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Where do I start?

If you’re looking to update a room in your home but unsure where to start, begin by visiting our online product selector. This simple tool will run you through a series of questions to better understand what you are looking for such as the room you are wanting to update, the style you are hoping to achieve and of course, your budget. Once completed, we will send you a selection of our beautiful products, perfectly suited to your needs. 

What can I do on the website?

Whether you’re updating an existing space or selecting product for your brand-new home – Carpet Court have a fantastic selection of online tools to assist you along the way. Our interactive style visualiser can help you visualise your selections in a virtual room – giving you a realistic view on how your selection will look once installed.

There is also of course a fantastic range of products for you to browse including a wide selection of carpethard flooring and window furnishings. A fantastic collection of rugs are also available to browse in a range of different styles, sizes and shapes.

If you’re searching for interior inspiration, Carpet Courts’ online inspire section is just another fantastic resource to visit. Featuring five interior looks, regularly updated with on trend seasonal styles – you are sure to find a look you’ll love.


How do I request a quote?

To receive a quote on Carpet Courts’ range of flooring or window furnishings, simply book a free home measure and quote online and a friendly member of your local Carpet Court store will be in touch to organise a time and date that suits you. It’s also great to know that your free home measure and quote is obligation free.

If you are interested in purchasing a rug, this can only be done online. Simply select your rug of choice, its colour, its size, the quantity you are looking to purchase and add it to your online cart. Payment is also made online.

How does the online pricing work?

Online pricing provided on all flooring is indicative and should only be used as a guide. Furthermore, the pricing provided for each room size is based on a pre-set size and does not include underlay or installation. To receive an accurate quote for your installation, request a quote online and a member of your local Carpet Court store will be in touch.

Online pricing for rugs reflects their true and full price. Free delivery is also offered on rugs, but please be aware that some postcodes may be excluded. Visit our rug delivery info for more details.

Do I need to come into a store when selecting my products?

No, there is no need to come into store when selecting products, this can be done online. However, it may be a good idea to visit your local store before making any purchases, so you can view and touch the product. Of course, there is no obligation to purchase when you do come in store, so do not hesitate to visit us any day to browse our fantastic range of products on offer. 


Do I need to book a measure and quote?

Yes, booking a measure and quote is essential – and it’s great to know that they are FREE of charge and obligation. When you book a measure and quote, you will have the opportunity to view all samples when you arrive in store and your floor is professionally measured, which ensues accuracy. When the Carpet Court team visit your home for the measure, it also gives them the opportunity to inspect your site conditions, assisting in the installation process.

What scale is flooring measured in?

Most carpet is measured in Linear or ‘Broadloom’ metres – rather than square metres. A broadloom refers to the width of the loom. In most cases it will be 3.66 metres although it can be as low as 2.0 metres and as high as 4.0 metres. Most hard flooring is measured in metres squared but calculated in pack size.


Can I buy products online?

Purchases can be made online, but only for rugs. To purchase flooringcarpet and window furnishings, we suggest that you contact your local Carpet Court store for further assistance.

What can I buy in store?

Flooring and window furnishings can be purchased in store. Flooring can include carpet, timber, laminate and hybrid varieties, while carpet purchased can include synthetic, wool and wool blends. It is important to note that each Carpet Court store is different and that it is best to contact your local Carpet Court store to find out what product they stock.


Do Carpet Court remove existing floor coverings?

In most cases we can remove and dispose of your existing floor coverings ahead of your new flooring being installed – this is done for a minimal cost. When you are ready to go ahead with your new flooring let your local Carpet Court staff member know and they can provide a quote for you. Otherwise, you can of course do this yourself or organise for this to be done ahead of your new flooring installation.

How important is underlay?

The manufacturers of underlay produce a range of qualities, all of which will be adequate under your new carpet. At Carpet Court we sell a wide range of underlays, all of which are very well-respected brands.

When choosing your carpet, ask to step on it with the different underlays under it to assist you in making the best decision. Each will give you a different feel and you can then choose the one that you prefer. The higher the quality of underlay the more luxurious it will feel to your feet, the more support it will give your new carpet and the quieter it will make your home, especially in second floor installations and on staircases.

