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    Sumptuous rugs in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Rugs are a gorgeous addition to any room with the ability to transform the entire look.

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    What are modern rugs?

    Beautiful, versatile, modern rugs come in a range of shapes and sizes, colours and designs. At Carpet Court our high quality floor rugs suit a variety of modern interior designs and household budgets.

    Contemporary rugs are constructed in a range of fibres, from 100% pure wool to synthetic, natural, and blends of all three. The stunning Hampton rug collection is a fine example, crafted in India from a blend of pure wool, natural cotton and synthetic viscose. This rectangular rug is available in four sizes and a stylish palette of five, two-tone colours – the perfect accessory to any modern décor.

    In contrast, the Botanical range of rugs complement any environment with strong patterns in lively multi-colours. These colourful floor rugs are hand made in Japan with 100% synthetic materials in loop or cut and loop piles.

    In keeping with increasing awareness of the benefits of sustainable manufacturing practices, Atrium Jute offers an alternative in renewable jute fibres for an organic feel. These natural fibre, multi-tonal, round rugs brighten any space with casual charm and cheeky appeal.

    Are modern rugs best for a living room?

    Contemporary rugs are quite at home in any room of the house, be it a living room, dining space, a hallway, kitchen or a bedroom. The versatile designs, colour palettes and variety of fibres makes modern rugs suitable for both formal and casual areas of the home including bedrooms.

    Adding high quality designer rugs to living spaces can completely change the ambience in the room. The Sense and Bambi rug collections offer contemporary vibes in a choice of block colours with slight tonal variations. Bambi and Sense sit peacefully in living spaces, but are equally comfortable adding warmth and quiet charm to bedrooms.

    What shapes and sizes of modern rugs do you offer?

    At Carpet Court our huge range of modern rugs come in all shapes and sizes, colours and designs.

    Contemporary floor rugs in rectangular, runner and round shapes suit any space within the home. For a vibrant addition to your floors check out the stunning Matrix collection. It offers an array of dazzling colours and patterns and a choice of shapes, hand made in a luxurious, pure wool, 20mm pile.

    The pure wool Chevron rug collection offers bold geometric designs in a range of rectangular sizes and four striking, two-tone colours. Contrary Dasha is a rug to create contemporary Scandi style in modern interiors, using neutral colours. Dasha’s textured fibres are the star of the show.

    While the Visions rugs are only available in a rectangular shape, these beautiful designer rugs rely on stunning textural patterns to make their mark. Hand tufted patterning in these wool and viscose blended rugs create interest supported by subtle and neutral tonal variations. This exquisite rug uses its textural beauty to become a highlight in the room.

    What to look for when buying a modern rug?

    With such variety of colours, designs, shapes and sizes portrayed in high quality, modern floor rugs, you should consider if you want your designer rug to be the main act or a member of the chorus line within your modern décor.

    Bright colours and bold patterns form modern rug collections alongside subtle, monochromatic shades and textured or patternless styles. Once you’ve decided which colours and patterns will work best in your space, determine the size and shape you need for the best fit in the room.

    At Carpet Court you can browse our extensive range of modern rugs online using multiple pictorials and descriptive information to obtain the details you need. Australia wide you’ll find some Carpet Court stores have modern floor rugs within their showrooms, so you can shop inhouse too.