Shop for natural wool rugs online at Carpet Court where pure wool rugs are perfect choices in bedrooms and living rooms. Modern rugs in pure wool are naturally soil and stain resistant, while neutral tones and grey rugs are trending designs.

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Are wool area rugs the best?Are wool area rugs the best?

If you're looking for the finest quality designer rugs and carpets in Australia, you can't go past pure wool rugs from Carpet Court.

Pure wool area rugs offer excellent longevity and insulation while adding sophisticated style to your interior design. Offering many years of luxurious comfort and warmth underfoot, owning a pure wool rug should be on everyone's wishlist!

Benefits of owning a wool rug

You really can’t ignore the option of a 100% pure wool rug for they offer a host of practical and aesthetic benefits, especially when it comes to area rugs. Many years of enjoyment can be experienced from high quality pure wool rugs in living rooms, bedrooms, and beneath dining tables in formal or casual dining rooms.

1. Long lifespan:

Naturally eco-friendly pure wool fibres are a renewable resource with excellent longevity. This makes them an ideal long term option for eco-conscious families who may want durability along with natural fibres in preference to something like viscose rugs, jute rugs or synthetic nylon shag rugs with shorter lifespans.

2. Beautiful texture:

A flatweave wool rug is luxuriously thick and comfortable underfoot. Blessed with natural insulative properties, the density of wool provides the best warmth and insulation of all types of area rugs.

In humid climates pure wool rugs are a healthy choice due to the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and lanolin found in sheepskin wool. Lanolin repels moisture and therefore restricts the growth of unhealthy mildew and mould.

3. Stain resistance:

The same waxy lanolin coating found in sheep’s wool which repels moisture, mildew and mould is also what gives it a high level of soil and stain resistance, making pure wool rugs an ideal choice for active family homes.

4. Range of colours and designs:

While all those practical benefits make wool rugs extremely appealing, it is the aesthetic properties we find hard to resist.

Pure wool rugs aren't just a feast for your feet - they're so gorgeous they are sometimes hung up and used as wall art! How much do you love the look of the exquisite flat weave rugs in thick wool fibres displayed online and in selected Carpet Court showrooms throughout Australia?

Diverse wool rug colours range from trending grey rugs to fresh white rugs and black rugs while multi colour moroccan or tribal rug designs include tempting taupe tones, pretty pistachios and tasteful teals!

Minimalists will love the sleek Scandi styles and muted tones in rectangle, runner and round rug designs.

Styling your new wool rug

Styling your new wool rug

With such a wide range of colours and patterns on offer in wool rugs like the popular Skandi flat weave rug available in twelve different colours, it's easy to style your new rug.

Skandi's diverse tribal rug design in muted tones will complement any piece of furniture with the flat weave design allowing optimum safety beneath dining tables, alongside buffet tables and beneath coffee tables.

Follow us on Instagram to see exciting home styling ideas and ways to use indoor and outdoor rugs to create inclusive spaces, bold statements, and warm, inviting interiors.

How a wool rug is a good investment

One thing we know, you'll never regret your investment in a luxurious pure wool rug. When you proceed to checkout, you can rest assured:

  • Wool rugs are high performers when it comes to insulating your home. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Hobart you'll find a pure wool area rug helps to retain warmth within the home. During the cold winter months wool rugs can reduce home heating costs.
  • In homes with young families pure wool rugs are the thickest, softest and warmest option for children playing on the floor, providing protection for infants and comfort for children of all ages.
  • Over the years the natural durability of sheepskin wool means you won't need to replace your wool rugs as often as you might other types of rugs such as jute rugs or outdoor rugs.
  • Wool rugs adapt to their environment. Put your pure wool rug in the family room with bean bags and funky ottomans and it will look just as perfect as it does in an elegant dining room with your high quality buffet and dining table.


What are wool rugs made from?

Rugs are made with 100% pure wool sheepskin fibres but they can also be a blend of wool and synthetic fibres. Some wool rugs may be blended with synthetic fibres such as solution dyed nylon, but also with other natural fibres such as cotton. Even jute rugs have buddied up with wool to create a multi rug with interest!

What is the difference between wool rugs and synthetic rugs?

Polyester, nylon and polypropylene rugs are constructed from man-made synthetic fibres which are not natural products. These rugs are specially treated during the manufacturing process to offer excellent stain, soil and fade resistance.

Outdoor rugs are made from synthetic fibres to ensure they are highly resilient and resistant to UV rays, dirt and moisture. Synthetic fibre rugs such as solution dyed nylon offer great fade resistance and easy cleaning so they can be a great choice for family homes with floor to ceiling glass.

But if you are selecting one of our 100% pure wool rugs it is a wholly natural product crafted from sheep’s wool with a natural ability to repel spills, stains and moisture and with excellent fire retardation properties.

Pure wool rugs offer the most insulation and excellent tensile strength, which is why many people love them underfoot.

Are wool rugs soft?

Supremely luxurious, sublimely decadent, seriously soft rugs are made from sheep’s wool. They are a welcome and inviting inclusion to your living spaces and equally perfect for your bedrooms. Sinking your bare toes into a lovely wool rug on a cold winter’s morning is the perfect start to your day!

How long would a wool rug last?

If you think about the conditions Australian and New Zealand sheep are exposed to, then you will understand how durable a wool rug really is. Sheep’s wool has natural stain, soil, moisture and crush resistance. It is one of the most durable and resilient natural fibres around.

If you want longevity from your rug, a pure wool area rug is the obvious choice.

How do I maintain and clean my wool rug?

Once installed by our expert team with high quality underlay, your pure wool rug will give you many years of high performing comfort.

Follow these important steps to care for your beautiful wool area rug:

  1. Always refer to the manufacturer's care and maintenance guide before cleaning your wool rug.
  2. Vacuum your pure wool area rug regularly to prevent dirt and debris subsiding deep into the fibres.
  3. Expect a natural amount of ‘shedding’ as your new wool rug settles in. Simply vacuum up the loose wool fibres.
  4. When a spill occurs absorb excess fluid promptly with paper towels or a clean, absorbent cloth.
  5. For cleaning spills or stains, it is important not to use commercial cleaning products or methods without consulting the manufacturer's care and maintenance directions.