our quality floor rugs are crafted to impress, combining comfort, quality and durability.

    Best style for your space

    In deciding on the best style modern rug for your interior space, things to consider include:

    • Living room rugs: Being a high traffic area, choose a low pile resilient rug made from wool or jute. The bigger the better to include all your furniture, even if just the front legs of your couch. Place your coffee table in the centre to maintain balance. If you’re going for the maximum size, leave about 30cm of bare floor visible around your rug.
    • Dining room rugs: Floor rugs are a great way to define your dining area, especially in an open plan home. Choose a floor rug that is large enough to extend under all your chairs even when they are pulled out. Whether round, square or a rectangular table, we have the perfect shaped rug for you! Choose a low pile rug that doesn’t catch and hide food.
    • Bedroom rugs: If your sleepy feet had a morning wishlist, then a soft shag rug with a thick pile is what they’re dreaming of. For bedroom floor rug size, either opt for a large rug extending under your bed and including your side tables, or runners for the sides of your bed, placed under your side table and the feet of your bed.
    • Kitchen rugs: These need to work hard in the space that there is. Choose a stain resistant, spill-proof and durable fibre that is both practical and enhances the space. An outdoor rug is also a popular choice for a kitchen, designed to handle much wear and tear.
    • Hallways and entrances: Hallways and entrances are high traffic areas so start by choosing a rug in a practical colour (never a white rug!). Look for a rug that is stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain – able to withstand lots of footsteps, pets and kids included! Runners and smaller sized rugs are also available in beautiful designs and neutral colours.

    Rugs for high traffic areas

    High traffic areas require a durable floor rug that is designed to handle lots of activity, spills, scuffs and whatever daily life drops on it. High traffic rugs include the living room, kids rugs for play rooms and bedrooms, and rugs for entrance halls and hallways — basically any space in your home which enjoys lots of activity. In choosing a modern rug that is constructed to last and withstand days, weeks, months and years of household use, consider:

    • Wool rugs: Wool is naturally stain and water repellent. The Colombo range is available in neutral shades, the perfect foundation for high traffic spaces.
    • Wool blends: The Matterhorn range, is a wool and cotton rug — a great choice for high traffic areas. This flatweave rug is a tightly woven traditional rug and is hardwearing and stylish — the perfect rug for any area of your home. The Travertine range is a beautifully crafted viscose/wool rug, soft underfoot and the perfect addition to a bedroom or lounge room. If you’re looking for an elegant silver rug or metallic inspired colours, choose from this range’s colour palette of pewter, marble or buff.
    • Synthetic rugs: A soft non-shed pile modern rug is comforting underfoot and also protects your floor. Choose a beautiful passage runner from the Evoke range made from 100% heat-set polypropylene or the City range, which combines easy care and style in an acrylic fibre synthetic rug.

    Are modern rugs best for a living room?

    Contemporary rugs are at home in any room of the house, be it a living room, dining space, a hallway, kitchen or a bedroom. The versatile designs, colour palettes and variety of fibres makes modern rugs suitable for both formal and casual areas of the home. Add a high quality designer rug to any space to effortlessly transform the look of a room. As the perfect foundational rug, browse the Bondi range. This rug collection offers casual style in a natural rug and is available in a choice of block colours. From neutrals that sit peacefully in your living room to warm and rustic hues that add quiet charm to bedrooms.

    Rug styling

    A floor rug is an easy and affordable way to bring change and interest to any interior space. The first step in choosing your rug style is to measure the room or interior space. Your rug shouldn’t be too big or too small for the room but should define the space. Your floor rug should frame your furniture in a room. Whatever your room and whatever rug you choose, it’s best to place a rug pad under your floor rug. A rug pad not only makes your floor rug non-slip, but also increases your rug’s softness as well as helps to extend your rug’s life.

    Natural colour rugs available

    Natural colour rugs are a blank canvas to build colour on and ambience from. Whether you choose neutrals and beiges to a charcoal grey rug, as a foundational layer, a natural colour rug adds warmth and comfort to any room.  Complement other interior pieces, either matching with minimalistic Scandi furniture or enhancing bright and bold items, a natural colour rug is a stylish and timeless choice.

    What shapes and sizes of modern rugs do you offer?

    Carpet Court offers a wide range of modern rugs in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs. If you’re looking for a specific shape and size, we’ve got your floor space covered. Our extensive range of modern rugs includes round rugs, oval, rectangle and runner rugs, all in a range of different sizes.

    What to look for when buying a modern rug?

    When looking to buy a designer rug, there are various things to consider, which may include:

    • What room or interior space? High traffic needs? Indoors or outdoors?
    • How big is the room? And what shape is the space?
    • Your personal style and design preference? Bold? Neutral? Scandi? Eclectic?
    • What fibre to choose? This impacts on quality, durability and care. Also factor in any allergy considerations.

    Easy to maintain and clean

    Vacuum your modern rugs regularly to keep them clean and to pick up stray fibres that might shed. Because each rug’s fibre is different – from jute to wool to synthetic – when it comes to spills or stains, read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid causing any damage. For any extra advice on how to maintain and clean your floor rug, or for answers to any other FAQs about buying a new rug, make contact with a Carpet Court team member.

    Large range of designs, colours and sizes available

    View our extensive range of modern rugs online using multiple pictorials and descriptive information to consider the details you need. From Melbourne to Sydney and Australia wide, locate your nearest Carpet Court store to browse our range of modern floor rugs in a showroom — although stock may be limited instore with more choice online.

    Our extensive selection of modern rugs is available in a large range of designs, colours and sizes. Whether you’re looking to enhance an elegant lounge area or a family playroom, we have the perfect modern rug for you. From reversible boho jute rugs to eclectic transitional rugs to high traffic durable kids rugs. From understated earthy tones to multi-colour bohemian rugs, choose from neutrals to pink rugs, block colours and black rugs, to floral, medallion or navy blue rugs! With so much choice, you may have questions. So whether you’re browsing for your first order, keen to add another rug to your collection, or want to add a new arrival to your wishlist, get in touch, we’re here to help.