Can I keep my existing underlay?

It is recommended that you change your underlay when you replace your carpet. Underlay wears as the carpet wears, leaving it with the wear patterns of the old carpet. It is important to note that a manufacturer may void a carpets warranty if laid on old underlay. 


What are the different types of carpet to choose from?

Carpet Court sell a range of carpet products in synthetic, wool and wool blends. Different carpet types on offer also include loop, plush and twist.

Loop pile carpet is made by threading the fibres through carpet backing and then looped over. The benefit of a loop pile carpet is that they hold their shape and do not easily shift under impact.

Plush carpet pile is beautifully soft, offering excellent comfort and luxuriousness at an affordable price – making it a great option for family households.

Wool twist pile carpet naturally repels moisture and light soiling, while a synthetic twist pile carpet is highly durable and resistant to stains and soiling, so both are great options for busy family homes.

These factors mean that there are several different carpet combinations to choose from. Also available in a large range of different colours and styles – you are sure to find the perfect type of carpet to suit the look and feel you are wanting to achieve.

How do I know which type of carpet to choose?

Choosing carpet can be a tough decision, however there are certainly several factors to consider which should assist you in making the best choice. Do you live in a cooler climate? If so, a wool carpet could work well in your home. If you have a busy family household then you may want to consider a carpet that is stain resistant.

The type of underlay used under carpet is also an important factor and will impact on the way in which the carpet feels once installed. Underlay is an essential part of any carpet purchase, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing the best carpet to suit your needs. When purchasing new carpet like any new product, it is also important to understand the warranty conditions of the specific supplier.

If you are interested in purchasing an eco-friendly carpet, there are several options that are made from renewably sourced polymers. Simply ask the friendly staff at your local Carpet Court store for details.

Hard Flooring

How many types of hard flooring are there to choose from?

There are five different types of hard flooring on offer at Carpet Court – these are timber, laminate, vinyl, hybrid and bamboo. Timber flooring is known for its timeless look, its aesthetics giving a classic and enduring feel that is hard to beat. Laminate flooring provides the perfect combination of style, functionality and affordability, having the look and feel of real wood but for a fraction of the price. Vinyl looks like a real timber floor but is very low maintenance. It is also easy to install, warm to touch and quiet, perfect for any family home. Hybrid flooring combines the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl flooring. It also has the appearance of real timber, but without the maintenance involved. Lastly bamboo has a range of benefits from its affordability, durability and look. It is also harvested in an environmentally responsible manner, making it quite a popular option for new age home designs.

How do I know which type hard flooring product to choose?

The type of hard wood flooring to choose will come down to the needs of your family as well as lifestyle. If you live in a busy household with children, then laminate flooring may be your best option – its functionality and affordability ensure that it will stand the test of time. If you love to entertain on a regular basis, then you may opt for Hybrid. It’s stunning real timber look will impress your guests, while it is also water-resistant and durable.

Other Products

Does Carpet Court sell any products other than flooring?

Yes, Carpet Court sell a large range of custom-made blinds and shutters as well as a fantastic collection of indoor and outdoor rugs. We also sell custom size rugs online
All blinds and shutters are custom fit to any window or door, even to arched or angle designs. Carpet Court’s rugs collection, only available to order online, come in a range of different styles, colours and fibres including wool, natural and synthetic varieties.

How do I know whether Carpet Court’s blinds will fit my windows?

All Carpet Court blinds and shutters are custom fit to any size window or door. Some of them can even be sized to fit arched or angle designs. Carpet Court’s rugs collection, only available to order online, come in a range of different styles, colours and fibres including wool, natural and synthetic varieties.


Does Carpet Court cater to all budgets?

Carpet Court is the largest flooring retailer in Australia with over 200 stores throughout the country. Our stock is extensive and as such, can offer both high end and low budget flooring and window furnishing solutions.

To find your local store, call our friendly team on 1300-CARPET (1300-227738) or visit our stores page